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Great Exam Simulator

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Found the PM Exam Simulator on this site the closest to the real exam.  I did a number of practice tests and exams on the site and it was really helpful and beneficial with my studies.  I passed the exam on the first time and I can't thank PM Exam Simulator enough as it was their practice exams that made the difference!

Highly Recommended

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Visa Inc

I highly recommend the PM Exam Simulator as an extremely helpful tool to prepare for the PMP exam.  The prep exams are excellent conditioning of the brain and the body to ensure the mental stamina and focus prepared for the PM exam. Four hours are a long time to sit and most demanding on the body and quite exhausting to the brain, the prep exams are exactly what's required to successfully sit for the actual exam.  After approximately 6 or 7 prep exams the body and brain become acclimated to the type and style of questions, along with reading the PMBOK and a good training course one should be prepared to successfully pass the PM exam.  It took several attempts to personally pass the exam only wish I had used the PM Exam Simulator much sooner in my preparation.

All the Best.





Foster City CA, USA, Visa Inc

Simulator Review

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I think the PM Similator is essential for taking the real PMP exam. I give it two thumbs up. My only caveat is don't get caught up acing the Similator because the actual test is totally different. The Simulator prepares you to think for the exam but I wouldn't concern myself with memorizing or thinking the Simulator is the same as the actual test.

Lessons Learned

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Hello friends,

These are the steps I took to prepare my exam:

* I started by reading the PMBOK®-5th edition (To prepare myself for my online training session). The purpose of this first pass is just to get familiar with the material, (don’t expect to understand everything at this stage )

* During the online training sessions at the ituonline (as a self-learner for me it was the best option). I forced myself to use actively the PMBOK®-5th edition and follow the teacher, Mr. Larry Elwood in a deep dive into the PMI and PMBOK® methodology. I also used actively, a useful processes map that I found in the web made by Dimity Ivanov (I committed myself with Dimitry to translate this document to French, to help French users)

* I read the PMBOK®-5th edition once again (at this stage I started to understand the systemic approach of the PMI methodology and the purpose of the PMBOK® and the interaction between the processes and the ITTOs). Achieving this step allowed me to understand the reasons of each ITTO instead of just memorizing them. (Understanding the concept behind the PMBOK®-5th processes is a very critical part of the preparation)

* I read Rita’s Mulcahy book one time and answered to all questions.

* At this stage I decided to start to testing myself, under the exam conditions and fill the gaps if needed. To keep a track on my progress and evaluate statistically my results I bought (Cornelius Fichtner Exam Simulator) http://pm-exam-simulator.com/. It helped me a to gain confidence and have a first idea about my readiness for the exam. Another important thing about the simulator is it helped me to develop my own technique on managing the time during the real exam.

* Because one source of questions and simulation is not enough, I took other free mock exams, available on the web (2500 questions). These are some of them :

(pmi_exam questions : you should be a pmi member to have access to this material)

Oliver Lehmann's sample questions
(If you wish and you have enough time before taking your exam you can use the links mentioned by Oliver Lehmann on the answer and references part, to deepen your knowledge in Project management. If you’re member of PMI, this is the best way to start using these great html books)
(Mock exam from PMstudy)
(Mock exam from tutorials point)

mad.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=316:my-top-10-recommended-web- sites-for-free-pmp-exam-sample-questions-&catid=137:articulos&Itemid=88
(recommended free Mock exams from Cornelius Fichtner)

(mock exam Central)

Note: Just doing mock exams is not enough. I had to spend some time reviewing the questions I got wrong and understand why and find a way to fill up my gaps. For me every wrong answer was an occasion to read the related section of the PMBOK®-5th and go back to Rita Mulcahy book.
* Beside participating actively to this group there is some other valuable web resources I used actively.

(You can find all you need on this website, very nice structure, the blogs are very interesting, a big thanks to iZenbridge team)
(IzenBridge Youtube Channel_ Great videos!!! from Bansal Saket)

(Very nice web site with a real structured approach, a big thanks to Edward Chung )

(well-structured course material)

* One week before my exam, I started to relax and reviewing the processes and ITTOs using the PMBOK®-5th and Dimitry’s processes map, be a part of some PMP preparation discussions and reviewing some personnel notes I made.

