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Mark for Review Button

The mark for review button is an "official" feature that you will see in your actual exam. The button will be there no matter if you are taking the Project Management Professional (PMP)®, PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®, or Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® Exam. That's why you'll also find it in The PMP® Exam Simulator, The PMI-ACP® Exam Simulator, and of course The CAPM® Exam Simulator.

The Mark for Review Button is great for those moments when you wonder "Hmmmm... I think that 'C' is the correct answer but I'm not 100% sure..." In these circumstances you simply select the answer you think is right, click the "Mark" button, and then move on to the next question.

The concept behind the button is that it allows you to "flag" any question as you are taking your exam, so that you can return to the question again later for a second look. This is helpful in many circumstance, both when using the simulator as well as on your actual exam.

When To Use The Mark Button

Our best advice is this: Use the Mark Button sparingly.

The more questions you mark for review, the more questions you will have to review a second time before you can click the all important "End Exam" button. Use this table to guide you about when you should mark a question in the simulator:

Situation Mark Question Explanation
You are 100% sure No Don't ever mark it! After all, you are sure that your selection is correct. So don't burden yourself by marking questions when you know that your answer is correct.
You are 99% sure No That's still good enough. Don't burden yourself by marking questions where you know that your answer is correct.
You are "pretty sure" Maybe This is a judgment call. Do you want to come back later and review this question a second time? If yes, then mark it. If no, then don't mark it and move on.
The question is confusing Yes We hear it all the time. Students report back that questions on the real exams are often confusing because they are worded strangely. Do your best to select an answer but then mark the question and come back later for a second look.
You don't understand the question Yes If you don't understand a question (for whatever reason) it is a good idea to mark it and move on. Students tell us that very often another question that they saw later on gave them a hint about what this question was trying to ask. Now they went back to the marked question to answer it.
This is a HARD question! Yes Hard is a relative term. What is hard for you is easy for someone else. Maybe you think that Earned Value calculations are easy and risk management is hard. Or maybe it's exactly the other way around for you. In any case, if you encounter a question that is hard for you, then you may want to answer it, mark it, and then review it again later. Just to be safe.
This will take time Yes There are some question types that take a long time to answer. For example, having to draw a complete network diagram to answer a question takes time. If you encounter a question that you know will take you a long time to figure out then simply mark it and move on. Answer the "easy" questions first and come back to the time consuming ones later.
You want to do research Yes This is a situation where you are sure that you understand the question and that you know the answer. But there is something about it that makes you want to go back to your study materials and do some additional reading. Mark it, so that you remember it later on. Only mark questions like this in the simulator! Never in the actual exam!
You are guessing Yes It is very important to never leave a single question on any exam unanswered. Leaving a question unanswered means that it is counted as incorrect. This means that in some cases you need to guess. And this is when you want to mark a question (and keep it marked) so that you can review it after your simulated exam.

Please note that our recommendations above are primarily intended for when to mark a question in The PM Exam Simulator. Marking questions on the actual exam is a different beast all together. For example, you definitely don't want to mark a question "for later research" during the actual exam.

How Do I Use the Mark for Review Button in the Simulator?

That's the easy part:

  • Click the button to "mark" the question
  • Click the button again to "un-mark" the question

Where Do I See That I Marked a Question?

There are four places where you will see that a question was marked:

  • On the question itself
  • In the question grid
  • On the examination report after the exam (both on-screen and in the email report)
  • In the detailed question review after the exam
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