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My PM Exam Simulator experience

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I passed the PMP exam on my first try on Jan 24th, 2013. Due to severe time constraints, PM Exam Simluator is the only software I used. I took 4 exams and I think I averaged about 74% in all of them combined. If you are not scoring 80%, DONT be disheartened at all. I got 78% as the highest and I passed the PMP exam with 3 P's and 2 MP's.

However if you are NOT scoring 80% and do want to pass in your first try, do the below -

1. See where you are going wrong, and try to improve your understanding in those knowledge areas/processes. I did this and then took the exam.

2. The PM Exam Simulator has some ambiguity or incorrect grammar in some questions, this will cause you to get some questions wrong, dont worry about this. In the real exam, the grammar will be correct.

3. The real exam is fairly tough, so prepare well.


Exam Simulator is great!

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I passed my PMP last week and the PM Exam Simulator played a great role in helping me prepare for the exam. The price is great and content is vrey competitive. I was using both Rita's software as well as this one and can say that this s/w is very competitive and questions are close to exam levels.

Some of the questions from sources other than PMBOK are not really relevant to the exam but more knowledge is definitely not a loss.

I would defitnitely recommened the PM Exam Simulator software to anyone who is preparing for PMP!

San Jose, United States


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I recently passed the PMP exam. I recommend using the PM Exam Simulator as I believe it definetely contributed towards my passing the exam. I worked through about 50% of the simulator questions and still managed to pass. It was always good to review the explanation of answers.

Toronto, Canada, Mascoma

Big thanks to PM exam simulator

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I would like to thank you for offering such a strong tool for PMP exam preparation. Along with PM Prepcast, it really helped me building confidence for the exam. Especially I found statistics tables very useful to find focus areas to spend more time. During my study between Oct 15, 2012-Dec 31, 2013; I answered around 2000 questions including PM Exam Simulator questions. Although overall study itself was very challenging, I really enjoyed podcasts and 4hr exams. PM PrepCast and PM exam simulator packages have smart design, right focused, full in content and pleasing. I passed the PMP exam and started getting positive feedbacks immediately after it. Big thanks to Cornelius Fichtner and his team.

PMP Certitifed

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Passed my exam yesterday.  I used a number of tools in my study, but to be honest, I found the PM Exam Simulator the closest to the real exam questions wise.  I know Rita's come highly recommended but for $89.00 while Rita's is close to $300.  I thought these were great.  They are hard but more importantly they explain the reasoning behind the answers.  It was worth my money.

Passing my PMP Exam

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Dear Fichtner,

I passed my PMP exam on the 21st of February by using PM Exam Simulator. It was really important for me to get PMP certificate. During prepare for the last change (the third one), I had decided to use PM Exam Simulator. Helpfully, I have used it. Before three days from PMP exam, I examed with PM Exam Simulator at same time with PMP exam. It was really wunderfull, very helpfull and really usefull. Using this method, I could manage my time during PMP exam.

Thanks a lot from Turkey,

Mustafa Şengül, PMP





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Hi Cornelius

Thanks for building this awesome website for PMP mock tests. I passed PMP in December ,2012. I spent about 6 months for preparation.  I tried to study PMBOK first but got lost as the contents are described from very high level. In addition  since I am not a PM yet I needed some study material that was detailed enough to help me understand the concepts and eventually found Rita Mulcahy's book. I studied Rita's book cover to cover twice and practiced the test questions. At the same time I skimmed through PMBOK for some contents such as diagrams and ITTO (Input, tools and techniques, Output). I also downloaded ITTO game in my Iphone and indeed it helped me a lot to visualize the correct term when I attempted questions during preparation and actual PMP exam. After I completed my preparation I wanted to write some mock tests before the actual test and found good reviews about PM Exam Simulator.Therefore I bought the practice tests from  PM EXAM SIMULATOR and  was able to write 5 out of 9 mock tests and found them really helpful. The difficulty level of these mock tests are similar to real exam.I found the actual PMP exam quite difficult so I am glad I invested in PM EXAM SIMULATOR which paid off. The only criticism I have is some questions from the simulator were redundantly difficult as if they were prepared just to look difficult instead of teaching something about the concept. These questions totally lost cohesiveness with the answer and explanation. In short there was no connection between the question and the answer. I believe i provided feedback for some questions while I was reviewing incorrect answers. However overall i am satisfied and would recommend PM EXAM SIMULATOR to future PMP aspirants.