* One more thing, don’t forgot to be prepared physically for the exam. 4 hours is a long time and you have to stay focus until to the end, so prepare your body to handle this 

I wish you all good luck in your exam




Of Limited Use

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The PMP Exam Simulator bore little or no resemblance to the actual PMP exam.

Whilst it aided with content knowledge it did not prepare me, in any way, for the real exam.

Turramurra, Australia

great purchase

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The PM Exam Simulator was one of the tools I used in studying for the PMP exam. The questions are well constructed and worded well, and the level of difficulty is also good. I love the options availble in the PM Exam Simulator. You can choose whether to take a full 200 questions PMP-like exam (you can take 9 exams in total) or just take the Quizzes with questions taken from a certain Knowledge area or a particular Domain. Before i took my PMP exam I took all the Quizzes (10 of them, matching the 10 Knowledge Areas), then i went ahead and took all the 200 questions PMP-like exam (9 of them, 1 is specifically for ITTO's). I also took the advice of Cornelius, If your score on the exams and quizzes in the PM Exam Simulator is 80% is above then you can be confident that you're ready for the real PMP exam. I would like to thank the PM Exam Simulator team, Project Management PrepCast team, and also Mr. Cornelius Fichtner for making such a wonderful exam simulator. Please keep up the good work.

Cleared PMP

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Dear Cornelius,

            Yesterday (03-Dec-20140 ) i have passed my PMP in first attempt.  Actually the exam was tough but with the help of 9 practice tests which i practiced in PM exam simulator makes my life easier.  The Simulator question banks are on par with the real PMP exam.  

 I strongly recommend for the people are who interested to know the how the real exam questions will be, please make use of this tool.  After all you are going to spend 99$ , instead of spending $275 for second attempt ( incase of failure with first attempt).  This is worth investment.


Best wishes 

Vandhiadevan PMP.



Chennai, India


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The PM Exam Simulator was a great tool for preparing for the actual PMP Exam. I especially liked the fact that it recycled questions from the bank of 1800 questions so that I saw most question multiple times, which is a great way to learn material from repetition. By the time I used the simulator for the last time prior to taking the actual exam, I had answered all but maybe 70 of the 1800 questions. However, I must say that the questions on the actual exam did not mimic the style of most of the simulator questions. Specifically, the actual exam was about 80% scenario questions, with only a handful of actual ITTO questions or straightforward questions such as "The schedule compression technique associated with overlapping activities is _______." While there were a ton of those kinds of questions in the simulator, the actual exam contained very few. At any rate, I'm absolutely satisfied with the PM Ssimulator and how it helped me prepare for the actual exam.  

Tailor made for PMP Exam

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Dear Cornelius

I passed my PMP Exam on 09-10-2014 . The PM Exam Simulator was very useful in my preparation,throughout looked tailor-made for success in the PMP Exam. It mainly ,in addition to the PM Concepts in a very meticulous and a practical manner, taught how to handle the 200 questions in a composed manner without much feeling the strain of a long sit-out.

An excellent material for preparation for the PMP Accreditation Examination..

Thanks to you and PM Exam Simulator.


Jayanti V S N Murthy '

The best online simulator

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Dear PMP aspirant,

My journey to obtain the PMP certification last for about a year. I failed my first try; to be honest the method I used to study wasn't very effective - too much theory and very little practice.

Of course what you want is to pass on your first try. In my case I went through some desmotivation and depression. After two months re-thinking and investigating better methods to crack this exam I found PrepCast and PMP Exam Simulator from Cornelius Fichtner. I also relied on other materials such as the PMBOK 5th edition.

The materials and test simulators from Cornelius are absolutely outstanding. The key for passing is to take as many prep question as you can. The PM Exam Simulator offers you 8 full 200 questions exams. I took them all - some of them twice, mainly the ITTO one. For questions I got wrong, I went back and reviewed each one of them carefully, understood why I got them wrong. I found some of the questions were very close to the ones on the exam.

The formula summary is easy to understand and it was my main reference guide. I even ended up dumping the ones I had from other authors. 

Overall, best materials I found. You go through the prep exam, and I am sure you will pass.

Thanks Cornelius!

