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Best support to pass your PMP exam

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Already passed my PMP exam. Study without having sample exams will be not enough for passing the PMP, as thru sample exams you are also learning+getting comfortable with realistic questions that you will be actually facing in the exam


Wroclaw, Poland

The Simulator Helped Me Pass on the 1st Try!

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Feed The Children

My coach recommended your PM Simulator and I purchased it in November.  I took several quizzes and practice exams.  Today I took the PMP and passed on my first try.  Thank you so much for all the tools, video's and resources you provide.  Without them I wouldn't have passed!

I'm so glad I invested in your simulator it really prepared me for the PMP!



Oklahoma City, United States, Feed The Children

Reasonable Exam Simulator

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I spent a significant amount of time taking quizzes using the PM Simulator and though I do not feel it perfectly represents the questions I found on the PMP exam, it was close enough.

For me, I believe the key benefit was the language used for the practice questions. Every time I came across a word or terminology that I was not familiar with, I would research the vocabulary in the PMBOK, Wikipedia and Youtube. I took the PMP exam and passed. The key tool that I used to study was the PM Simulator. 

Chisinau, Moldova, KVG

S Balasubramanian

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I appeared for the PMP exam on Friday ( 08-01-2016) and passed in  the first try. Wish to convey my sincere thanks and appreciation for the excellent material provided in the PM Simulator. The explanations and analysis for each of the questiions in the full length mock exams and quizzes are of very high quality. I took 4 full length mock exams and a few of the quizzes in some of the knowledge areas where I felt I need to improve.  Do you provide simulators for the other PMI certifications that are available or only for PMP ?.Customer service responses were excellent and prompt. Please keep up the good work. Wishing you and the team all the very best in providing high quality project management education training for the future.

bangalore, India

Helped Me Pass The First Time

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LSC Communications

The PM Simulator really helped me pass my PMP exam last week the first time. I did a bunch of quizzes and took 6 full exams. The explanations for the questions I got wrong were very helpful to my learning. The interface is quite good and the statistics of my results were helpful. One suggestion I have is that when reviewing questions, don't return the user to the top each time. If I just reviewed question 70, it would be nice to return to that spot in the grid view of all the questions. This is a very minor point though. Overall, I think this is an excellent simulator and a very good value; especially considering there are a total of 9 full exams to take.

Lancaster, , USA | , LSC Communications

PMP Exam

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PM Simulator is very good for learning the material.  The best part is that it gives an explanation for each question and also references the page in the PMBOK guide.  The math questions were right on with the PMP exam.  Most of the other test questions were really good also.  The real PMP exam had more hypothetical situational questions that were more difficult than the prep questions.  I wouldnt have passed the PMP though without the practice exams.  Worth the money to use the site.

Essential for your exam pass

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I've passed my second PMP exam on Dec 30, 2015. This simulator was big help by letting me know what I was missing and making me cleary understand what I need to do next on given situations. This is what you absolutely need to take a look at before taking the exam. Big recommendation!


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Esoul Al Khaleej

Thanks for PM Simulator, i would like to draw you attention that , i have get the PM Simulator and during about 3 week i tried to solve and understand all simulation questions to pass PMP exam, and after three weeks , i got the exam and i succeeded the PMP exam, the simulator are covering all point in PMBOK , accordingly i devise for simulator to every one he wants to understand the PMBOK and preparing for exam.


Esmat Ibrahim

Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, Esoul Al Khaleej

Aerospace Consultant

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Very well done. I like the explanations also. It helps learning the material.


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The simulation give you background of the exam. Highly recommended that if you can achive 75% here with first time test you can Crack real PMP. I highly recommend please read and understand all concepts, integration and implication of the PM concepts. I have cleared my exam by testing my self 3 full test with Avg of 78% before 1 week. PM simulation help me to build my confidence.

Toronto , Canada


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Infosys Limited, USA

Hi Cornelius,

I would like to give big Thanks to you. as I cleared my PMP exam on 14th Dec because of PM EXam Simulator. This tool gave me so much confidence and improve my PMP Knowledge Area.

Many Thanks

Vivek Gupta (Infosys USA , BIGData -Techincal Project Manager)


As a general feedback:- Is there any chance in Simlator exam, consider any 175 Questions only and show the result based on Psychometric ?. It will help lot to PMP Aspirant. I belive, if you can add this feature in your product that will be amazing

Vivek Gupta

Mount laurel, USA, Infosys Limited, USA

The Simulator helped me Clear PMP with 5Ps

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I Bought the PM Exam Simulator & attended 8 out of the 9 Exams. Every time i finish the Exam - i went through the results to know my areas of strenghts & weakness.