Toronto, Canada

Excellent simulator

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I am glad to let you know that i passed PMP exam in the first attempt on Dec 29,2012.I really want to appricate your efforts to keep this PM Exam Simulator as close to the real PMP exam.This is certainley best in the market and more importantly effordable one.Awesome work.Way to go !


Baji Shaik,PMP

Norman, United States

PMP Exam in Munich/Germany

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Hello Cornelius,

I passed the PMP Exam at the 5th of December 2012 in Munich/Germany. I want to say thank you for the great work you have done with your PM PrepCast and the PM Exam Simulator. I prepared myself with these two inputs and a PMP study book for the exam. The PM Exam Simulator supported me in the preparation of the exam with respect to the content/questions as well as the exam situation as such.

Thank you very much Cornelius for your good eLearnings and I wish you all the best for the future.    

Warm Regards,



Untermeitingen, Germany


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Dear team, many thanks for your perfect products. They DO help. I just passed the exam. So happy...


Kind regards, 

Galya Radeva, PMP

London, United Kingdom

Passed my PMP

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Hello Cornelius,

My PMP exam celebration would not be whole without dropping a note about how your PM-EXAM SIMULATOR and PM-PREPCAST made the seemingly daunting task of becoming a PMP quite easy for me.

I started out by getting the simulator, worked through 96% of the 1800 question on board. Felt so confident at first then work obligations came calling for about a month; making me develop cold feet as the due date gets closer(..really can’t imagine re-sitting for a 4hrs plus exam..). I then said to myself, “you need to get a workaround to accomplish this project irrespective of this constraint”….ahhha….then I went for the PM-prepcast that saved me the trouble of reading the PMBOK guide for the second time; making me study virtually anywhere I go.
I must commend all the work put into this masterpiece of yours, it is indeed a must get for anyone that really wants to bag the PMP on first attempt.

Yeah, I guess feeling too excited right now, to keep talking about how your materials made me a PMP on first go.

Less I forget, would not mind to be an affiliate to help sell your materials, especially the prepcast if you don’t mind.

This is Olufemi Wilson PMP. Signing out.

Warm Regards

PMP-1st Trial

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I attended Cornelius' training The PM PrepCast. Then I read PMBOK twice, Rita's PMP exam prep 3 times. I was about to ready for the exam in July and one day I saw some email from PM Exam Simulator. I tried with 30 question trial exam, and to my surprise I got only 50%. 

After hard reading efforts, I felt down and was thinking what went wrong. Then I realized that all the study material and training are extremely good to clear the concepts, definitions and ideas. But during the exam the questions might be scenario based / tricky.

So, I decided to buy PM Exam Simulator of 9 Tests. For first 2-3 exams got between 64 to 66% and then later reached up-to 70 to 75%. During these 9 simulator exams I learnt how to manage breaks during 4 hrs, how to manage mind/eyes/temperament/hunger/thirst. 

And as a result, I was ready for the D-Day and in September, passed my PMP. Particularly Exam-9 made me so confident about ITTO, which was not possible to cram in any way.

Per my personal experience, I would definitely recommend The PM Exam Simulator before facing real exam.

harrisburg, United States

I passed my PMP exam

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I passed my PMP exam today, largely thanks to these simulated exams. I took 2 months to prepare for the PMP exam, and I was able to devote my time to it.  Studied about 20 hours per week.  The first month I used the PrepCasts from this same company.  As I would listen to the prepcast, I would usually watch the video at the same time, and I would also follow along with the PMBOK to highlight items.  After this first month of study, I bought the PM Exam Simulator, and I took all 8 normal exams during that month, and I reviewed the incorrect answers of each test.  Based on the test results, I would choose a couple of chapters to review in depth before I took my next practice exam.  I also took the 9th exam, called the ITTO exam (Inputs, Tools & Techniques, Outputs), but I actually took this as an open-book test.  I used this to confirm my understanding of the processes.  I tried to answer, and would look at PMBOK if needed, making sure I saw the need for that Input or Tool. I highly recommend this exam simulator. Some users might want a CD-based product, but I always studied where I had good internet connection, so I loved this online tool.