Juliana Souza Campos, MBA, MSc, PMP (since 1st October 2014)



Staines upon Thames, United Kingdom, BP PLC

PMP Exam Simulator

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Hi All,


PM Exam Simulator is very good. The questions are really tough. It prepares you really like drilling. During my last minute PMP preparation I completely used this to practice full length 200 Q. The wrong choices are so creative and tickle your tummy. It helps you to feel relaxed in the mid of aggressive preparation.

Finally successfully I passed my PMP yesterday (October 14/2014). I’m so proud myself for holding international credential.



I would recommend this to everyone who is preparing to become certified PMP.


Rama Periasamy.

saskatoon, Canada

A must preparation Tool

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Tech Mahindra

PM Exam Simulator is a MUST for preparing for the PMP Certification. I was able to analyze my proficient and below proficient areas and work harder on my below proficient areas better much before the PMP Certification. I do agree that reading PMBOK and real world experience provides a wealth of knowledge but PM Exam Simulator puts that knowledge in place for the PMP Certification.


I highly recommend PM Exam Simulator for all PMP aspirants to use the PM Exam Simulator to experience and plan their own PMP certification approach. 

Melbourne, Australia, Tech Mahindra

Essential Part of Obtaining My PMP Certification

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I am very happy with the PM Exam Simulator. Frankly, I would not have passed the real PMP Exam without it! The format and structure of the real PMP Exam is exactly like the PM Simulator. I felt prepared and ready during the real Exam because of the many hours I spent on the Simulator. Also, I purchase the Formula Study guide which helped me further be prepared for questions related to EVM, EMV, critical path, communications, six sigma, etc. The help desk is also very responsive, when I had inquired about some of the exam questions, they replied quickly. Overall, I am very happy with the products and the services OSP International has provided. I will definitely recommend it to others who might be interested in obtaining their PMP certification.

Love Hate Love

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Ok, in the beginning I had a hate relationship with the PM Exam Simulator. I was cursing my existence working through those dang quizzes. I found some questions maddeningly vague and other answers that I thought were wrong.  I noticed the feedback button and gave my thoughts. I honestly didn’t expect any response.


However . . .


And this is a big however. . . .


I was surprised when I saw a response to my feedback. And I was stunned when I realized that PM Exam Simulator had actually read my thoughts. And then, on a subsequent quiz, I encountered the same question, but I noticed that the question had been updated, and the explanation contained my observations.




The question update was certainly encouraging because it reinforced that I was identifying the correct Project Management elements, but I will further add that on the questions where I was just wrong, (which was most of them) I found their professional PMP customer service explanations thorough and patient.


I must confess though, the test question vagueness never goes away. And for good reason, the actual PMP exam takes vagary to a whole new level. So PM Exam Simulator is doing its users a favor by writing questions similar to what you WILL encounter in the exam.


I tested on four separate test banks and found PM Exam Simulator superior by every measure. It sounds like a trivial detail, but that stupid clock in the quizzes ticking down your demise is fantastic practice. The practice clock has the same physiological effect that you get on the PMP exam: it inspires panic.


Should you invest your money in this product? Let me put it to you this way.


On that day when you have finished the first hour of the PMP exam and have only finished 37 questions, and you realize you are woefully behind and that flutter of panic starts to spread through your belly, you will remember that you took at least 4 full PM Exam Simulator practice tests, so you are familiar with the pace; you are used to that clock ticking down, down, down; and you have scored 80% or better so you have every confidence that you have some mastery of the material. This will still the flutter and assuage the panic because you will know you can achieve your certificate goal. In that moment your hate will turn to love.


John Immel  PMP





Dayton, USA, NA

PM Exam Simulator Questions are the best on the market!

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The PM Tutor

For several years now I have been coaching people and tutoring them to pass the PMP exam at www.thepmtutor.com and I have utilized many tools in this process.  However, I have become so impressed with the PM Prepcast and PM Exam Simulator.  My students tell me that the PM Exam Simulator questions are 'dead ringers' for the PMP Exam -- I can't tell you how valuable this is to me as a coach. 

So now I have this awesome three step process, I have my students listen to the PM Prepcast, I have them take the PM Exam Simulator questions and I meet with them and coach them on how to answer the questions and how to take the PMP exam, but I always know that if they score well on the PM Exam Simulator its a very likely scenario that they will actually pass the PMP exam. 

I highly reccomend the PM Exam simulator and it's 1800 high quality PMP style questions.  You will not be dissapointed.

