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Be ready for your Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam by using the best PMP Exam Simulator on the market.

The simulator gives you immediate access to a total of 2,100+ realistic PMP exam sample questions in 5 exams and a separate quiz pool. The quiz pool allows you to focus on testing yourself on specific topics, and once you feel ready you can take a full-length exam with questions that you have never seen before.

Question style and difficulty match closely what you can expect to see on your actual exam. The questions have been developed by a team of PMP certified project management practitioners and are updated to the latest PMP Examination Content Outline from the Project Management Institute (PMI)® as well as the most current A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), the Agile Practice Guide, and the additional references listed by PMI.

We also regularly review lessons learned from recent exam takers to identify any new exam trends and update our question database accordingly. The PM Exam Simulator is the only simulator on the market that offers a Live Feedback™ service!

Google and Facebook ratings are current as of right now. They are based on ratings from our actual customers.

PMP® Exam

  • 2,100+ Questions
  • 5 Exams
  • Separate Quiz Pool
  • 90 days access

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PMP Exam Simulator Overview

The Simulator is an online-only testing environment allowing you to practice for your real PMP Exam. Play the video for all the details:

PMP Exam Simulator Features

Your subscription to The PMP Exam Simulator automatically includes all the premium features explained under Feature Details. These premium features include reports, detailed explanations per each answer choice, ability to use the simulator on your phone/tablet/PC, being able to access the simulator anytime from anywhere, and many more.

The following features are specific to The PMP Exam Simulator:

2,100+ PMP Exam Sample Questions

Yes, you saw that right! Your subscription will give you access to one of the largest sample question pools out there. There are so many that you may never see the same question twice during your studies.

The questions not only cover every formula, Process Group, and Knowledge Area from the A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) and the Agile Practice Guide, they also cover the required knowledge that PMI draws from other reference sources. The content is so varied that the questions will give you an in-depth understanding of what you can expect on your exam day.

Questions Developed by PMP Team

The questions that PMI uses in the "real" PMP exam are developed by a veritable "army" of PMP certified volunteers from around the world. These volunteers develop questions that meet the standards of the official PMP exam, and each volunteer adds their personal "twist". So you get a lot of variation.

That's what makes the PMP exam so hard and unpredictable.

The questions in our simulator are designed and developed in the same way. We hired a worldwide team of a dozen of PMP credential holders who authored thousands of questions. That way, you can be guaranteed to see a lot of variety in the simulator's questions.

Five Complete Exams (930 Questions)

The actual PMP exam will require you to answer 180 questions in 3:50 hours (230 minutes). Your simulator has to test you under the same conditions.

That's why we grouped 930 questions into five exams. In this way, you can practice for your real exam under absolutely realistic conditions.

Exam 1-4 are full-length 180-question exams following the current exam content outline (ECO). In these four exams you will see 42% of questions from the People domain, 50% from Process and 8% from Business Environment. Additionally half of the questions are on Agile/Hybrid topics. Exam 5 on the other hand does not follow the ECO. Instead, it consists of 210 ITTO-based questions.

This is just like learning to drive a car. The more you do it, the better your chances of passing.

Separate Quiz Pool (1,200 Questions)

Our students told us that they prefer first to study the materials and then do a quick test on what they just learned. They don't want to take a full-length PMP exam immediately.

That's why you'll also have a separate quiz pool with over 1,200 questions intended for focused testing. Now you can first study Project Integration Management and then test yourself just on this Knowledge Area.

Even better: These 1,200 questions are totally separate from the questions in the five complete exams, so you'll see totally new questions in each full exam.

Please note, in the quiz pool (unlike in Exams 1-4), the distribution of the questions among the various domains and/or project management approaches does not follow the examination content outline. For example, the number of agile/hybrid questions in the quiz pool is fewer than 50%. A student selects the criteria (for example, a quiz with 20 questions from Procurement Management), and the system randomly pulls the questions based on that criteria. Therefore, it is possible that the quiz will have no agile/hybrid questions whatsoever.

Updated to current PMP Exam Content Outline

The PMP Exam is constantly evolving. And the PMP Exam Simulator follows along.