San Antonio, United States

PM Exam Simulator Review

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PM Exam Simulator Review

I am finding the PM Exam Simulator to be very helpful in my preparation to take the PMP Exam.  It gives me a sense of how ready I am, as well as clearly show me what areas I still need to work on.  The evaluation at the end of each exam/quiz related to the knowledge areas and process groups is very helpful.  Plus, the ability to check the questions that I got wrong, see what the correct answer is, and where to read more about it is GREAT information and helpful in my preparation.


mahendra pandey

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Excellent products that is very easy to use.

I am very impressed with the great value I have received.

I really feel like I have the advantage! I strongly recommend this product, you will not be disappointed.


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The PM Exam Simulator was well worth the money! I used it in conjunction with the PM PrepCast and would recommend both.

Minnesota, USA


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I passed the PMP exam today! After checking out one other paid pmp exam online simulator, I signed up with the PM Exam Simulator in March. Next to the recommendations by other colleagues, I liked the format and the way the answers are presented. The referenced page numbers and wording is in line with the current PMBOK(R), Version 4 and it encourages you to re-read the applicable sections in the PMBOK(R). Sometimes other study material or the internet is referenced but not that often. You also have the option to select questions/quizes by knowledge areas and process groups. It would be nice to do the same for inputs/outputs. Currently, there are only 2 full exams available to test these. I never managed to do a 200 question exam on those alone, so I stopped the exams early. Doing as many questions as possible definitely is key in passing the test. Also, really working through the incorrect answers and the one's that you just guessed is very important. I also read through my correct answers again, and it helped me recognize and memorize a lot of the "official" PMI wording as well as inputs and outputs for processes, as these are often listed in full for a related process question. Feedback about questions or answers that might not be clear to you, is prompt. The difficulty of questions can also be rated (not sure how this is used though). Overall, great product!

Lawrence, MA, USA


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Cornelius,You will glad to know that I have passed my PMP in my first attempt on 17th Jan. Such a wonderful feeling.Thanks for creating such a wonderful course - PM PrepCast and PMP Exam simulator. I have used both. I think Exam simulator is very close to what I had in my exam. In fact it prepared me so well that the simulator questions/exam looks more tough/challenging then actual exam. that helped me to prepare for the best. Your PM PrepCast was a great tool for me to prepare for the exam since I was travelling 4 Hrs to and fro, that didn't left enough time to study at home during weekdays. The Prepcast not only prepare you for PMP, it also helped me to apply these principal in my day to day job. My advice to future aspirant. Don't just prepare for PMP as an exam for the sake of adding a credential . Use this preparation to be a best project manager and apply this to your organization and success will automatically follow you. I have used Rita read twice, Rita exam simulator , PM PrepCast, PMP Exam simulator, PMBOK (Once). Practiced around 3000+ questions. PMBok is best to learn about ITTO, the charts really helped me to understand how processes interact and integrate with each other. It took me around 3-4 months to prepare for the same. There is no good time or best time to start preparation for PMP. Don\'t procrastinate, just do it. One piece of advice, Relax a day before the exam and take a nice/proper sleep, Don\'t over study.Its a long 4 Hrs exam and you are not allowed to take anything inside the exam-no food, no water, no wallet, no calculator. Practice to take at least 4-5 complete 4 Hrs PMP Exam from the simulator before taking the exam, I give full credit to that to pass my exam. Thanks again Cornelius ,I will come back to you soon for the PDUs. I would also like to thank my wife Ritu and son Mehul who has given me their full cooperation in spite of not able to give them full attention and time during this journey and screwing all their vacation time. It would not have been possible without their support. Good luck for all future aspirants.


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The PM Exam Simulator help me to prepare myself to the exam. I passed it at the first time Thanks!


Senior Project Manager

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Without a doubt, I was extremely please with the PM Exam Simulator. It was one of the most valuable tools that I put to use in preparing for the PMP exam. Having the opportunity to review each and every question with clear and concise explanations as to why the best answer was REALLY the best answer made this just as much of a learning tool as it was a knowledge testing tool. Simply fantastic. I highly recommend this tool.

