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Detailed Explanations

with PMI-supported References

The PM Exam Simulator not only provides high-quality questions that are very exam-like, but it also clarifies each exam you take. It provides a detailed exam report (on-screen and via email), and clear explanations for your answer and other possible answer choices. A reference allows you to read up on the subject in more detail.

A good best practice is to spend just as much time going over your results as you spent in taking the exam. For example, if you spend three hours on a full exam, then you should spend another three hours reviewing all incorrectly answered questions.

Detailed Exam Report

After you complete an exam or timed/learning quiz you are provided with a detailed exam report. This report is displayed on the screen and also emailed to your address on file. (Email can be turned on/off). The report is slightly different depending on what simulated exam you are viewing: Project Management Professional (PMP)®, PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®, or Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®. It includes the following sections:

Section Contains PMP® Report PMI-ACP® Report CAPM® Report
Summary Brief summary of your exam results. Yes Yes Yes
Detailed Results Detailed exam report for each question, including your answer, correct answer, marked, domain, knowledge area, and time taken. Yes Yes Yes
By Domain / Chapter This section reproduces the official Project Management Institute (PMI)® Exam report. For each of the domains you will see whether you are proficient, moderately proficient or below proficient. For CAPM the result is listed "By Guide Chapter". Yes Yes Yes
By Knowledge Area This section offers PMP students a results overview by Knowledge Area, allowing you to focus in on specific topics. Yes N/A N/A

Detailed Explanations

The simulator clarifies each question in detail because in order to understand the correct answer it is often not enough to simply know that "B is correct". This is achieved by providing a detailed explanation for each question. The answer commentary is highly valued by our students because it helps you understand the concepts and thinking behind each question. It allows you to quickly understand why you may have chosen the wrong answer and learn from it.

Per Answer Choice Explanations

The pinnacle of our explanations is the detailed reasoning provided for each answer choice, including the incorrect ones. Knowing the rationale behind the incorrect answer choices and being able to understand why they have been eliminated is as equally important as acknowledging why the selected choice is considered the best answer to the question asked.

Some questions, where answers are obvious, do not include per-choice explanations. For example, calculation-, definition-, and/or fact-based questions may rely on general explanations only as answers for those questions are either correct or incorrect without a doubt. Regardless, we made an extra effort and included per-choice explanations even in some of those questions.


Each question is supported by a relevant reference. The PMP and CAPM exams often refer to the PMBOK® Guide, while the PMI-ACP exam typically uses the Agile Practice Guide as well as additional sources recommended by the PMI® as part of the PMI-ACP exam "Reference Materials". Having a reference with page number or chapter/section name allows you to read up on a subject you want to study in more depth and understand the reasoning behind the correct answer.

Screen Shot

This screen shot shows a CAPM question, as you see it in the review mode after completing an exam:

Detailed explanations

The question is repeated at the top, and the correct answer is highlighted. The gray box below includes a section for "Explanation" and "Reference".

We first see a general explanation of the concept that underlies the question, followed by the per answer choice explanation where you learn exactly why an answer is correct or incorrect.

Finally, the reference indicates where you can read up on the topic.

30-Day Continuing Access

As a benefit of using The PM Exam Simulator, you will have 30 days of continuing access to the five most recent exam reports, even after your simulator subscription expires.

Example: If your simulator subscription expires today, then the five most recent exam reports will be available to you for review and study for the next 30 days. In that way you can continue to review your results and learn.

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