First of all, you can be certain that the questions in our simulator meet the current PMI standards, because we review and update the questions to the latest PMP Examination Content Outline -- that's the document that defines all the knowledge you need for the exam.

Furthermore, we also review lessons learned from our students to identify new trends and reflect them by updating the current questions, adding new ones, and removing those that are outdated.

Customer Reviews

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Bonus Items

When purchasing your PMP Exam Simulator™ you will also receive the following bonus items absolutely free:


Advanced PMI® Exam Strategies (Email Course)

In this 5-part email course we introduce you in detail to the all-important multiple choice test taking strategies for PMI® Exams. We review the types of questions that you must expect and be ready to answer on the real exam, tell you how to develop your own strategy for approaching this multi-hour long exam, and give you the steps necessary as you are getting ready to leave home to take the exam on exam day.


Sample Exam Score Worksheet

The Exam Score Worksheet allows you to keep track of how many questions you answer correctly in your practice exams. Just record all your first attempts of taking practice exam in here to see how you are doing.

It's a great way of monitoring your progress as you are taking one sample exam after the other and seeing how you improve over time.


Contact Hours Worksheet

It is a PMI® requirement that you receive training in project management before you can apply for your exam. PMI® calls these training hours "Contact Hours". You need 35 Contact Hours for the Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam, 23 for the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® exam, and 21 for the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® exam.

Do you have enough?

This worksheet not only helps you to tally the hours and ensure that you meet the requirements, but it also includes a substantial FAQ section that explains everything you need to know about Contact Hours in easy to understand language.


Access to our Online Discussion Forums

Wouldn't it be great if you had a question about the exam that you could go and ask a trusted source?

That is what our exam forums are for. All students have access to these forums to discuss and learn from each other.

But even more importantly, we have 12 certified project managers who act as moderators in these forums. So go ahead... ask your question. You can be sure that your fellow students or a certified moderators will help you quickly.


Weekly Exam Tips Newsletter

Our weekly Exam Tips Newsletter offers tips, tricks, study approaches, best practices, articles and recommended study materials for both the PMP and CAPM Exam.

If you are looking for a free source of all kinds of additional information about the exam, then this is it!

It is a must have for everyone preparing for their PMI® Exam. (You can unsubscribe at any time).

Three Very Recent Changes to the PMP Exam

PMI announced the following additional changes to the PMP exam for 2021:
  • Exam Reduced to 180 Questions: Starting immediately, the number of questions on the PMP Exam will be reduced from 200 to 180. The number of scored questions remains the same at 175.
  • Time Reduced to 230 Minutes: Fewer questions on the exam means that the overall time will be reduced from 240 minutes to 230 minutes.
  • Two Breaks: There are now two 10 minute breaks on the exam.

While we have updated the 2,000+ questions in the simulator to meet the PMI specifications as well as the first two of the above changes, we are still working on implementing the breaks.

At this time simulator users must apply their own time management and take the necessary breaks after 60/120 questions. The simulator does not yet tell you when to take the breaks.

Important Information and Specifications

Please review the following items for important details about The PM Exam Simulator. Click to read the details:
We Are a Trusted and Experience Education Provider

We've been training students since 2008 and The PM PrepCast course and our PMP practice Exam has helped over 57,803 students prepare for the exam. We pride ourselves on our pioneering education approach and best practices in course design... and our students love their results!

Tablet or Phone are OK, but Desktop or Laptop are Recommended

The PM Exam Simulator can be used on any modern tablets or smartphones

However, for the best experience, we recommend that you use either a laptop or desktop computer when taking a full exam. After all, your real PMI exam will require you to use a regular, windows-based computer while sitting at a desk. You should therefore practice in the most realistic fashion possible. 

Full Money Back Guarantee

You will receive a full refund if your refund request is received within 15 days of your purchase and you also meet other criteria, which are described in our Refund Policy.

Click here for the Refund Policy...

Single-User License

Your purchase of The PM Exam Simulator is for a single-user license. You will receive a username & password in your name to access the simulator. This is your personal access information, and you may not share your login credentials with others. You may access the simulator as often as you like during the subscription period. You may not sell your single-user license of the PM Exam Simulator to others.