Minneapolis, MN, USA

Israel Liebana

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The PMP Exam Simulator really mimics the real PMP exam software application: the navigation buttons, the mark/unmark functionality and the review functionality. You feel comfortable answering the 200 questions of the exam. Moreover, the content and the approaching taken by this product prepares you very well to pass the exam. The situational questions offered by this product are even more complex that the questions you will face in the PMP exam.


piccand regis

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The PM Exam Simulator helped me evaluate my level and progression over the last weeks before the exam. I started with a ~65% result, which was obviously not sufficient. By looking at my results by process groups, I was able to focus on the aspects where I needed to improve. After a few exam/analysis/study cycles, I was able to reach 75%, which was encouraging. I have used other preparation exams (lehmann, head first, brainbok), and I found that the PM Exam Simulator questions where the closest to the actual PMP questions. Definitely great value for the price.

Chief Clinical Officer

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Allscripts Healthcare

I purchased three different products from PMP Prepcast. The prepcast itself, the PM Exam Simulator, and the PM Formulas product. I studied using these three after attending a 4 day boot camp offered from PMI. I passed my exam on the first attempt and believe the prepcast products were very important to my success. The Exam Simulator was a great adjunct to keep me interested in studying- adding variety and a much needed opportunity to get comfortable with the exam format. I watched the prepcasts on my iPad and then listened to them on my iPod while exercising. The PM Formulas emails offered the only help in calculating and memorizing to practice for the exam. I recommend all these tools highly.

Allscripts Healthcare

Documentation Localization Specialist

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I purchased the PMP Exam Simulator to take the PMP exam, and for the month and a half leading up to taking the exam, I did as many full exams and quizzes as I could in the Simulator. I found that the Simulator really helped me not only get a better understanding of the format and flow of the actual exam, but it also helped me figure out how to time myself to be able to answer all questions, and then review the ones I had marked. Additionally, the Simulator helped me figure out the areas that I needed to study more--with the helpful Mark option on each question, once I finished the exam or quiz, I reviewed all of my marked questions and was able to categorize them into areas such as misread the question, got the ITTO's confused, genuinely had no idea, etc. My only complaint about the Simulator is that sometimes the answer explanations were not robust enough for me to actually understand why the correct answer was correct. The explanation would only say what the correct answer was, but it would've been very helpful to also know why the wrong answers were wrong. This is not true for most questions, just a handful. All in all a definitely worthwhile investment because I passed! --Jill


Sanjay Singal

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Dear Mr. Cornelius I am so thrilled and excited that I cleared my PMP test on April 05, 2012 in Vancouver. Besides the PMBOK, your exam simulator proved to be the key to my success. I initially tried your free question bank that was valid for a period of 3 days only. I found it very beneficial and I realized that this was the pattern that could lead me close to success in real exam. I subscribed to your PM Exam Simulator along with the PM Formula bank 105 questions on Mach 06, 2012 and these both proved a blessing in disguise. In a span of one month, I attempted all 1800 questions in your simulator and I checked each and every explanation that helped me doing critical analysis of the problems. I attempted the 105 formula questions twice to be thorough with the concepts. I listened to your 1 hour webinar carefully and that proved equally useful. I made up right strategies to complete and review the 200 questions in the real exam; especially the numerical and formula based questions. It was a real challenge for me to clear the PMP test this time and I am really glad that I made a right decision at right time by subscribing to your simulator and the formula question bank. Thank you once again for creating a wonderful PM Exam Simulator by compiling the real questions. I would recommend all PMP certification seekers to subscribe to the PM Exam Simulator by Cornelius Fichtner to write their story of success. Sanjay Singal, PMP, Vancouver April 07,2012

Vancouver, Canada

Heena Sampat

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Respected Sir, I cleared my PMP examination on the 29th March 2012. I had purchased PM Exam Simulator for the final preparation. I would like to share my experience for the same. Due to time constrains, I could utilise the simulator for only 30 approximately. But,[b] I should say, it is an excellent source for practice. [/b] Also, the quiz option, where we are allowed to select a few questions for practice, with timed as well as learning mode. The explanations provided by the PM Exam Simulator are just appropriate. Just one suggestion. If in the quiz option if you could add one more category under [Random ] named as "Previously incorrect answers" , it would help us to check our weaker areas of learning Regards Heena Sampat, PMP

Mumbai, India

Martin Novotny

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PM Exam Simulator is a great tool how I can perform dry run and simulate real exam. I found it very useful and important to train to sit 4 hours and concentrate on questions. I think the question are written on a very good quality level and for each you have also answer and explanation which is very helpful. There is one thing which I would suggest as an improvement to have it even more user friendly. After each test you want to check correctness of answers review it with explanation. It would be great to have a possibility to jump into just wrong answers with explanation(currently you have to see which one is wrong, check it, go back to results, select next wrong, review, etc.)

