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Customer Reviews for The PMP® Exam Simulator

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Alstom Transport

PrepCast is the best simulator I came across and near reality to actual PMP exam. I recommend everyone who is looking for good mock up exams. PrepCast is the best of all.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Alstom Transport


Passed my PMP with an Above Target score and I would definitely credit the PM Simulator for this!! Completed 6 out of 8 tests in the days leading up to my exam. I scored in the 70s range. This is time-consuming. Doing the test (with breaks in between) + reviewing the incorrect answers took me 4-5 hours. The Simulator was of so much help. It helped me get through the actual exam in a breeze. I actually finished my exam around 30 minutes before the finish time, had time to revise the marked questions twice and still ended the exam before time. I found the questions presented in the real exam to be 90% similar to the ones generated by the Simulator.

The answers were explained very well and helped me to identify my gaps. You can filter these by domain / process group. I went through all the answers to my mock tests a day before my exam just to revise the concepts. All in all - this is a MUST have and the money is well worth it!


Realistic Tests

Leidos Inc

I scored almost 75-90 in each test except 7th one. 
And I passed in the Exam.

I strongly recommend all PMP aspirants to take this PrepCast paid test. 

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Leidos Inc

Highly recommend

PM exam simulator is a key to pass the PMP exam. It helps to fill the knowledge gaps with very useful explanation of correct choice n the even the wrong ones why not choose those. It also helps to time urself for the real exam.

I spent last 1 week of my prep on this and passed my exam with Aobove target score. It worth every penny. 



Excellent tool. It helped me to pass the exam.



Excellent tool. It helped me to pass the exam. Thanks a lot!


HIGHLY recommend!!

I have two friends that are preparing for the PMP exam.  Have let them know that they need to get this.  As others have mentioned, it's much like the real exam.  I found the explanations to be MOST useful in helping me (1) understand the purpose of the question and (2) identify gaps in my understanding.  Additionally, each question includes a reference to the exact page in the PMBOK.  I recommend using the quiz feature where you can tailor the number of questions.   I found the 200 question exams overwhelming and didn't take advantage of the quizzes until days before the exam. I also didn't answer all 1600+ questions in the simulator (answered around 800, partly because the 200 question exam mode was a deterrent & partly because I kept putting it off) and yet I passed the exam.

Houston, United States

Do it!

This simulator is VERY close to the actual exam!  Using the simulator helped me see a couple of weak spots but more importantly, gave me confidence. I am convinced that the simulator helped me obtain my "above target" passing score.   My only regret is that I did not buy it sooner.

Tulda, USA

It works!

I study the 5th Edition only but having this PM Exam Simulator is a godsend! Without a shadow of a doubt, this helped me pass!

St Louis, United States

Must do!

One of the best decisions that I made to buy the simulator tests. Not only helped me prepare to sit for the 4 grueling hours but also helped me to get used to the pattern of the PMP questions. The questions are comparable to the actual PMP tests.

The ITTO exam was especially useful and helped me to remember the ITTOs because of the explanations provided.

Got through the PMP exam on the 1st try and Above target in all domains. Thanks!

Jersey City, USA

Excellent Exam Simulator

Found this exam simulator to be the perfect tool to pass the exam. The types of questions and the timed exams are close to the real thing. 
I used this to pass 1st time.

Santa Rosa, USA

It's Worth it!

Paying for this exam simulator is the best decision I ever did for my preparation for my PMP. It's not only prepared me for my exam, but it became an effective learning tool for me.

It is very similar to the real exam. I even felt like just taking the simulation instead of the real thing. I highly recommend this exam simulator.

Kudos to OSP International for creating such a wonderful tool.

Katy, United States

Great Product for all PMP apirants


AfterWhile the PMBOK provides all the technical knowledge necessary to pass the PMP certifications, the PM Exam Simulator provides a stress-free environment to apply what you know and learn what you don't know. After all, failure during the main test is expensive in both a financial and effort sense. For me, the biggest value of this great product is to try, fail, and learn from mistakes. And, in the process increase the probability of accomplishing the main goal of passing the PMP.

I scored an AT in all domains. I recommend this wonderful product to all the PMP aspirants. The explanations for the options accelerate the learning. After you complete the tests, at the very least you should review all the options and explanations for the questions you got wrong. If you do have time, please review all Qs. I truly learned a great deal on how to think about exam questions from just reviewing.

