How to Use the PM Exam Simulator’s 3 Exam Modes

Did you know that the PM PrepCast’s Exam Simulator has three exam modes? There are three different ways to use it for your PMP prep. In this article, we’ll review all the exam modes and show you how to get the best out of them during your PMP exam studies. You’ll learn how to use each mode and how to incorporate them into your study plan.

The PM practice exam has three modes for practice questions are:

  1. Timed quiz mode
  2. Learning quiz mode
  3. Full exam mode.

If you want to know what each exam mode does, how it helps you learn and study, and when to use it then keep reading!

Where to change your exam mode

Before we dig into the details, let’s first take a look at where you can change the exam mode.

Log in to the PM Exam Simulator and choose the simulator product from your student dashboard. On that page, you’ll see a list of the available options. There is the choice of taking a premium quiz or a premium exam. Click on one of the examinations if you want to take a full test, otherwise choose a quiz.

When you start a quiz, you’ll be prompted to select whether you want to take a timed quiz or a learning quiz. Use the buttons to pick the option that best suits the way you want to learn at the moment.

Now you know how to find each of the three modes, let’s review how best to use them as part of your integrated study strategy.

1. Timed Quiz Mode

One of the PrepCast PM Exam Simulator features is the timed quiz mode. This is a set of test questions that you answer within a defined time. You can choose the amount of questions you want to answer in the quiz and select other options including the topics that will be covered and whether or not you have previously answered the questions.

The PM Exam Simulator will calculate the time for the quiz based on the number of questions. You’ll get the same amount of time per question as you would in the real examination, so expect to be whizzing through the responses at the rate of about one every 6-7 seconds. The countdown timer is shown on the screen so you can keep an eye on your progress and make sure you are on track to complete the quiz within the time. It’s great practice for the pace required on your real test day.

When to use this feature

The best time to use this mode of exam is when you feel comfortable with a particular concept. Set the quiz criteria to test only that concept and review your knowledge of the topic. It’s the perfect way to prove to yourself that you are ready to move on to new concepts.

Try this mode when you don’t have time for a full exam and want an in-depth opportunity to review what you have learned. You can fit online timed tests into your lunch break or commuting time, and if you set the options correctly, you’ll never have to answer the same question twice!

Study benefits

Timed quizzes help your study process because you can use the results to identify whether or not you truly have grasped the core concepts for the topic. If you don’t score well, that’s a sign you perhaps haven’t fully understood the subject matter and you can continue to work through the answers and references to deepen your understanding. If you have mastered the topic, that will show in your results and you can confidently move on to learning another subject.

“I completed several timed quizzes to prepare me for the final exam. The best part about the simulator is that it lets you review all the incorrect answers and explains why they are incorrect. I found that extremely helpful.”
~ Latha, PMP

2. Learning Quiz Mode

The learning quiz mode is a more relaxed way to study! There is no countdown clock on the screen and no time limit. Instead, questions appear on the screen and you can take your time reviewing them, reflecting on the responses and choosing the most appropriate answer.

Learning mode also offers you the hint functionality. If you are stuck on a question but feel you are quite close to being able to work it out, click on the Hint button to get a sentence or two that should point you in the direction of the correct answer.

You can also display the answer and all the ‘per choice’ explanations. These are detailed responses about each of the answer choices, explaining why each one was the incorrect (or correct) choice. That level of detail helps you rationalize why one choice was a better option than the others.

“The PMP Exam Simulator did an excellent job of replicating the level of complexity and ambiguity found in the actual exam. There's no way I could have performed this well without the clear and thorough explanations that accompanied my practice quiz results.”
~ Andrew Moffitt, PMP

When to use this feature

The best time to use this mode of examination is when you are beginning to get confident in a new topic. Let’s say you have just started learning topics related to the project risk management Knowledge Area. Once you’ve done your first pass through the training materials, you can come to a practice exam and test your knowledge in a measured and structured way. Can you make it through the questions with what you already know?

Try this way of working when you want to check your understanding but don’t yet have the confidence to speed through the questions in timed mode. The detailed answers will signpost you to further reading like the relevant section of the PMBOK Seventh Edition Guide so you can use this mode as a way of building your knowledge.

Study benefits

This mode is perfect for helping you study new concepts online. It provides statistics on performance so you can track your progress and see how you are improving. That can be a huge motivating factor for many students as you get closer to your test date!

“I tried to spend at least 2 hours each week doing the quizzes for the last 3-4 months. I would say I've completed at least 1000 questions from this tool. I always select the questions I've not answered or not answered correctly before, and choose the areas I want to improve.”
~ Quang To, PMP

3. Full Exam Mode

Finally, we have the full examination mode. When selecting your PMP simulator, make sure that there are a good number of full exams within it, and ideally made up of questions drawn from a different question pool so you are not seeing content you have already answered.

Full exam mode is where you sit a full PMP examination in test conditions. Taking a practice exam is worth doing once you have completed a pass through all your training materials and have a good grasp of the core project management concepts. You can build full tests into your study plan from the time you have completed four or five major modules of your training or covered four or five major chunks from the Exam Content Outline, which is available on the PMI website.

When to use this feature

Try out this mode of examination as a way to get comfortable with the timing of a full test. Many students find the length of the test to be quite draining because it’s not often adults are expected to take examinations and be fixed to their computer for so long! There are breaks built in, but it is up to you to manage your time on the day.

Taking full advantage of this mode will mean you have real-life practice at time management during the examination window so you will feel more confident about what is expected of you on the day.

Study benefits

In addition to helping candidates feel more prepared for the test experience, the statistics created from the full exams are so useful for your revision and catch up studies.

Drill into the stats to see which areas took you longer to answer than average and where you performed the best. That data will give you detailed, useful clues as to how to use the rest of your study time to your advantage.

“I have practiced several 30-60 timing and learning quizzes and 2 of 4 full exams in the last week before the exam. Reviewing and interpreting the answers is crucial.”
~ Sinisa L., PMP

Use all modes for best results

We recommend that you make use of all the PMP exam modes to maximize your learning experience. Build confidence and be test ready by using all the features within the PM Exam Simulator designed to support your studies.

A combination of practice exams, timed tests and learning quizzes will show that you are well-prepared and ready to take the test! Good luck with your studies!

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