Project Manager

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Using The PM Exam Simulator I managed to play positive exam test.


Infrastructure Project Manager

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After I finished watching ALL the PM PrepCast videos and learning the concepts I purchased PM Exam Simulator to test my knowledge and readiness for actual PMP exam. In about two weeks I completed 8 of the 9 available exams. Results Review by DOMAIN and KNOWLEDGE AREA helped me a lot to assess where I stood and to focus on key areas. I was building confidence and getting better results after each test, especially the test on ITTOs gave me a lot of confidence. PM Exam Simulator helped me in developing my own test taking strategies. After taking PM Exam Simulator exams I felt that the actual PMP exam was much easier.

Minneapolis, MN, USA

Senior IT-Consultant, PMP

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Dear Cornelius, I passed my exam last Friday. It was very helpful in my real exam to test this with your PMP Exam Simulator 9 times in advance. Reason 1: I get a feeling for the 4 hours and 200 questions on the real exam. Reason 2: by reading the correct answers after the test I could learn a lot and I could remember many things. Also, I sometimes got a better understanding on this issue in the PMBOK Guide. In German: "Dann hat es Klick gemacht" Greetings from sunny Germany


Associate Project Manager

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I am so excited to say I passed the PMP exam on my first attempt on December 28, 2011. The PM PrepCast and PM Exam Simulator were such valuable additions to my study. I also purchased the PM StudyCoach which helped me from a time management perspective -- time is always something we never seem to have enough of. I put aside 1.5 hours each evening after work and all day Saturday to study (my rest days were Friday evening and Sunday). I read the PMBOK Guide three times front to back and studied all the definitions in the back. I was prepared for the exam since I previously took ten four hour practice exams. Those practice exams helped me with my endurance -- it is an exhausting experience if you're not prepared. I did allow myself a couple of 5 minutes breaks to stand up and stretch. I finished the exam with seven minutes remaining. Thank you, Cornelius!

Thousand Oaks, CA, USA

Anke Rosenthal

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The PM Exam Simulator was of great help for me. I just passed the PMP test today and I felt very well prepared. Thank you very much again for all your support. :)



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Finally I passed PMP with help of PMP Exam Simulator especially ITTO exam, i would like to thank all team effort especially Cornelius Fichtner

Project Manager

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I have found the PMP Exam Simulator very helpful in providing the confidence needed to face the ultimate test...Highly Recommended to others along with other preparation materials..:)

Director of Operations

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Thank you Cornelius. I passed my PMP exam on the first attempt today. The PM Exam Simulator was the biggest reason for my success.


Tsatsu Kudiabor

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PM Exam Simulator was very useful in both tutorials and exams preparedness. it helped me time myself as if i was in the exams hall and was it very revealing. it was a mind boggling exercise.

Accra, Ghana

Irshad Raza Mohib Ali

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I decided to go for PM Exam Simulator after taking trial for few days. I can not recommend this simulator enough as it had really made me confident in just 7 days that I had free time to take practice exams before my actual PMP exam :). Based on my personal experience this simulator will give any PMP aspirant a taste of what the actual exam is going to be like. I have already recommended this simulator to my colleagues and will do so to anyone else who is looking for the best one in the market Personally I liked the way the results are scored and the overall exam status is scored. It made me to concentrate on right areas where is lacked knowledge in the PMBOK.

PMP and User Experience Consultant

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The PMP Exam Simulator is a product of superior value. It is reasonably priced and has a great interface (unfortunately it is better than the actual PMP exam!). The ability to take a mock exam, review the results and improve in my areas of weakness was, I believe, a most critical component to passing the PMP exam. Thanks for this terrific product!