Good luck!

Quincy, MA, USA, VPDS

Best Exam Simulator in the market

FSBM Ctech Sdn Bhd

This Exam Simulator prepared me for the PMP exam and I got through the exam on my first try. I found the questions in PM PrepCast's Simulator to be very close to the actual exam questions encountered when I sat for it. 

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, FSBM Ctech Sdn Bhd

Essential Tool

SmithVance Inc

I found the PM Exam Simulator to be an essential tool in my preparation for the PMP Exam.  Despite being confident in the material and having extensive experience in project management, I found many of the exam questions tricky.  The Exam Simulator helped me through that.  Interestingly, the timed exam was a pretty good predictor of my score when I took (and passed!) the exam.  Essential.  A Must Have.

Miami, Florida, SmithVance Inc

Great tool

I used the PrepCast PMP Exam Simulator for just over a month and cleared my PMP on the first attempt. Definitely recommended!


Passed PMP - Simulator to thank

I passed the PMP yesterday with 2 above targets and 3 on target.  I studied using Rita's book and the Head First study guide.  However, I believe it was due to the simulator that I passed.  I understood the knowledge, but the simulator really put the material into perspective and real-world use.  The exam was very similar to the PM Exam Simulator.  I was nervous, but didn't need to be.  I would recommend taking many of the quizzes as well as all of the exams.  One of the most difficult things to do was stay concentrated and focused for 3+ hours to take the exams.  The simulator greatly helped with that.  Going to try the same method for my ACP.

ROSEVILLE, United States

Challenge Yourself

Michael Poe

I have been powering my way through the PM Exam Simulator's database of questions and have no choice but to rate it 5 stars.  The only reason for me to "downgrade" it would be that the simulator causes me dread because it so clearly exposes my knowledge gaps.  In that sense it can be a bit depressing but given than this is exactly what you want to happen BEFORE the test, its a good thing.  What i find to be so amazing is that the vast majority of the questions are situational and I believe this is the absolute best way to prepare yourself for the exam.  In full disclosure, I have not sat the exam yet but in all the research that I've done it is apparent that this is what can be expected on the real exam.  Challenge yourself...practice these questions and you WILL GET BETTER.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you study the answer explanations...they are excellent.

Malmo, Sweden, Michael Poe


I used the PM Exam Simulator and it played a big part in my passing the PMI Exam first time. Thanks a million.

Carnforth, United Kingdom

The single biggest factor in helping me pass

Revolution Content

I used Rita's prep guide and attended prep classes. But I'm convinced the single biggest factor in my passing the PMP was the huge bank of questions in the PM Exam Simulator. Not only are the questions well thought out, but as importantly, the explanations are excellent. I cannot stress how helpful this simulator is. Thank you!

Lake Zurich, United States, Revolution Content


Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Hope this message finds you well.
I'd like to see same questions but organized into knowledge area, in addition, to having them as Exams. I think it is not hard to add this option. Thank you.

Stamford, US, Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Passed PMP exam today. Thanks to PMP simulator

I took the exam and passed it comfortably today, thanks to the PM exam simulator.

The questions on the simulator are on average longer and better phrased as compared to the real exam but it is indeed super helpful and worth the money. I was literally smiling as I took the real exam because I was confident that I was passing.

Few points below that may help people preparing for the exam:

- I got 79.5, 81 and 80% on the 3 mock test I took on PMP exam simulator. I took other mock exams from other sites but I can confidently say that if you get the PMP exam simulator, look no further. A couple of weeks ago I was reading these reviews wondering how the actual exams would be. The answer is, it's just like you taking the PMP exam simulator mock exam under exams conditions.

-There were no Agile questions on my real exam.

Bloemendaal, Netherlands

Awesome Tool

This exam simulator is quite a good tool for PMP aspirants. It's really helping me to deal with the exam question quite confidently. Hope I will pass PMP by using this exam simulator.


