Free PMP Exam Questions: Top 5 Recommended Websites

Are you getting ready for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam? Are you looking for free PMP exam questions to help you prepare? Reading and answering test questions and taking a PMP practice exam (or several!) can help you check that your studies are going well and that you are improving your knowledge.

In this article, we’ll share our top recommended websites for PMP sample questions so you can boost your confidence and feel ready for your test day.

But first, let’s look at the benefits of using PMP sample questions as part of your study plan.

Why Use PMP Test Questions?

Doing the exam is stressful enough, so why would you want to put yourself through the hassle of taking a PMP practice test before you really have to? Well, if you remember back to your school days, we are sure your teachers gave you past exam papers and practice sessions to help you prepare for examinations.

Research from The Open University shows that using sample exams (and answers) was considered useful by over 83% of students. That study linked using practice questions to exam literacy: in other words, better understanding the way the test is phrased makes it easier to answer them in the right way during the real examination.

And there are other benefits too, like being able to assess your current knowledge, pinpointing areas of focus to revise in more depth and building up your exam readiness through repetition. Let’s look briefly at those before we dive into the sources of free PMP exam questions.

1. Assess your current knowledge

Having helped thousands of students successfully earn their certifications over the years, we are able to identify trends in the PMP exam questions everyone gets wrong. And we can tell you with certainty that assessing your weaker areas is a surefire way to improve your overall chances of success.

Testing yourself on the different topic areas that you need to revise will help you assess your current level of knowledge. You might score really well on subjects that you have plenty of experience in. For example, we often see that students who work in an agile environment find the agile and hybrid sections easier, because they have the lived experience of delivering projects using those methodologies.

However, students who work primarily with predictive methods of project management find it harder. If that’s you, taking PMP exam prep free questions that reflect agile and hybrid ways of working will help you establish whether you have truly grasped the concepts.

2. Pinpoint areas of focus

Let’s say you assessed your knowledge of a few project performance domains or topics from the exam and didn’t score as well as you would like. That information helps you structure your study plans going forward, so you can invest more time in learning those topics. If you find your have aced your quizzes, then you can probably leave that topic in favor of spending more time on the other areas.

Using our guide to PMBOK’s 7th edition will also help you understand where to go to get more information on the areas you need to study in more detail.

3. Repeat and practice

Finally, using free PMP exam questions and answers is a good way to build up ‘exam muscle memory’. Muscle memory is how the brain learns a new skill - and taking an exam is definitely a new skill for many adults! It is often a long time since students were in the classroom, and even then, the particular style and format of the PMP exam is very different to the exams you sat in school or college.

We’re often asked, “Why use a PMP simulator when I can test myself from a book or website?” and the answer is that a simulator helps you develop exam taking skills in a way that a book or list of questions in a PDF download cannot. The repetition and practice you get from taking the right kind of mock test, in the right kind of environment, will help you mentally and physically prepare for the long, computer-based exam.

Top Recommended Websites for Free PMP Exam Questions

We’ve scoured the internet for the best resources, the most credible practitioners and websites, and the information that will support your studies in the most effective way.

And we’re pleased to say that there are plenty of resources out there for students preparing to sit their tests!

All the resources below provide both questions and answers, because finding the right PMP exam answers is also important! It’s no good only having the ability to test yourself; you also need to know how you did and whether you chose the correct responses.

Here are 5 websites where you can access quality testing materials.

  1. The PM Exam Simulator
  2. The Project Management PrepCast
  3. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  4. PMP Practice Exam: https://www.pmppracticeexam.org/
  5. Project Management Academy: https://projectmanagementacademy.net/free-pmp-questions

Let’s review how each of these can help you with your studies.

1. The PM Exam Simulator

Get 69 questions free, split across 3 exams in this PMP exam simulator. With the free option, you get 7 days to access the resources, within a digital environment that looks and feels very much like your actual exam will. It’s the perfect way to familiarize yourself with the computer software you will have to use on your test day.

After you have taken a quiz, you’ll be able to see how you performed across the domains and knowledge areas. In fact, you can even choose questions from particular areas to assess yourself after you have finished studying a topic. Over time, the statistics help you track your progress and compare yourself against other students who have taken the same test.

If you do get answers wrong, there is a full explanation for each response which helps you understand why a particular answer was not the right choice. Plus there are links to references for you to research the topic in more detail.

This should give you enough time to check out the software, test yourself and decide if you need to upgrade to the paid version which has a lot more questions and a wide range of helpful features.

Full disclosure: this is our software!

Access the free PMP questions

2. The Project Management PrepCast

This website includes 120 questions that you can answer online. Your challenge, if you choose to accept it, is to select the right responses before the timer runs out.

As with many of the sites in this article, the PM PrepCast website that we have linked to below is not a working version of exam simulator software - your real test paper will not look like these screens. However, it is a good way to get exposure to a large number of questions and challenge yourself against the clock.

Full disclosure (again!): The Project Management PrepCast is another one of our products.

Access the questions

3. Oliver F. Lehmann

Oliver F. Lehmann’s Project Business Training website includes a set of 100 quality free questions that cover a range of topics.

What we really liked about this resource is that there is a list of references. If you fail to select the right response, you can click through to find out where you can get more information on the topic.

Tip: If you don’t see the quiz load on the page when you first navigate to the site, make sure you reset your cookies. The website will only load the quiz frame if you enable all cookies. That’s because it needs to track your progress to give you the score.

Take this test

4. PMP Practice Exam

There are 200 questions on this website, all available for free and without any registration. The questions are split between four 50-question tests. You have to mark your answers as you go along, and then navigate to the next page for the next question.

The website is easy to use. Your answer choice shows up in green if you got it right or red if you did not. There are explanations shown as well to help you understand what was the correct choice and why.

Try the practice exams

5. Project Management Academy

There are 50 questions on the Project Management Academy website. Select your responses for each. At the end of the test, you have to submit your personal details to get your grade. It’s worth being aware of this because it would be frustrating to get to the end and not have instant access to the answers!

It’s not unusual to need to register to take a mock examination, but Project Management Academy is the only site on our list that makes you do it after you have completed the quiz.

Take the test

Additional resources for exam preparation

Practice exams are a valuable resource for students looking to test their knowledge and feel exam ready. However, they are only one tool for your exam preparation. We recommend that you round out your studies with a couple of other resources which our students say are a huge help in achieving certification as a PMP.

The PM PrepCast

We did briefly mention The PM PrepCast above as a source of mock exam data that will support your studies. The PM PrepCast itself is an online video course designed to help you become a better project manager and pass the exam.

Ray Liang, PMP, says:

Got AT on all categories for [the] PMP exam! After lots of research I came across the PrepCast course and exam simulator. I can confidently say that the simulator provides the best chance of you being well prepared for the actual exam. I found the actual exam to be significantly easier than the simulator, which I believe is ideal for preparation (better to be over prepared than under prepared). For the best chance at passing on your first try, I highly recommend the PrepCast PMP course, as well as the exam simulator.

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)® Guide

The PMBOK® Guide is essential reading for anyone looking to become certified as a project management professional. There are two versions to read as part of your studies: the 6th edition provides a lot of the detailed information about knowledge areas, tools, techniques and processes, while the 7th edition provides the framework for fitting projects into a business context and discusses the environment and competencies for project success.

Armed with these resources, and with your study schedule blocked out with plenty of time to take practice exams, you will be ready to face the test with confidence! What are you waiting for? Take some free PMP exam questions today with The PM Exam Simulator and check out our website for more study resources.

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