Dan Ryan, The PM Tutor.

New York, United States, The PM Tutor

Project Manager

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PM Exam Simulator was very helpful.

I was able to track my preparation progress and the real exam was very much aligned with PM Exam Simulator.

Thanks to PM Exam simulator team.




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I signed up for the exam format of 4 hour practice. I stayed for the "learning" mode and used the 100 question format un-timed with immediate feedback. The results were fantastic, I passed my exam. Having a variety of ways to look at the questions made the study less painful, and results speak for themselves.

thanks very much, i have recommended this site to two other PMP exam challengers, I am certain this site will help them as well.


Vancouver, Canada, TELUS


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The PM Exam simulator is like a God's gift for all people aspiring to take the Project Management profession seriously by achieving the PMP exam. The PM Exam simulator is the the best thing I found to clear my PMP exam. The questions provided by the PM exam simulator are framed in such a way as to provide a thorough understanding of all the Knowledge areas. So at the end when we start scoring above 80-85 % in these PM Exam Simulator mock tests we can be sure we have got it all the PMP way and can confidently attend the Exam. Honestly, The PMBOK5 and the PM Exam Simulator is all that I used to get those beautiful three letters added to my Name - PMP.

Thank you PM Exam Simulator

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I attended one of Cornelius Fichtner's live PMP Prep Classes for PMI Orange Country and he raffled off some of his resources during  the class. I was lucky and got free access to the Simulator which cost $100 on his website. What I liked a lot about his test is the correct answers also pointed to the page number in the PMBOK for Reference. I recall fighting with some of the answers in our class book and Rita Mulcahy's tests. The questions and answers were straightforward. There is also an option to give feedback on a question which I did and there was a reply in a day or two about it. Interesting because it allows for feedack from the test takers to make the question better. I had access to Rita Mulcahy and Transcender/Kaplan test (through work) but spent most of my time with Cornelius. ... just easier to find the source of my error and more quickly fix my knowledge gap. Also - there is a learning quiz section that is really helpful if you just want to kill a few minutes with a few questions. I sincerely recommend it and that is the end of my unsolicited pluf for the https://www.pm-exam-simulator.com/.

John Kienstra


John Kienstra

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I attended one of Cornelius Fichtner's live PMP prep classes for PMI Orange Country and he raffled off some of his resources during the class. I was lucky and got free access to the simulator which cost $100 on his web site. What I liked a lot about his tests is the correct answers also pointed to the page number in the PMBOk for reference. I recall fighting with some of the answers in our class book and Rita Mulcahy's test. The questions and anwers were more straightforward. There is also an option to give feedback on a question which I did and there was a reply in a day or two about it. Interesting because it allows for feedback from the test takers to make the questions better. I had access to Rita Mulcahy and Transcender/Kaplan test (through work) but spent most if my time with Cornelius.... jut easier to find the source of my error and more quickly fix my knowledge gap. Also - there is a learning quiz section that is really helpful if you just want to kill a few minutes with a few questions. I sincerely recommend it and that is http://www.pm-exam-simulator.com/.

John Kienstra


PMP Simulator

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PMP simulator was very helpful and I recommend the PMP simulator for anyone planning to take the PMP exam.



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I passed the PMI-PMP exam last week.  It would not have been possible without the Exam Simulator.  I recommend it highly to anyone serious about studying and passing the PMP.

New Orleans, USA, att

Passed the PMP

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Triangle Spine

I made good use of many of the tools offered by OSP. I bought the PMP Prepcast late last year and used that as my introduction to the formalized study of Project Management. I also ended up taking a boot camp class in March, but felt that what I had gained from the PrepCast really jump started me for the class. However, the best thing I ended up doing was using the Exam Simulator. I will admit that I took a variety of practice tests (full 4 hour tests) from various sources to try to get used to different types of questions. However, in the last two weeks before my test, I took 5 practice tests from the Simulator. Not only did they help me get used to the real time online environment of the test, but they helped me study. 

The ITTOs can be diffiicult for anyone to remember, but with the help of the exam simulator and having the answers I got incorrect spelled out in such a detailed way, the ITTOs finally made sense to me. No, I dind't memorize all of them, but by seeing them in "real world" situational questions that the Simulator provided, it just finally "clicked" for me.