PMP Exam Simulator

I think the PMP Exam Simulator helped me immensely in preparing for the PMP exam. I did 6 tests on the PMP Exam Simulator before the exam and I must say the tests were hard but that really prepared me well for the actual exam. So if you're scoring between 75% and 85% on the Exam simulator, you're doing good and will pass the exam. A lot of questions on the actual exam were similar and I think the Exam Simulator does a good job of testing your overall knowledge on the different knowledge areas and process groups. If there was just one resource I could use for prepping for the PMP, my choice would be the Exam Simulator. I scored above average in all target areas primarily because of diligently doing all the questions in Exam Simulator and going over the answers to those questions I incorrectly answered. The answers in the Simulator are detailed and explained the rationale for choosing one over the other. The biggest challenge in PMP is because you have questions where more than one answer given is right but you are expected to choose the best among them. This tool helps you do exactly that. I totally recommend it to all those preparing for PMP. Good luck!!

Springfield, United States

This Simulator Rocks


Got my PMP Certification on June 30, it was really great the support received from the PM exam simulator. The insight and ways to explain the right and wrong answers really make a difference, with no doubt this is the best one I tried during my preparation, spent 2 months with the simulator and the feedback and analysis helped me to reach the appropiate levels on each area

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Nestle

Great PMP Exam Simulator

Prince Retail

The exam simulator helped me think the PMI way. The answers were also well explained with refences provided for additional reading.

Cebu, Philippines, Prince Retail

Exam Simulator Builds Confidence!

Anthem, Inc.

I compared several online Exam Prep software before selecting PM Exam Simulator. I’m so thankful I did because this software is the real deal. Everything is set up exactly as if you’re taking the actual exam. Features like tracking your exam scores, seeing your stats on correct/incorrect answers broken down by Process Group & Knowledge Areas, and ability to review your incorrect answers so you can learn from your mistakes/weak areas. All in this exam simulator software helped build my confidence going into the real exam. I passed with 4 Above Target & 1 On Target!! #HighFive

Virginia Beach, United States, Anthem, Inc.

Superb 'must have' for any PMP aspirant


I was PMP certified on July 31 2017 after year long preparation. It was really a hurdle for me as I was working on a tough project and got very little time for PMP preparation. So my first real challenge was to get the right material to prepare for the battle. It was not easy to sort out from a huge list that I got from friends, current PMP holders, trainers , internet etc. I had to spend hours in internet to short list the required materials for me to pass the exam. I referred the following books - PMBOK guide 5th edition,  PMP exam prep by Rita Mulcahy & Head first PMP.  After going through all these books couple of times  & passing the exam tests on these books, I thought I am ready and was eager to write the exam. But wait, I thought I need to have an online simulation exam before going into the final exam which was like 2 weeks after. So I got some test from internet ( for free) and I tried it. Well to be frank, I wrote 3 such exams and I failed for 2. That was a turning point as I was sure this was not enough to pass this exam. I know the concepts and theory but to crack this exam I need to understand the exam pattern and format and tricks !! So the search of such materials ends with me buying PMP exam simulator tests !! I still cant express myself how it helped in my exams. All tests were very good and tough. I just had 1 week for the exam and next 5 day I took one exam each at exactly the same time ( 12:30 PM slot) and I could see not only my percentage go up from 75% to higher but also my confidence. I wrote the exam very confidently and I passed it with ease. I tell you if dint opt for the simulation tests I would have succumbed to the exam pressure as I wouldn't be familiar with the formats and patterns. To anyone who want to write this exam confidently I would suggest you to have a look into this material but only after you are thorough with concepts and TT's.  

Trivandrum, India, InApp

PM Exam Simulator

I took the PM Exam simulator, it helped me pass the exam with so much ease. The scenario based questions covers all the aspects that one can expect in PMP exam. I studied the PMBOK and was looking for an exam simulator to boost my confidence. I would recommend PM Exam simulator to all my friends who is attempting PMP.

San Jose, United States

Great Study Tool

The PM Exam Simulator is great tool to use when studying for the PMP. Questions are well thought out and similar (if somewhat longer) to what you will find on the exam. Each question contains the reasoning behind the right and wrong choices as well as a direct reference into exact page numbers in the PMBOK. It also provides a nice break down of your scores by both process group and knowledge area.   It has options for taking the long 4 hour 200 question tests to help you get in the right mind for the exam and also lets you take shorter (learning) quizzes with options to target questions toward specific knowledge areas, missed questions, or process groups.

I was very happy the PM Exam Simulator as my study choice - it helped me pass the PMP.  I recommend it for anyone who is serious about taking the PMP and looking for a solid Exam Simulator.