Then i will go through each question irrespective of whether i answered it correct or wrong & went through the references mentioned to enhance my understanding.

This cleared many of my assumptions & Finally i attended the PMP Exam on December 1st, When the Exam screen showed Congratulations i was overjoyed & then when i came to Know that i got Proficient in all the 5 Process Groups. It was like .... Wow!!!! Words cannot explain that Feeling.

 It was PM Exam Simulator, which enhanced my Results.

Thanks to PM Exam Simulator



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EHAF Consulting Engineers

Well, the PM simulator helped me a lot in getting prepared for the exam, as well as the huge questions pool was very diverse, however, the exam was a little different in the weighted percentage of type of quesions from the pm simulator exam, I passed my PMP exam since 3 weeks, it was about 8% problems, 2% ITTO and 90% situational questions that was long enough!!, some questions were very direct, some of them had been seen before in the PM simulator and some others were a little harder to get from anywhere...

I appreciate the PM simulator a lot, it really helped me mainly to get more confidence in taking the exam, thank you.

abu dhabi, United Arab Emirates, EHAF Consulting Engineers

Excellent Simulator

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My friend who passed PMP in Jan this year had recommended me to purchase this simulator. I am so glad that she did. This is a simulator which is total value for money. When I was doing research on the prices, I found that PrepCast was provided 9 full length exams which costs ~ 10$ per exam. There was another simulator that I had heard was equally good but they were giving 3 exam @ 60$ i.e 20$ per mock exam. I think both the quality and cost of the simulator are awesome. 

Excellent job by PrepCast Team! Please check my lessons learnt link for few suggestions on Prep Cast Simulator.








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I have recently passed a PMP Examination and decided to write a short article to share some steps during my preparation, which I hope will prove valuable for those willing to undertake the exam in the future.

1. PMBOK GUIDE (iteration #1)

It was beneficial to start with PMBOK Guide. I skimmed through it without putting emphasis on details in order to understand main concepts and match my experience, knowledge and skills in project management to the PMBOK Guide. As a result I had an understanding of areas I should have focused on in depth during my future preparation.

2. SAMPLE PMP EXAM (iteration #1)

I found and took a Sample PMP Exam. It was valuable for me for the following reasons:

- gain better understanding of weak points and therefore plan preparation time more effectively;

- understand types of questions, the Exam format and the physical and mental demands of completing a four hour exam. 


There are many good PMP Exam Preparation Books on the market. I used “Head First PMP” book by Andrew Stellman and Jennifer Greene and found it very useful and easy to read. It is especially good for people who prefer visual information rather than just text. Reading this book was easier for me than reading the PMBOK Guide and in some cases allowed me to look at ideas of PMBOK Guide from different angles. In addition I found some useful tips regarding the real exam.

4. SAMPLE PMP EXAM (iteration #2) and PMBOK GUIDE (iteration #2)

After reading the PMP Exam preparation book I took sample PMP Exams as a final preparation step. In my opinion it is beneficial to have at least four of the sample PMP Exams completed before the real test. I wrote almost seven: one from the PMP Exam preparation book, four from the PMP Exam Simulator (purchased separately) by Cornelius Fichtner and two from the Internet (for free) by Oliver Lehnmann (75- and 175-questions Sample PMP Exams).

After each sample PMP Exam I reviewed incorrect answers and explanations and if required, read the information in PMBOK Guide. At this stage of preparation I found PMBOK Guide very useful and ‘to the point’ without any unnecessary and unrelated information and I read some chapters again focusing on the weakest areas and analyzing the processes in detail. If I wanted to expand my knowledge in a particular topic or area I read additional information on the Internet. For example, I reviewed some articles on the PM Study Circle website.

If I were to choose the source of sample PMP Exams again, I would have used only PMP Exam Simulator because the format and questions are very close to the real exam and it offers 9 full sample PMP Exams. As for 75- and 175-question sample PMP Exams by Oliver Lehmann, I found them more difficult than the real exam and to some extent inconsistent with the scope of the PMBOK Guide. That is why it is useful to take these two sample PMP Exams mostly for personal growth and development as a project manager.

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For me these steps were a key to success on the real exam and I hope you find the information presented here useful.  I wish you all the best in your path of becoming PMP certified.