In the last week before my test I studied all the questions I got incorrect from the Simulator. I was very happy to find that a great deal of those were on my real test. Not the exact questions of course, but either the knowledge area or the process in question showed up in spirit on the real test. I felt completely confident answering those on my test as I had studied them from the answers of the Simulator. By far it was the best real world application of not only the testing environment, but it closely matches the PMBOK in both language, concepts and spirit. 

I am completely pleased thus far with all the help I have received via OSP products and am convinced the Simulator helped me pass my test on my first attempt. I certainly plan to look into their products for jumpstarting my PDU efforts as well. 

All in all, I highly recommend the Simulator and OSP in general. Thanks to Cornelius and his team for a great product and product line. If you ever get into offering anything for Risk Management, I will certainly be interested! Thanks again.   

Raleigh, United States, Triangle Spine

PM Aspirant

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Aspiring to be PMP

I tried PM Simulator.I purchased this product to assess if I could sit through a  4 hour long exam. Thus I answered 3 full length mock exams. I did exhaust about 80% of the questions in the simulator by answering questions via  random selection #100 at a time before the exam week. I took the PMP exam on June 18th. I did not pass the exam. I  am able to recall exam questions from the  real exam and compared those to the questions in the simulator. The questions in the mock exams in the simulator  are relatively easier compared to the questions in  real exam. The real exam was structured with questions in the areas of EVM , Risk management and how managers handle team dynamics, conflicts and PDM. Although simulator had such type of questions ,these questions in the simulator were worded in a quite simple way.

I started using other free resources from PMStudy, PMzilla  and PMtraining as I did not use them for my exam and relied only on PM Simulator.  I noticed that the way exam questions in these sources  compare quite close to the type of questions in real exam.

In summary I propose that PM Simulator to introduce a lot more of graphic based  mathematical questions to help aspirants apply EVM methodology as opposed to simple application of EV formulas to simple questions. I also prpose that networking (PDM) problems are introduced in the simulator.

Thank you for asking for my feedback.

Painted Post, USA, Aspiring to be PMP

PM Exam Simulator is awesome!

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Just want to say a BIG thank you to everyone at PM Exam Simulator. The exams were incredibly helpful to me in my studies, and I passed the PMP exam on my first try. Hands down the best PMP exam simulator on the market; as close to the real exam as you could have gotten without stealing the actual exam.


Thanks again so much!


Roger Hardy, PMP

Real Good

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Smith Johnson Group

Hi I was able to clear the Exam a month back (P,MP,P,P,MP)and PM Exam simulator played a vital role in my success.

Thanks for this wonderful product. It does helped me attain  the much need confidence before going to the real exam. I was able to score more than 80% on all the practice tests I attempted and it became the stepping stone for cracking the PMP exam. The questions appeared to be reletively easy(if you are well prepared) but it would cover all the topics and tests your understaing of PMBOK.

I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about the exam . But as they mentioned , 80% is definite beanchmark and be honest to yourself :).



USA, Smith Johnson Group

Muhammad Waseem

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The PMP Exam Simulator was the life saver. I actually bought it just 1 week before the scheduled exam date  though I wish I had bought it earlier.

The type and level of questions in this simulator were spot-on; very realistic and helpful in preparing for the actual exam.


You guys Rock!

Aurora, USA, Dish


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American International Contractors

-The format and the page color is not matching at all with the real PMP exam.

-The kind of questions speacially the long ones with a big story is not the same as the real exam.

-Anyway my membership still valid to 4th of July and really I will not use it any more as it is really the first reason for me to fail in PMP exam.

Best Regards,

Manama, Bahrain, American International Contractors

Well worth it!

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After I purchased the PM Simulator, I did two full length exams and many quiz length exams for practice. By the time I got to the the real exam, it felt familiar and I was able to finish in 3 hours and pass the first time.


PM Exam Simulator

Testimonial image

I passed the PMP thanks to the great practice I received using the PM Exam Simulator.

Fort Worth, United States

IT Project Manager

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I read the PMBOK and Rita's book several times, did all the questions after each chapter, and lookedup sample questions on the Internet. All that effort was needed but I don't think I could have passed the PMP exam (on the 1st try), without the PM Simulator. The PMP Exam Simulator helped me prepare mentally, physically, and psychologically for the real deal. Being able to take practice exams several times (4-hour 200 question exams), helped me trmendously. I also appreciated the explanation given to each question that I got wrong, along with a reference page number for the PMBOK. I highly recommend The PM Simulator to anyone that is serious about passing the exam. And the price was very reasonable.

