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Live Feedback™

An exam simulator is only as good as its questions.

The PM Exam Simulator gives you hundreds of realistic questions to help you pass the exam you're studying for. But it has one more feature to help you even more - Live Feedback™.

The Live Feedback feature is designed to address the correctness of the answer, explanation, or reference. The feature allows you quickly and easily provide your input on any question in the simulator if:

  • you disagree with the correct answer
  • you think the explanation is insufficient
  • you think the reference is wrong.

Simply click the feedback button to send your note directly to our subject matter experts. They’ll review your input, check their sources, and give you a response in writing.

Available for all Three Exams

No matter what exam you’re studying for, Live Feedback™ is there when you need it. You can use it for:
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)® -- PMP® Exam

  • PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® -- PMI-ACP® Exam

  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® -- CAPM® Exam

What One Student Thinks of Live Feedback

We think Live Feedback is one PM Exam Simulator’s best features. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what one of our Project Management Professional (PMP)® students had to say about it:

Student Success Story

"The use of the Live Feedback function was also very helpful as there were a number of times certain questions were worded in a way that was not very clear or the answers were not specifically sufficient to satisfy why the answer was right or wrong.

This feature allowed me to communicate with a certified professional who would review my questions and respond in a manner that would either cause the light bulb to go off in my head or he/she would agree that the manner in which the question was phrased needed modification.”

Paul Saylor, PMP

How Live Feedback™ Works

Here's how you’d normally use Live Feedback™ as part of studying with The PM Exam Simulator.
  • You

    While reviewing your results after completing an exam or quiz in The PM Exam Simulator, you come across a question in which, for example, you disagree with the correct answer. You strongly believe that another choice represents the correct answer and you can prove this using one of the references provided by PMI. You want to share your feedback with us. You click the "Live Feedback" button in the simulator, and a dialog box opens up. You type in your input, select an appropriate category for your inquiry, and click “Submit”.

  • The Subject Matter Expert

    The subject matter experts receives your message as a ticket in The PM Helpdesk, and reviews what you have said. In most cases, they will also review feedback from other students on the same question.

    They decide on the best route forward (see below) and send their written response back to you.

Live Feedback™ Example Conversation with an Actual Student

  • The student submits a ticket using the Live Feedback™ feature
  • The ticket is sent to a subject matter expert, who reviews the feedback, takes action, and replies to the student
  • The student is satisfied with the outcome and grateful
This is a real conversation. All we did is fixed up some typos, added a little highlighting and withheld the student’s name.

What are the most likely outcomes of Live Feedback™?

When a ticket is submitted using the Live Feedback feature:

  • A question, explanation, or reference can be corrected
  • A grammar, spelling mistake or typo can be fixed
  • The student who submitted the ticket will be provided with the information clarifying why he/she selected an incorrect answer
We appreciate our students taking an active role in their learning, and we believe appropriate challenge helps everyone benefit.

What Another Student Thinks of Live Feedback™

Here’s another review from a student as part of their exam lessons learned. He talks about not only the power of Live Feedback, but also how good The PM Exam Simulator really is.

Student Success Story

Ok, in the beginning I had a hate relationship with the PM Exam Simulator. I was cursing my existence working through those dang quizzes. I found some questions maddeningly vague and other answers that I thought were wrong. I noticed the feedback button and gave my thoughts. I honestly didn’t expect any response.

However (and this is a big however), I was surprised when I saw a response to my feedback. And I was stunned when I realized that PM Exam Simulator had actually read my thoughts. And then, on a subsequent quiz, I encountered the same question, but I noticed that the question had been updated, and the explanation contained my observations.


The question update was certainly encouraging because it reinforced that I was identifying the correct Project Management elements. But I will further add that on the questions where I was just wrong, (which was most of them) I found their professional PMP customer service explanations thorough and patient.

I must confess though, that the test question vagueness never goes away. And for good reason, the actual PMP exam takes vagary to a whole new level. So PM Exam Simulator is doing its users a favor by writing questions similar to what you WILL encounter in the exam.

I tested on four separate test banks and found PM Exam Simulator superior by every measure. It sounds like a trivial detail, but that stupid clock in the quizzes ticking down your demise is fantastic practice. The practice clock has the same physiological effect that you get on the PMP exam: it inspires panic.

Should you invest your money in this product? Let me put it to you this way.

On that day when you have finished the first hour of the PMP exam and have only finished 37 questions, and you realize you are woefully behind and that flutter of panic starts to spread through your belly, you will remember that you took at least 4 full PM Exam Simulator practice tests, so you are familiar with the pace; you are used to that clock ticking down, down, down; and you have scored 80% or better so you have every confidence that you have some mastery of the material. This will still the flutter and assuage the panic because you will know you can achieve your certificate goal. In that moment, your hate will turn to love.

John Immel, PMP, USA

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