Toronto, Canada

Service Engagement Manager

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The Simulator and the formula workbook were essential tools in my preparation. For the PMP exam.  The simulator and the test reviews became my study guide(s) for the exam.  The answer explanations for my correct answers reinforced my knowledge and the answers and explanations for the questions I got wrong corrected and increased my knowledge in preparation for the exam.  

Feedback when I asked questions was excellent and very prompt.


I passed the exam!  I am a PMP!  


Both the test simulator and the formula workbook were excellent study material.


Thank you for a well prepared easy to use product.  Worth every penny if you are serious about realistic preparation for the PMP exam.


Pat Mooney


Herndon Virfinia, USA, ViON


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I passed the PMP on my first attempt.  While I had previously taken PM courses and used study guides, I feel that the most critical component of my final preparation were these simulation exams.  I took several full length practice exams the week before my exam. After each exam, I took focused quizzes on the identified weak areas and with each successive exam saw great improvement in both my time and scores. By the time I took the actual exam, I breezed through it with little difficulty and had time to spare.


Burlington, VT, USA

Challenging Exam

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I started studying PM PrepCast and PMBOK and then I took the tests for each knowledge areas in exam simulator. My score, in average, was 77 to 80%, but I knew which part I should work on after taking each test. After finishing PMBOK, I started to take 200 questions and again my score was between 75 to 80%. I felt confident so I registered for PMP exam. I should highlight that I usually could finish the exams around three hours and half and I usually had around 30 minutes to review.

I expected the same in the real exam, BUT it was really challenging questions and I can say twice difficult than PM Simulator exams. I had problem to manage my time and my last question was exactly last minute, so I couldn’t review at all.

Anyway, I could pass the exam the first time and now I am a PMP. I just wanted to share my experience regarding my preparation and taking the exam. What I recommend to the exam takers is, if they can buy more than one simulator to be familiar with different methods. I also suggest they just scan the questions very quick as there are a lot of non-relevant information which only time consuming. Last but not least, if you have good memory to memorize, use it, it is really good to peruse and understand what you read and learnt but also use your ability of memorizing as it would help a lot.


Good Luck,

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Sydney, Australia, Nokia


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Digicel Group


I looked around alot for simulators I read some reviews and chose pm exam simulator it was very helpful great simulator questions very similar to real exam it gives the real ambiance of PMP exam.

I am thankful I used it because it was the key for me to pass pmp exam.



Yaacoub Ishak, PMP


Sydney, , Australia | , Digicel Group

Passed my exam today!

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IBM Malaysia

Hello Cornelius!


I passed my PMP today on my first try! It have to say the mock tests and questions helped me very much to be prepared on the exam day. Thank you!


Vemal Raja Manikam, P.hD, PMP, PRINCE 2

Oct 28,2015


Cyberjaya, Malaysia, IBM Malaysia

Great Product - I PASSED!

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Veyo Logistics

Folks, this was the best PMP training purchase I have made.  I do highly recommend this training and software!  The simulator is exactly in the same format that you will experience on the real test and the practice test results are a very good indication of how you will do on the real exam.  I ended up with 3 MP, 1 P, and 1 BP -- nothing to brag about but remember -- the test is PASS or FAIL.  I passed on my 1st try after PM Exam Simulator training.  Proud to be a PMP, thanks again PM Exam Simulator! :)


Glendale, , United States | , Veyo Logistics

PMP Examination Result

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Vallourec Unidade Tubos

I'm very proud to announce that I passed in the PMP exam today.

The PM Simulator was essential for my knowledge and gave me security to do the exam.

Best Regards,

Ronaldo Gontijo - PMI ID 4074689

Belo Horizonte, Brazil, Vallourec Unidade Tubos

Passed with exam simulator

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Very good. Highly recommend buying to pass the PMP exam. 

I did 4 full exams and scored above 80% for all. It helped me prepare for the real exam. The real exam is set up in a very similar way and questions are similar to simulator. 

Highly Recommended

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To be honest with you, still I am preparing for my PMP exam which is schedule for coming October 2015. Anyhow "PMP Exam Simulator" is wonderful tool for PMP Exam preparation and highly recommended. I like the way question preparation and more or less similar to the real world scenario and the way explanation has given too. Nice work and special thanks to Cornelius FICHTNER and the team.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, TECHNIP

Exam Simulator

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I passed the PMP exam on 9/12/2015. I would like to say that the PM exam simulator was really nice and was very helpful.  After taking each exam it nicely broke it down by the domain and the knowledge area, so that it gives you an opportunity to focus on the areas you need to focus more. The only thing I did not like about the simulator is that its missing a filter which narrows down the wrong answer, I do not know if its possible but if we can have that it will be really easy to maneuver around.