Crucial to pass the exam


The exam simulator has been  extremely important to pass the exam. The questions are very similar to the real exam and gives you confidence to tackle the exam. I don't think I would have passed if I wasn't trained with the simulator. I strongly recommend to all PMP candidates.

Toronto, Canada, Parsons


I finished the exam in 1 hour 50 minutes and reviewed the questions and answers for almost an hour. After 2 hours and 50 minutes, I clicked on "End the exam". I had 1 hour and ten minutes left. I got "Above Target" in all areas. I think the Exam is tricky and the review made me change some answers. The PM Simulator was helpful. You don't get exactly the same questions but some are similar. It gives you a good feel. I did at least 4000 sample questions but never took a 200 questions test.

Berlin, Germany

Most Realistic Exam Simulator!

I took my Project Management course (in order to get the classroom credit hours) through James Madison University. I really loved their program, and the value was really competitive. The only downside was that they partner with Velociteach, which has a great program in itself relating to the PMP Certification Exam, but the practice tests are too basic. I took my exam after studying for 5 months, I was getting 80%'s consistently, and sometimes higher. I didn't do terrible on my first exam, however, I failed, and it was super stressful and I felt completely caught off guard with the way the questions were written. Essentially, the Velociteach has a smaller pool of questions, and they seem to be just too easy or leading to the answer. The real exam is a truly tough, and not forgiving test of knowledge. You will have 4 correct answers at times (correct in life that is), but only 1 fits the question best. That's simply how the real exam is. 

I found PM Exam Simulator, paid for 3 months of service, and scheduled my second attempt exam for 30 days out. I re-read PMBOK the first week, and took 1 full length practice test (200 questions). From then on, the ultimate game plan was to take 2 full length practice tests/week until exam time. Monday nights, I had a practice, and tuesday and wednesday I would review the questions. Thursday was another practice, and Fridy/Sat were review of the questions (and not just the ones I missed!, all questiosn). Sunday's were offf. 

I'm Proud to say that I passed, and took a 10 min break after #100, and had 30 minutes to review at the end of the exam (which is absolutely important to do for marked questions). 


Very Helpful

Jonathan Mann Productions

I did five practice exams and about 20 learning quizzes using the exam stimulator. I found it to be a very helpful tool, with very few glitches. The PMP exam was quite different, but I do believe the exam simulator helped me raise my knowledge level so that I could pass -- and what a relief that was!

White Plains, USA, Jonathan Mann Productions

The PM Exam simulator is Excellent

Greeting to everyone reading this piece. 

I am making this submission for the benefit of those preparing for the PMP Exams.

I used the PM Exam simulator to prepare for the PMP exams. I must say this is an excellent study aid. At the start of my preparations, I had some challenges sailing through the scenario based questions and the ITTOs. But after going through all 9 Exam sessions in the simulator, I felt almost 100% confident to face the exam. And indeed, I enjoyed the exams. Needless to mention that I passed with an overall "Above Target" The authors of this simulator have done an awesome job. This is what I see in the PM Exam simulator. Do not expect to see the questions repeated in the PMP exams. If one were to see same questions in the exams, then the PMP exams would not be called an exam in the real sense of the word. However, the PM exam simulator would deepen and sharpen your understanding of project management procedures such that regardless of the situation, be it in an exam or professional practice, you will know exactly how to tackle the situation. I would encourage everyone preparing for the PMP exams to get the PM exam simulator because it would first help you pass the exams, and secondly broaden your understanding of project management principles for real time professional practice. It is worth the money.

I had mentioned this in one forum, and I think I should mention it here again. With a combination of a) the PMBok Guide b) The PMP Prepcast by Cornelius Fichtner and c) The PM Exam simulator, you are sure to pass the PMP exams. I don't know of a better way to put it. No body can guarantee whether you will pass the exams or not. However, with this combination, the probability of you passing is very close to 1. How close this probability gets to 1 would depend on how much time you devote to your studies and your own personal commitment to pass the exams.

Wish you all success in the PMP exams, and be better project managers in the future with the PM Exam simulator.

Calgary, Canada

One of the best tools to Learn and pass PMP

Hello everyone,

I passed my exam last week and I would highly recommend the PM PrepCast to all aspirants.