Access from multiple devices is permitted.

Access from multiple devices at the same time is prohibited.

Active Internet Connection Required

The PM Exam Simulator is an online tool and you do not have to download or install anything. This means that an active internet connection is required at all times.

It is not possible to take exams or quizzes while offline.

Minimum speed for internet connection is 1 Mbps, however a high-speed connection (cable, broadband, etc.) is recommended.

Supported Browsers

As of June 2020, the simulator supports the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Safari
Please note that Microsoft Internet Explorer is not supported!
Discount Coupon Policy

We regularly offer discount coupons for our products. These coupons are published in our newsletters and via various social media channels. Here is our policy in regards to accepting discount coupons:

  • Discount coupons are only valid for new purchases, and the coupon code must be entered into the Gift Certificate box at the time of purchase in order to obtain the discount.
  • Each discount coupon has a clearly published start date and expiration date:
    - The discount cannot be applied to purchases that happened before the coupon start date.
    - The discount cannot be applied to purchases that happened on/after the coupon expiration date.
  • Customers who purchase a product for which a discount coupon is active on the day of the purchase have 3 days to write to support and ask to receive the discount. The discount cannot be granted if the customer writes to us later than 3 days after the purchase.
90-Day Simulator Extension Access for Customers who Didn’t Pass

If you are a customer of The PM Exam Simulator and unfortunately didn’t pass your PMI Exam, we will give you 90 additional days of access to the simulator.

Extension Policy
If you didn’t pass your PMI Exam then you can get your access to The PM Exam Simulator extended, provided you adhere to the following notification process:

  • You are a paying customer of The PM Exam Simulator.
  • You did not ask for a refund on your account.
  • You took your Project Management Professional (PMP)®, PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® or Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® exam but didn’t pass it.
  • Send a scanned version of your Exam Score Report to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. within 45 days of the failed exam attempt. (Don’t have a scanner? Take a picture with your smart phone.)
  • In the email please tell us the first name, last name and email address from your simulator account

We will extend your access if you meet all the criteria.

Using the Simulator is no guarantee for passing

Please note that a passing score in an Exam or Quiz of The PM Exam Simulator™ is no guarantee that you will pass your PMI Exam. Results and statistics obtained in the simulator may help identify a student's weak areas, but they are neither an implicit nor explicit guarantee for exam success.

Simulator Does Not Provide Contact Hours

The PM Exam Simulator™ does not provide any project management training lessons, which means that it does not qualify for Contact Hours.

Contact Hours can only be earned for training received. And because The PM Exam Simulator is "only" a tool to test your ability to take the Project Management Professional (PMP)®, PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® or Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® Exam and doesn't provide any training lessons, this means that you cannot earn Contact Hours from it.

Please visit the following websites where you can earn the necessary training and contact hours:

Simulator Questions Cannot be Printed

Please note that the questions of The PM Exam Simulator™ cannot be printed or exported. They are intended for online use only.

In this way, students can take advantage of simulator features, such as:

  • See detailed explanations for all questions
  • Filter by Domain, Knowledge Area, or the general filters where you can select questions that are answered, unanswered, answered correctly, answered incorrectly, marked, and used strike-through
  • Use the complementary Live Feedback™ service to discuss the correctness of the questions' answers, explanations, or references

But most importantly, online-only access guarantees you are accessing the most recent question database. This is important because we update our questions and explanations quite regularly (sometimes daily) based on feedback and inputs from our students. And the only way to be sure that you are seeing the most current and valid questions and explanations is by using them online only.

Your 90-Day Access Countdown Starts With the First Exam/Quiz Taken

Your initial 90-day access to The PM Exam Simulator does not start immediately. Instead, the simulator "waits" for you to log in and start your first exam/quiz. When you do that, the simulator asks, "Do you want to activate your account?" If you answer "Yes, activate", then your 90-day access begins.

In this way, you can purchase the simulator today, but continue with your exam studies until you are ready to take your first exam without losing any access time.

Please note that the activation of your account is irreversible. Once you say "Yes, activate", then it cannot be undone.

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