Austin, United States

Must have tool for your PMP exam preparation!

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There are many resources out there for the PMP exam preparation, including simulators. I used a few and have to say that this one is probably the best available on the market! Incredibly user friendly, nice, clean, and intuitive interface. One can say that a lot of thought has been put in its design to make it as close as possible to the real one. And the most valuable feature, IMHO, is that this simulator has a feedback option which you, as a student, can use in case you disagree with the answer, or need some clarification, or just want to give an improvement suggestion. When you leave a feedback, a professional PMP get back to you in less than 24 hours with a detailed reply. You can discuss your feedback further until your concern is fully addressed and the issue (if any) resolved. It’s like to have a personal coach while preparing for your exam. Absolutely amazing! I personally practiced all 8 full 200 questions exams on this simulator and must say that without it I could have not succeeded in my real exam. I passed my real one with 4 P’s and 1 MP, and I’m sure it was the simulator that contributed a lot to my success. Thanks OSP and Cornelius for the great product!

PM Exam Simulator and PM Prepcast Are Outstanding

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I listened to the PM Prepcast whenever I had free time - commuting to work, at the gym, mowing the lawn - it contributed greatly to my understanding of the PMBOK and allowed me to passively study for hours that would have otherwise been unproductive.

The PM Exam Simulator represents significant value for the money, and is an excellent resource for testing knowledge and progress as you progress through studying to take the PMP. The PM Exam simulator is hard, in fact harder than the PMP, which makes it a proving ground before the real PMP; this fact forces you to not just 'get by', but to really knock it out of the park when it comes to taking the real PMP.

I took the PMP exam today and passed (hooray!), and I believe that the PM Exam Simulator and PM Prepcast were both instrumental in allowing me to do as well as I did (4 Proficient's and 1 Moderately proficient). I would highly recommend both products to anyone looking to excel at the PMP.

Carleton Place, Canada

Pmp simulator

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this is by far one of the best simulators out there. The exams are very similar to the actual exam. The itto questions were really helpful. Thanks to this simulator I scored 5 p in the actual exam

Los Angeles , Usa, Cognizant

Leap ahead with your PMP studies

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The PM Exam Simulator is one of the best resources for leaping ahead with your PMP studies. Not only is it a quality online system which tracks your statistics etc., but also the personal feedback provided by staff is top-notch, fast and helpful. Without hesitation, I would recommend the simulator to any PMP aspirant. It contributed to my personal success with the PMP-certification and should do the same for yours.


Exam simulator

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I found the PMP Exam Simulator more helpful because it helps students discover areas and gaps in their knowledge. One can read the PMBOk 20 times yet he/she is not able to find the nitty gritty in the book. Actually, I used both Rita Macauly and PMBOk to prepare for the exam and I find the former to be more friendly but vague and the latter is not fun to read but it has the complete information you will need for the exam. Also, PmBok has incomplete glossary and index which is truly annoying. I also wish OSP can include more integration and arrow diagramming method questions in their question pool. I came across about 3 questions pertaining to the application, use and calculation using arrow diagramming method(especially finding the slack for individual activities) and there are not many sources out there that did a good job on that topic. Nevertheless, I'm impressed by OSP and how they helped me pass this exam. Over 15% of the questions I got were almost exact or share the same generic characteristics with your OSP question database. As a matter of fact, I started suspecting that  Cornelius  took part in setting my exam. Anyway, keep up the good job and thanks for the help. I really do appreciate it.

Houston, USA

Passed my PMP Exam with PM Prepcast

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Thanks to Cornelius and PM Prepcast, I passed my PMP exam on July 28th.  I actually only had time to complete 3 of the exams in the PM Exam Simulator because I already had the PMP exam date scheduled and didn't want to pay to reschedule it.  I passed with 4 Proficients and 1 Moderately Proficient.  The PM Exam Simulator definitely put me ahead of the game on being prepared for the real PMP exam!

Austin, USA

Exam simulator

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I found this tool to be very helpful in passing my PMP exam in August 2015. While I do not recall if any of the questions in the simulator were asked on the actual exam, I found that it helped to practice every day and learn with this tool as well as Rita Mulcahy's PMP Preparation book. It was a combination for success for me.