All my respect and hand folded thanks to the entire PrepCast team and Cornelius to develop such a wonderful tool which prepared me so well for real exam that even with the stress for 4 hours, I was able to make it with “Above-Target”. Today I feel proud to add PMP with my initials and entire credit goes to the PM PrepCast.

Thank you once again to the PrepCast team.


Cleared my PMP - 5th Edition


I cleared my PMP on Feb. 28, 2018. I did my PrepCast exams and I completed almost 7 exams with scores:

9/10 90.0%
7/10 70.0%
144/200 72.0%
145/200 72.5%
160/200 80.0%
155/200 77.5%
8/10 80.0%
141/200 70.5%
133/200 66.5%
131/200 65.5%

Of course the real exam was much tougher than PM Simulator exams. Definitely this simulator helps you prepare for the real exam. Sitting for 4 hours is a real challenge and this exam really helps you achieve this. 


It helps

I passed first attempt the PMP exam. I did all the exams in the simulator starting with 72% and finalizing with average score of  80%. The simulator helped me to review and test what I knew or did not, also it helped me to sit and hold four hours of answering question which is crucial. The explanations of the answers in the simulator are complete, accurate and extensive which is awesome. I sensed that the real exam was harder with complicated questions, all were situational ones, none of them about ITTO memorization but application to real world situations, but is true that if I had not worked with the simulator I would have fail for sure.


I passed the PMP exam on 2/16/18!!

Thank GOD! My PMP journey began in November 2015 when I streamed a 6 week course and acquired my 35 contact hours. I did not feel anywhere prepared to sit for the exam after the course concluded. I decided to self-study but I was inconsistent with that process over the following two years until late November 2017 when I decided to submit my application to PMI. The application process went smoothly and I scheduled my exam for February. I created a schedule with milestones and ensured that I followed the plan. To begin, I used Andy Crowe's Prep book (read it and took notes from cover to cover), the PMBOK (read it and took notes from cover to cover to fill in any gaps in my knowledge). Last but not least, I was ready to take practice exams. I quickly found out that there were numerous exam resources out there but the quality of their content varies. After extensive research, I determined that the PM simulator fulfilled all the requirements of what I was looking for in practice exams. I purchased the program and I can honestly say that it was well worth EVERY penny! The PM simulator helped me to integrate all the knowledge I had acquired from the prep book and PMBOK and it challenged me to apply that knowledge in situational questions. To be very sincere, there were at least three moments during the real PMP exam that I told myself, "You're going to pass" because it felt so familiar. The PM simulator boosted my confidence before and during the exam and I felt very prepared. In my opinion, there were minimal surprises on the real exam because the PM simulator was highly reflective of the actual PMP exam (at least for my exam). A huge thank you to Cornelius Fichtner and his team for a job well done in creating such an amazing product!!

** My mock exam scores were: Exam 1: 72%, Exam 2: 83% Exam 3: 80% Exam 4: 85% Exam 5: 85% Exam 6: 82.5% Exam 7: 83% Exam 9 (ITTO): 93.5%... I did not take Exam 8.

**My PMP exam results were: Initiating: AT, Planning: BT, Executing: AT, Monitoring and Controlling: AT, Closing: T

Somerset, United States

Passed my PMP yesterday from First Attempt


Hi All, First of all I want to thank Cornelius and his team for creating such as an amazing simulator. Also I would like thank Dan Ryan the PMP tutor who helped prepare me well for the exam which I took yesterday. Prior to purchasing the simulator, I took alot of mock exams and the first 2 I tackled were Oliver Lehmann' 75 and 175 questions which I ended scoring on first try on both exams 86% without looking for the answers. By doing that it gave me confidence to purchase the simulatir which I was skeptic about. The truth it was worth every penny as it prepared me so well for my exam yesterday. I walked in the Prometric Center went through the security process, followed the proctor, settled on my assigned computer, and decided to skip the tutorial and go for the exam. As soon as I started, I started laughing as I felt I was at home taking the simulator exams vs. the actual exam. With that being said, my exam was very difficult and at one point I wanted to get up and leave but the great news I completed the exam in 2.5 hours which had alot of ITTO questions (thank God I took the last ITTO exam the night before my exam, although my actual exam were senario based), hit submit, took the longest 30 sec survey of my life and the results appeard stating Congrats I passed. I felt my heart sank to my stomach and nerves of excitement kicked in. With that said, I am an advocate of this simulator as well as Dan Ryan the PMP tutor. Before I conclude this, I also want to thank God, my parents, husband and friends for believing in me as this past 6 months have been a rough patch for me such as losing my job and getting ready to take the PMP exam. The great news, I was given an offer for a new job which starts next Monday and Passed the Exam the Monday prior to starting my new role....Thank God for everything and once again, I thank Cornelius and the team and Dan Ryan the PMP tutor.

