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Here's what The PM Exam Simulator looks like

The PM Exam Simulator is available for the PMP® exam, PMI-ACP® Exam, and CAPM® exam. It offers the same standard features and uses the same overall screen layout no matter which exam you are preparing for.

There are some differences in the on-screen content between the exams (i.e. PMP and PMI-ACP use the term "Domains", whereas CAPM uses "Chapters") but the overall look and feel is the same across all three exams.

So here is a collection of screen shots with explanations from the various exams so you can see what it looks like:

Question Layout

This is how the questions are presented to you in the simulator.

At the top left, you see the exam number and whether this is for the PMP, PMI-ACP, or CAPM Exam.

Just below that you see the countdown timer and the number of the question in the exam. And on the right, you see the two buttons for "Show Grid" and "Mark". (More on those below.)

The gray box contains the question, and below that, you have the answer choices.

Lastly, you'll see the "End Exam" button in red on the left as well as the "Previous" and "Next" buttons in blue on the right.

PMP Exam Simulator Question Layout

Marked Question

Compare this screen shot here with the previous one and look at the top-right button.

You'll notice that the button here is orange and reads "Unmark". This means that the question is now "marked for review". This feature allows you to come back to the question later on and take a second look.

Please note: Marking a question does NOT affect your score in any way. This is true both in the simulator as well as on the actual PMP exam. Don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise.

Marked question

Show Grid

Here's what you see when you click on the "Show Grid" button in the main window: All the questions in the exam are displayed as a table.

In this way, you can easily spot the questions you marked or haven't answered yet.

By clicking on the gray buttons with the question numbers, e.g., "Q:5", you can instantly navigate to that particular question.

Note the "Filter" section at the bottom right. By selecting the various filters, you can focus on questions that meet your criteria, thus narrowing down the information displayed on the screen.

PMP Exam Simulator review grid

Filtered Grid to see marked only

This is what it looks like when you open the Grid View and then select "Marked" in the filter at the bottom right.

Notice also, that the light-blue message box at the top of the grid now changes the text to "Filtered Mode: Displaying 11 questions".

Now that you have the filter set up, you can click on any of the questions, and the filter then 'carries over' to the main question view. Just click on any of the questions. We see what happens in the next screen shot.

Show marked only in grid

Show filtered questions only

This here is what you see when you select the "Unanswered" filter and then go back to the questions: The simulator will only show you the unanswered questions and display a notice at the top.

This is a very nifty feature to use when you are getting close to the end. By setting the filter like that, you can literally see a 'countdown' of how many more questions you have to go.

This feature is also perfect for when you want to review all the "marked" questions. Just select the "Marked" filter, and then this view here will take you from one marked question to the next one.

PMP Exam Simulator filtered question

Question review with detailed explanations

We recommend that you spend at least the same amount of time reviewing the exam/quiz results as the time you spent taking the exam/quiz. In other words, if you spend 1 hour in taking a quiz, then you should spend at least 1 hour in doing an in-depth review of all the questions you answered incorrectly.

This screen here is part of the review process, and it gives you all the details.

The top half repeats the original question with answer choices. Just below you can see if you answered this question correctly, as well as whether or not you marked this question when you were taking the exam.

To help you with your review, the big gray box at the bottom provides a general explanation as well as a reference. Most questions also have per-answer-choice explanations, clarifying further why the choice is a correct or incorrect answer.

Question review

More Screenshots

If you want to dig even deepter into the look and feel of the simulator then simply click on any of the screen shots below. These are all from our PMP simulator and cover almost all aspects and features.

00 Start Exam

01 Confirm Activation

02 Question Layout

03 Marked Question

04 Grid Showing All Questions

05 Grid Answered Questions Only Filter

06 Grid Unanswered Questions Only Filter

07 Grid Marked Questions Only Filter

08 Question Filtered

09 End Exam Warning

10 Question Review

11 Live Feedback

20 Start Learning Quiz

21 Question Layout In Learning Quiz

22 Timed Quiz Examination Report

30 Statistics Overview

31 Statistics Details

32 Statistics By Exam

33 Statistics By Knowledge Area

34 Statistics By Domain

35 Statistics Actual Exam Passing Feedback

40 Mobile Warning

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