Santa Clarita, USA


Testimonial image

Thanks for the opportunity to give some feedback on the simulator. My observation is that the simulator sometimes hang and it takes some time to pop up the next question. There were instances where the simulator could not bring up the next question and the system had to be shut down. However, when the system was restarted it gave me the opportunity to continue even though i had lost some minutes.

Additionally there were instances that questions were repeated in the same set of exams. This need to be addressed.

In general the simulator can be said to be very suitable for those of us preparing for our PMP exams and thanks for the support.

accra, ghana

Small Investment for Big Reward

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Cornelius, you won't have to worry about publishing this review of your product, The PM Exam Simulator.  I encourage your readers and website visitors to seriously consider committing the $100 or less (with montly discount special offers) to by the Exam Simulator.  In my exam study journey, I must have taken all the exams that can be easily googled on the web.  Compared to the PM product, I found those to be supporting my knowledge development, but not as prepatory as the Exam Simulator  in terms of language, randomness, and concept testing.  After passing my exam, I came away with the belief that way PM-Prepcast arranges its simulator most closely resembles the exam format.  Moreover, I found the explanations for each answer thorough and if I still did not understand something, I was able to find a reference.  What's more is the ongoing conversations I had with PM Exam Simulator question bank moderators who really listened to my concerns about a couple of questions and responded with the respect and professionalism I wanted to hear instead of just scoffing at my remarks.  They might take a while to respond, but respond they do so definitely use them as a resource if you need additional explanations. 


Testimonial image

I passed the PMP exam on 24th Feb 2014. I must acknowledge that the PM Exam Simulator was a great help indeed. I started my preparation for the PMP some 3 months ago. I fulfilled the 35 hour PDU criteria by attending an online course. Submitted my application , paid the fees but was stunned to find my application picked up for audit. I went through the audit and complied with it . Then scheduled ny exam. Immediately I purchased the PMP Exam Simulator and sat through all 9 tests in the simulator under exam like conditions . I could obtain 78% to 93% in the tests. I must say the PMP Exam simulator is  a close replica of the real exam which means you get familarized with format of the exam, the design of the screen etc. This is important as you minimize surprises and can concentrate on the real test. I did purchase the PMBOK guide 5th edition ( download) from the PMI website . I memorized and understood the ITTO(s). I did  not consult any other course material as I was not convinced that other PMP text bookd would be of much use. I believe that the trick is to take as many exams as possible , take as many questions as possible and simulate the exam environment as closely as possible. This is where the simulator was of immense help and in the real sense is testdriving the PMP exam. I passed the real exam with Proficiency grade in 2knowlege areas and the rest with medium proficiency.


Mumbai, India

Couldn't Have Passed Without It!

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I took the PMP certification exam on Friday 1/24/2014 and passed! It was my first attempt. For anyone that is thinking about whether PM Exam Simulator is worth the investment, I am here to tell  you, YES! It doesn't mean you won't have to put in the time. I took 7 of the full 4 hour practice exams. I also read the PMBOK (4th addition and updates in 5th) and other material. In addition, I created note cards with all of the ITTO's on them and carried them around with me for the last month. Every spare moment I had, I would quiz myself on the cards, and when I didn't have time to take a full practic exam, I would spend a couple of hours going over the questions I missed in prior practice exam attempts.

It really is a great studying tool. It mimics the real thing very well. There wasn't anything about the real exam that caught me off guard. If anything, I feel as though the simulator takes you through more rigorous material. Thank  you to the folks that put this site together. In addition to well thought out questions, the explanations surrounding the answers are really great. Thanks to the simulator and some blood, sweat, and tears of my own, I am a proud new PMP!

Tampa, UsA

PM Exam Simulator - Most useful

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Hi all,

I referred Rita as well as PMBOK 5, But more than Rita and PMBOK5, PM Exam Simulator from Cornelius gave me more confidence. With more than 1800 questions, it helped me focus on my gaps as well as I consistently scored more than 165 out of 200 in all the 9 Sample exams from Cornelius and the real exam is much easier than PM Exam simulator.