Brighton, USA


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Teleperformance Canada

The PM Exam Simulator helped me undertand situational questions applying PMBOK knwoledge in combination with my professional experience. I found PMP exam questions harder than the real exam. I did 1 full test and bunch of quizes. When te time comes to take the exam, it was more eas to grasp the situational questions and answer faster and accurate. I recomend a lot this tool for those who are preparing for the PMP exam. Thank you to Cornelius and all his team. 


Montreal, , Canada | , Teleperformance Canada

Closer than anything else to the real exam

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I passed the PMP on the first attempt.  The most important part of my final preparation were these exams.  Although I was using the questions in the study guides and other free resources, these exams were the closest that I found to the real exam.  Even that being said, the real exam was still far more subtle in their questions than even the Exam Simulator.


Start with the questions from free resources as you learn the PMBOK and the other study guides and get the basics down.

When you feel that you have a good understanding, use the trial Exam Simulator.   If you have a 60%+ then plan on purchasing the full 90 day version.

Do not use this for quizzes but for the full tests as you want to hit questions for the first time in a simulated four hour exam.

Take a full exam at the same time you are planning on taking your PMP.  This way you simulate the real experience.

See where you need to review more in depth.

Start taking at least one full four exam every week.

Review the "My Results" section.  I was unaware of this important part which shows you your cumulative score and compares your scores to the people who then pass the exam.  I was scoring a 75% on the exams at which point 80+% of people were passing the real thing.  This is the real reason NOT to use this simulator for quizzes.  If you are doing well on the first time you see a question, you should have a good shot of passing the real thing.

Good Luck!



Very good simulator for PMP exam

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The PM Simulator is very useful and cover all of the subject of the PMBOK and also provides questions and explanations on some matter that can be studied from source different from PMBOK.

I think that the statistics are useful for understanding your level of preparation and take decision on when taking the exam.

Just one note: in my opinion there must be more CPM and EMV (decision tree) questions: good questions on these two subjects are quite difficult to be found on the Internet and other sources.

Manlio Frizzi


Exam Simulator Experience

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O'Reilly Auto Parts

I would highly recommend using the PM Exam Simulator as you prepare to take the PMP exam. I took two complete exams but found the most benefit from the ability to quickly complete small quizzes when I had a free 10-15 minutes. These quizzes helped me keep the information fresh in my mind as I listened to the PM PrepCasts, while also giving me quick feedback on my answers. Being able to tailor the questions to certain knowledge areas or process groups helped me tune what I needed to spend extra time on during the weeks heading into the exam. Thanks to everyone involved with the PM Exam Simulator!!

Ozark, United States, O'Reilly Auto Parts

Passed PMP 1st time!

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The PMP Exam Simulator is a must buy to self teach PMP. Overall the selection pool of questions, the ease of operation and the format were close to the real thing. I did find my set of questions were more situational than found in the simulator and the math questions required more work. I completed around 1,800 of the questions and scored 68% to 80% start to finish (7, 200 question exams). 

Cordova, USA, P&T


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Saipem Eni

I had taken PMP Exam on 5 August 2015 & have passed the exam... For three months I had prepared & takem PM Exam Simulator exam, I had attened all the exams, I did not bother about the marks in simulator exam,I concentrated in the gaps & it had helped me to clear the exam. Thanaks for PMI simulator......

chennai, India, Saipem Eni

Exam Simulator really helpful

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I have used PMP Exam Simulator & it was very helpful for preparing for exams.PMP Exam Simulator helped me to identify my weak areas & concentrate on that.

Also the timed practice tests helped to practice like real-time exam situation & it helped during the exams, without the simulator it would have been difficult to pass the exam.


Thanks to Cornellius & the team.



Singapore, Singapore

Exellent way to get ready to PMP exam

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Hi, I used the PM Exam Simulator during 1 month before my PMP examination, and it certainly made a difference: I passed on my first try!

The PM Simulator helped to crystallize my knowledge, and also it taught me to control the pace of taking the questions. The latter was a real treasure. The advices from Cornelius were also very valuable: they helped me to guess correctly. :)

Big thanks from me to Cornelius and the whole team!