Laurel, MD, USA

Team Lead

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I passed the new PMP exam on 15th Feb\'12. I prepared using PMBOK Guide and Rita\'s book. But these references were certainly not sufficient. I needed a good set of sample questions which test my knowledge. And PMP Exam Simulator was the answer. The 1800 questions from the simulator prepared me really well for the exam. I also attempted all the 9 mock exams from the simulator. It is an excellent tool and I would recommend it highly for any one who wants to earn that 3-letter acronym against your name - PMP! - Vikram

Pune, India

Jean Pierre Deville

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Hello This is to inform you that I have used your PMP Exam Simulator and I have passed my PMP first try. The simulator is an excellet tool for students preparing the PMP and really helps you for the 4hr exam situation. Besides the explanations given for the answers have also been a huge help. Thanks a lot Kind Regards

Quatre Bornes, Mauritius

Robert Scebold

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Preparing for the PMP exam was a bit intense for me. I had studied lightly for 10 months but then decided I needed a way to see how I might fair on the real exam. The PM Exam Simulator gave me a good reality check. I am glad I did not wait till the actual exam to find out how much I needed to have a strategy for managing time and test questions. The simulator also gave me a good idea which areas I needed to study more. I took about 4 full practice exams, each time doing something a bit different in overall strategy. I saw my scores improve with this cycle of practice exam, study and adjusted test strategy. Using the PM Exam Simulator in combination with Rita Mulcahy\'s exam prep book, I was able to go into the actual exam with relative confidence. Mind you, I still \"sweated\" during the exam, but I passed the first time. I definitely recommend an exam simulation for people preparing for the PMP and the PM Exam Simulator is a good one.


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I passed my PMP exam because of this PMP Exam Simulator. I studied the material using PMP prep cast but needed exam simulator for preparing how to answer, what to look for, get familiarize with answering tricky questions, solving mathematical questions etc. Without this simulator I would not have passed PMP exam. I highly recommend using both PMP prepcast and the PMP Exam Simulator.. If you follow it sincerely, you will 100% pass the exam!!!:):) Nita

Mirza Z. Ali

Testimonial image

The PM Exam simulator is one of the tools I would highly recommend before taking the PMP exam. It helped me a lot to get into the habit of sitting through the exam, get a feel of when it\'s appropriate to take breaks and most importantly answering questions in the alloted time.

Peter Paul Perez

Testimonial image

I took and passed my PMP exam yesterday. This PMP Exam Simulator, The PM PrepCast, PMBOK and your experience as PM are all you\'ll ever need to pass the exam on your first try. Thank you Cornelius and team!

Programming Manager

Testimonial image

I first took 20-30 question tests in each knowledge area to identify weak points in my understanding of the PMBOK and project management. I researched and studied the areas where I missed questions. I then went through all of the timed tests during the final two weeks prior to taking the PMP exam, which I passed on my first attempt. I did come across many grammatical and other errors in the simulator questions. However, I think the PMP Exam Simulator was key in preparing me to take the actual timed PMP exam because it helped me apply test-taking strategies that maximized my chances for success while testing me in subject areas that I passed over in the PMBOK and other study materials.

Sacramento, CA, USA

Danielle Kellogg

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:D I passed! The PMP Exam Simulators were a wonderful way to prepare. While not 100% true to the test experience, they bring a candidate about 95% of the way. In some ways the simulation tests are harder, and in other ways, easier. It is good practice to see confusing questions and need to pick the best answer. Also longer questions (like you see in the simulator) teach you to manage your time. That's very necessary! Thanks for a great value product!


I did free simulators here earlier

Testimonial image

Your Free PMP Exam Simulator opened my mind, made me pay more attention in some details of PMBOK.

Wu Han, China

Anna Bartels

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I used the PMP Exam Simulator during my final weeks of study. It gave me a familiarity with the testing format before I sat for the exam. By using the simulator, I was able to look at the questions and analyze what was being asked faster and more accurately. I passed the exam on the first try with time to spare.

Karl-Otto Bruch

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There is nothing better to prepare for an exam than practicing the exam. After the PM PrepCast I also ordered the PMP Exam Simulator, felt very confident before the exam and passed the PMP Exam on first try. Thanks Cornelius!

Abah Roland Clement

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The PMP Exam Simulator was a great contribution to my preparation for the PMP exam and my eventual success. Keep flying. Thanks

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