I would suggest all to go through PM Exam simulator, it gives you the confidence and guts and shapes your knowledge, before you face the real exam.

Thanks PM Exam Simulator..

Successfully passed pmp with help of pm-simulator

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I passed PMP on November 30,2013.I used to practice your simulator each day.I am happy to say that the simulator help me a lot to gain confidence.

I highly reccomend PMP Exam Simulator to all potential candidates. Thankyou very much for such a good product.

Milton, Canada


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I took my PMP exam in October of 2013.  I have to say that short of my MBA Comprehensive Examination it was by far the hardest exam I have ever taken. If you are not fully prepared for this exam, do not expect to pass.  I utilized the PM Exam Simulator as my primary source to prep for this exam.  I was frustrated at first because I was unable to achieve a passing score.  I would continually find myself short by 2-4 percent. 

I then began to review each question I missed and cross reference the answer and explanation of the correct answer with the PMBOK guide.  This helped alot.  I found I retained the information much better once doing this. Shortly I began to pass the quizes and exams from the PM Exam simulator. The ability to use this simulator was key to my passing the exam. 

After taking a quiz or exam with the PM exam simulator, I found the feed back provided allowed me to focus on the knowledge area and/or process group where I was the weakest.  The ability to focus my attention in these areas allowed me to study and strengthen these areas becoming more fully prepared for the actual PMP exam. This I believe was the most useful tool to me.  It allowed me to keep my study focused on the areas that needed my attention and the most effort of my studytime.

I can honestly say that if anyone is looking for a method to help them properly perpare for the PMP exam, the PM Exam Simulator is a good choice.  When completing the exam, and waiting on the proctor, he ask me which exam I had taken.  When I told him it was the PMP exam, he replied, the PMP Exam must be a difficult exam as he does not see many people pass it from there facility.  I could only smile and say thank you.  However, my thank you was meant for the PM Exam simulator. I thought about all the quizes and exams that I had taken using the PM Exam Simulator. I realized that had I not done so, I would have been one of the many referenced by the proctor who had left with out passing.

Good luck to everyone taking the Exam and no matter what method you chose to study, the PM Exam Smulator remains the top on my list.

Victorville, USA


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Dear Sir,

It was great pleasure to practice questions using your PMP Exam Simulator, it is really a power tool to enhance our knowledege and increase our understanding of the knowledge, philosophy and methodology of the Project Management guidelines through PMBOK Edition 5.

But I have some points :

1. The questions that refer to wikipedia, or professional books by PMI like the standards for WBS and Schedule, are they pre-test questions ( 25 uncounted questions) or PMI is testing our general project management knowledge (think global, act local) ?

2. I would like to extend the access to the simulator for another 3 months, is there an offer for longer duration ?, it is really a very pour tool for more understanding.


Best regards,

Alaa Eldin

Abu Dhabi, UAE, ASGC

Happy Customer

I used the PM Simulator for around 1 month before taking my PMP exam, which I passed on the first try.  The PM Simulator definitely helped me prepare for the exam and become comfortable with the time constraints.  

I had an occassional comment/question about exam questions.  The support staff always responded promptly with extremely thoughful and helpful responses.

Thank you!

Hello Cornelius & Team

Testimonial image


I am in consulting profession, specializing in SAP Finance and working out of Bay Area. Few months back, I enrolled with PMI and gave myself a target to clear the PMP exam. Due to my nature of job and stringent project deadlines, I was hard pressed for time to study and eventually had about 20 days time to prepare for my exam on Oct 18th' 2013. I subscribed to your PMP Exam Simulator and religiously practiced at least one mock exam per day in the last 10 days.I am happy to inform you that I cleared my exam on Oct 18th on the first attempt with "Proficiency" in all the areas with 20 days of overall and 10
days of dedicated prep. I found your PMP Exam Simulator very useful and prepared me well. Thank you very much for coming up with this wonderful tool and exhaustive content.
Appreciate it.


Best PMP exam simulator on the market!

Testimonial image

The PM Exam Simulator is by far the most impressive and helpful PMP test preparation tool out on the market. Aside from having over 1,800 questions to test your PMI knowledge, the simulator covers all process groups and management areas to ensure successful PMP exam outcomes. Prompt and consistent feedback is always provided when concerns are raised on questions, answers, or their explanations. This is the best investment for anyone who is looking to pass the exam on their first run!

