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CAPM® Exam Simulator Reviews by Actual Customers

Customer Reviews for The CAPM® Exam Simulator

Rated                (4.8/5.0) by 12 clients

Helpful !!

Above target for each knowledge level :) , the simulator is a great tool to challenge your knowledge , similar to the real exam ! i liked the customized quiz , you can start slowly and learn step by step and by the end to simulate exam-timed experience!

Marseille, France

Simulator exposed weakness in ITTOs

I took the CAPM exam about 9 months after completing several college courses in Project Management (when I realized the training requirement was for CONTACT hours vs CREDIT hours!). I read through all of Rita Mulcahy's prep book, which really encouraged understanding over memorization. I then got the CAPM Exam Simulator to get some practice under realistic test conditions. I had expected this to be just a wrap-up, but it really pushed me to go back to the drawing board and kick my studying into a higher gear. Not knowing what score was high enough to indicate adequate preparation, I panicked a bit as my scores on successive CAPM Simulator exams actually started FALLING. I understood most of the principles, but I had not put the energy into really learning the ITTOs in detail. After 3 simulated exams (with scores dropping from high 70s to mid-60s), and in the final week before my exam, I took a day off work and started populating a spreadsheet with all of the ITTOs for each process. I looked up the definitions, descriptions, and process flow diagrams directly from the PMBOK Guide, really concentrating on understanding the flow of the whole process and the source/destination of each input/output. I know I spent at least 13 hours on that exercise and still did not finish it. But I was exceptionally well prepared on exam day. Most of the real exam questions seemed fairly straightforward, less tricky or hair-splitting than the exam simulator questions. I finished the exam in less than 2 hours, marking only 14 questions for my second pass, and I scored in the highest category across all of the knowledge areas. I may have been prepared enough to pass the exam before I started the Exam Simulator, but it really pushed me to study details I had not taken seriously before, pushing me to prepare so well that the actual exam was a breeze. The Exam Simulator and Rita Mulcahy's book really complemented each other; I only wish I had started the Exam Simulator a few weeks earlier.

Kennewick, WA, USA

Good study aid!

I took the CAPM exam simulator. I felt the tests were challenging and helped to improve my knowledge. I passed the CAPM exam on my first try, above the target knowledge level. The actual exam seemed easy after taking these!

Crystal, United States

A must for every Project Management Professional


I went through 3 online tests and scored 61% in each of them. Although I failed, I learned from my mistakes and encouraged me to appear for the CAPM exam. I passed CAPM exam with above target and thanks for making my preparation truly relevant. I thank the team of CAPM EXAM SIMULATOR and would recommend every aspirant to take these tests in simulated environment before giving the PMI exam.

Mumbai, India, HCL

Essential preparation for CAPM exam


I used the CAPM exam simulator to prepare for my exam. I had completed a PM course in 2016, so I started preparing about 3 months in advance of writing the exam. I could not pick up a copy of Rita Mulcahy's CAPM book, so I was using her PMP book instead, as well as my copy of the PMBOK and my course notes. 

The CAPM exam simulator was much more challenging than the actual CAPM exam. I scored in the 60's on the 4 simulated exams, but passed the CAPM in the "above target" category. The first simulated exam was a benchmark to determine what knowledge areas I needed to focus on (in concert with the CAPM exam breakdown from PMI). I took 3 subsequent exams as I studied, and I was dismayed to see my scores went down on exam 2 and exam 3. I realized I was not allowing sufficient time to write the exam, racing through them like it was a video game. I resumed my studies.

As I got closer to my CAPM exam date, I took the fourth exam, pacing myself like I should, and my score was just under 70%. I then switched to using the quiz setting to give myself pop quizzes at the very end of my study. 

As a result of the exam simulator, I found the CAPM exam relatively easy. I had gained an understanding of the PMBOK rather than just memorization, which allowed me to ace the exam, and to work through the trickier questions.

I would highly recommend any busy professional who is writing the CAPM mid-career as I am to consider the CAPM exam simulator an essential tool to obtaining the certification. I was averaging an hour per day of study, ramping up to 2 hours on the weekends. 

Toronto, Canada, Deloitte


I passed the CAPM Exam one month ago, and it was not hard. I studied the PMBOK 5th addition and took CAPM Exam Simulator. If you want to pass the exam, you have to know ITTO really well. I got more than half of the questions about ITTO. In the same format that the CAPM Exam Simulator asked.  If you come across a definition, you need to know two things. First, knowing the keywords for that definition because the exam will define the terms as it explains in the PMBOK 5th edition book. Second, knowing when/how to use this technique is really important to pass the exam. I pass the exam with above target in all of the area except Project Cost Management, I got target because I ignored EVM and I got two math questions about it. 

Rancho Cucamonga, United States

Thank you!!!

Used your simulator and did countless practices which led me to pass the CAPM exam on my first try. Very realistic approach to exam questions and situation. Passed August 24, 2017. 14 days preparation.

St John's, Canada

It works

There are multiple paths to getting a CAPM certification and it usually involves a combination of tools. mine was 

1. Taking the initial online course

2. Register to pmi , read the PMBOK as you follow the course

3. Get a PM Exam Simulator membership
3.1. Take the PM Exam Simulator
3.2. Lather, rinse, repeat the practice exams until you get about 80% in your scores
3.3. Absolutely go through each failed question and explanation 

4. Take the real exam

There are other paths to get to success, but for me, taking this exam simulator was INSTRUMENTAL to my success by getting me used to types of questions and their content.

Ottawa, Canada

Similar to the real exam

The questions on the CAPM Exam Simulator were similar to the ones on the CAPM Certification Exam, so it is a good way to prepare yourself. In my search for a good simulator this one was the best when comparing quality and price with several others, so I recommended it to my colleagues as well. If the simulator would add some utilities as a marker, to mark significant words or descriptions in a questions, and the posibility to cross out possible answers, than the real CAPM Exam would be even better simulated. My experience is that if you do well on this simulator, you will definitely obtain your certificate in the end.


Very pleased!

Enbridge Pipelines Inc

I purchased the CAPM Exam Simulator after realizing I wasn't as prepared as I thought I was. Even though I'd studied and done loads of other preparation questions I felt that the information just wasn't coming to me intuitively and I wanted to ensure I only had to write this exam one time and crush it! I took the exam over and over again and by the time I wrote the exam I was literally on the edge of my seat wanting to just take the exam and get all this knowledge down.  Sure enough, I aced the exam with 7 Proficient marks and 4 Moderately Proficients. I owe a great deal of the credit to the CAPM Exam Simulator. Thanks for putting together such a comprehensive study aid!

Sarnia, Canada, Enbridge Pipelines Inc


MBA Office at McGill University

I passed the CAPM exam at the very first attempt. The simulator is like the real exam, it is extremely helpful. I fully recommend it. 

Montreal, Canada, MBA Office at McGill University


LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the PM Exam Simulator.  Switched to the CAPM Exam Simulator after realizing I wasn't qualified to apply for PMP yet.  LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the CAPM Exam Simulator as well.  You prepared me so beautifully, I wasn't in the least bit nervous during the exam (which was almost unnerving in itself).  I've NEVER had that kind of confidence during a test.  I passed the CAPM in 1 hour, 1 minute, without feeling the least bit rushed.  It was due to the confidence level developed by your Exam Simulator.  It's fantastic that you offer quizzes not only in certain chapters but my favorite part was having the ability to only quiz on the items answered incorrectly.  I went through it until I had answered every question correctly, at least once.  Amazing training you've brought forth.  Thank you!!!


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