WIND GAP, United States, 1984

Prepcast helped so much!!!

I failed my first attempt at my PMP. I came home and purchased the simulator and took 4 tests over 2.5 weeks to study for my second round. This helped soo much . The questions prep you for exactly how the test makes you think. I ended up passing on my second attempt with 3 above averages!! 

Fairview , United States

Good System

The PMP Exam Simulator was good preparation for the actual exam. I particularly liked the quizzes, which allowed me to practice exam questions using however much time I had available.

Roanoke, United States

Tough questions that prepared me well

I found the questions on the PM Exam Simulator very challenging and it prepared me well for the PMP exam (5th edition). I had little difficulty in completing the actual exam and passed with above target in most areas. This was definitely worth the money and I will be using their product again when I get ready to study for PMI-ACP exam. 

Beaverton, United States

Great Tool

Well worth the investment ! If you only have a little to invest make this your first. Guides you every step of the way when you miss a question. Question are just like the exam. Thank you for pushing me to a PMP status. 


Best exam prep!


 I have used a number of exam prep tools. Face to face training, phone apps, web based 24 hour video training, RM book ...none made me ready to take this exam. When I found the PM Exam Prep simulator I was finally able to dig in and get the job done. The exams explain the answers, why one worke when others do not. I passed the exam in the above expectations...which I was not expecting! Thanks for the great exam questions!

Chester, USA, Merck

Right tool to get the Test Passed

I took the PMP exam on March 2, 2018. It was for Version 5. I had a deadline of March 26th to pass the exam, or to start over and test for version 6. I do not feel I would have passed the exam on the first try without the testing I was able to do with the Exam Simulator. I was able to do numerous small exams to help study, and also took the 4 hour practice exams to get me ready for the final test. 

I highly recommend that you review the answers given. Both the ones you answered correctly, and those that you did not. There were questions where I was not 100% sure of my answer, and after reading the answers I could see how to determine what they should be. Many questions have situational environments described. Seeing the thought process on how to read and then determine the answers was extremely helpful. 

The only way to train yourself for a 4 hour test is to take several. Then to be able to filter the results was a pleasant bonus. I would highly recommend this product.

Lantana, United States


At this point it is hard to say if the simulator is useful or not since I haven't taken the real test yet. If at the test I found that the questions were similar, I would say that it was useful, if they were completely off then I would give a different rating.

Toronto, Canada

Scored Above Target in 1st Attempt!

I am so grateful for the PM Exam Simulator!!! The level of difficulty really prepared me and the user interface is very similar to the actual exam.  After reading Head First PMP, I decided it was time to take some mock exams.  I scored 81% on the first Exam Simulator; I took 2 more and scored 82% and 84% respectively.  I also took the ITTO test and quizzes.  I used the quizzes to focus on areas of improvement after taking the Exam Simulator.  For instance, I noticed I was scoring Target on some of the domains, so I selected those same domains for the quizzes.  On the actual exam, which was my first attempt,  I scored Above Target on 4 domains and Target on 1 domain.  THANK YOU, CORNELIUS!!!   


PM Exam Simulator was a success!!!!

Thank you and your team for your efforts with the PM Exam Simulator product.  Your product was included in my plan to pass the PMP.  I was able to pass the PMP test at the end of January, 2018. Please keep this product evolving with the changes that PMI will bring in the future.

I transition my use of this product to a supporter role and will recommend to others to use this product.

Atlanta, USA

Succeeded with 5 AT


The exam simulator has been so helpful in testing my knowledge and also in giving me the simulated exam experience. The actual questions on the exam on some of the topics were of similar difficulty and some were easier. A lot depends on the preparation before. Evaluating myself after each test with the explanations helped a lot.

Bangalore, India, Infanion

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