Walnut, Ca, United States

Every PMP aspirant should buy this

Testimonial image



Thanks to PM Exam Simulator. I passed my PMP certification (4th edition) on the first attempt.

I must appreciate their service. I purchased PM Exam Simulator only 1 week before my PMP exam. By mistake I had purchased simulator for 5th Edition. Later, I realized that I had purchased wrong version and then I emailed the admin team to change my access to 4th edition. I got 4th edition access within 24 hrs. Thanks for admin team for providing me access immediately.

Regarding the contents in PM Exam Simulator – I would say that this is one of the best simulator in the market which every PMP aspirant should go for it. Most of the question pattern was similar to real PMP exam. I have tried many simulator and I didn’t feel satisfactory. Only Rita and PM simulator are really good.

Sydney, Australia, TCS


Testimonial image

System Innovators

Hello Cornelius,

What a great tool for studying for the PMP Exam.  Using the study guides and the PM Exam Simulator, prepaired me to pass the exam on my first try.  The PM Simulator was very flexible and allowed me to study specific areas of weakness.  Due to time contraints, I was not always able to take a 4 hour simulated exam. Being able to select up to 100 questions per test, made it more useable.  I took 3 full simulated exams before I took the final exam and felt ready to go.  This also helped me to complete the real exam in 3.5 hours allowing for me to go back through all my marked questions and double check. I look forward to furture training through your website.

Middleburg, USA, System Innovators


Testimonial image

I passed the exam today on the first attempt. 

I spent 32 hours over the last four weeks with the PM Simulator. First I focussed on specific knowledge areas I was preparing and then on the exams. I worked through all exams and scored on average 76 %. The tool is very helpful as it explains the answers which helped me to better transfer the knowledge into PMI terminology and find the best answer. 


Passed the exam

Testimonial image

Hi yesterday I passed the exam.

I answered approximately 2200 questions before the exam. I felt very well prepared for the exam and did pass it with good results (4x proficient, 1x moderately proficient).

It is important not only to answer the questions but also to review the results and read the explanation and the correct answers for questions that were not correct.

The PM Simulator was very helpful for the preparation for the exam.

Good luck for your exam.

Good simulator

Testimonial image

This PM Simulator is very helpful, for the reasons below:

1] To familiarize with real exam experience i.e the exam layout. During the exam, there is no time to lose, we must be able to start running from the first second.

2] To be able to move from one scenario (i.e Planning) to a different scenario (i.e Closing) and not lose momentum.

3] To learn faster instead of just reading PMBOK.

4] This simulation does contain some questions almost similar to the real exam.


I passed my PMP exam few days ago.

Got 4P and 1MP.

I didnt expect it, but this simulator certainly helped during my 2 months study period.


Great study tool

Testimonial image

What a great investment!

The addage "one learns best from their mistakes" is true.

Every question I failed in the practice exams helped me understand the PMI way of thinking, which helped me better my result every time I took another exam.

I got to the exam prepared in such a way that even if I did not remember the exact answer, I was able to logically work through the question and figure out the answer because I understood the concepts and how PMI wants you to apply them.

Technical Advisor

Testimonial image

Two weeks ago I passed my PMP exam!  PM Exam Simulator was extremly helpful in preparing me for the exam.  The actual exam appeared to be somewhat easier than the simulator exams.  I think the number of questions that the simulator offers made the difference.  This is agreat tool!  Thank you.

United States

PM Exam is Aces

Testimonial image

I passed my PMP Certification on the first try thanks in large part to the PM Exam Simulator. I initially purchased the PM PrepCast and listened while doing my daily activities. I also read the PMBOK. It wasn't until I began taking the simulated exams that I truly began to learn. I would take a test and then study the questions I missed. I took most of the practice exams, scoring in the mid 60s%. Two days before my scheduled exam I took the dreaded "T&T only" exam which I put off, but scored 84%. The day before the exam, I scored 74% on the last exam. This filled me with confidence. I could not have learned the material to the level needed without the PM Exam Simulator. In addition to the educational factor of the simulator were gaining the stamina to take a 4-hour test, getting a feel for how long I can focus on questions and learning I didn't have to panic about the time, and gaining confidence that I know the material and can pass the exam. Thank you for a fine product.








United States

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