Best regards,

Dmitriy Veselov (already a PMP :))



Moscow, Russia, Odin


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Barclays Africa

I attempted my frist PMP exam without using the PMP Exam Simulator and I failed :-( I later discovered the PM Exam Simulator - and I passed my PMP exam the first time I started using it. The daily newsletterss, the tips and guides helped quite a lot to understand things in detail - which the books and the PMBOK Study guide deoesn't explain in detail. The learning quiz is such a fantastic tool to use - how the questions and answers are structured makes understanding quite easy. I would recommend this tool to anyone who is planning to wirte their PMP Exam and advise them not to waste their time and money on anything else but buy this as early as possible - it was worth the money. My only regret with PMP Exam Simulator is that I discovered it too late, if I had discovered it much earlier, I would have Aced my PMP Exam. Happy PMP Certified :-)


Johannesburg, South Africa, Barclays Africa


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Good practice question set for preparing for the exam.  Study intently those you've missed, and don't be afraid to challenge the author's chosen answer.  I found that ~<5% of the answers are not the best.  Other that that, well written questions and a valuable study tool.

Fishers, United States, Mr.

PMP Simulator

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The PMP Exam Simulator is an easy program to use. I like the following features:

-How the instructions are in video format

-During the quizzes, it provides hints; which will help me think through the questions

-Marking questions that you want to go back to review.


I highly recomend if you plan on getting  your PMP Certificaiton, PMP Exam Simulator is a must.


Exam Simulator

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I had already passed PMP exam on 7th Jun 15, I‘d like to share my experience with preparing for PMP.

It was a nice journey studying PMP and understanding how project lifecycle goes from initiation to closing and how the 47 processes interact within the project or phase.

I started reading PMBOK on Mar 15. Few tools & techniques required me to look for in multiple resources (sensitivity analysis, Pareto chart, Control Chart…), Prepcast videos on Youtube channel helped me as well. After I had my PMI subscription and receiving the softcopy of PMBOK, I  printed out the 47 processes with their input, Tools&Techniques and outputs and used my ecopy of PMBOK to look up each input, Tools&Techniques or output to see how each process intersects with others (PMBOK Process diagrams were extremely good to understand the interaction)

Later on I completed the PMBOK and now it is time to practice on exam simulator

I initially started with Prepcast Free questions, with almost 200  questions i felt that I still need practice. So I went for the full exam Simulator with 1800 questions I practiced for a complete week only on these questions. I liked our insructor's  advice when he called the day before exam as vacation so I only took one exam simulator ( I had 75%) during that day. then I slept well for the night before the exam.

Now exam day; I reached thirty minutes before exam, after confirming my ID, they provided me with 2 pencils, calculator and few papers; even bottle of water was not allowed to get it inside.

I liked the feature to eliminate the wrong answers from the four available choices you already have, however you always reach to two options where you get so much confused as they both look correct and you have 50/50 chance to choose. Earned Value questions were more than 6 questions they were all tricky and indirect (similar questions are on exam simulator), I had questions for almost all the quality tools, I had long scenarios to calculate the expected Monetary value (which consumed time), it is very important to differentiate between control quality and validate scope as well as between quality assurance and the quality control and between acquire and manage project team. It is also important to understand difference between manage communication and mange stakeholder expectations. When Risk response plan using the contingency reserves when you accept the risk and how other risk responses will apply on a real scenario questions. A lot of Questions depend on deep understanding especially for the interaction of the processes within the project lifecycle. Four hours were enough to finish the 200 questions along with reviewing for the marked ones. I hope this information will be useful for PMP candidates.

Best regards,

abu.dhabi, United Arab Emirates

All you need

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Granicus, Inc.

When preparing for the PMP exam, I knew I needed to get in as many practice questions as possible. I've passed both the California and Illinois bar exams, and the key to success in passing both of those on the first try was familiarity with the types of questions that were going to be asked. You can read and study as many books as you can get your hands on, but that's no substitute for actually getting a feel for the patterns the test takers use in creating the questions on the exams. The PM Simulator was great because there were so many questions for such a relatively low price. I probably only got through about 4 of the exams in the month between when I started preparing for the exam and when I actually took (and passed) the exam, and that was more than enough. I've already recommended this service to others, and would do so again without hesitation.

Granicus, Inc.

Project Manager

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Thank you for all of your guidance, I studied in a very structured manner and took the PMP certification exam and passed on my first attempt.  It was "very" challenging.  Your PM PrepCast program was priceless, both your videos and PM Exam Simulator.  You had mentioned that there would be areas in which I needed to focus on to close the gaps in my knowledge, thank you for that advice, you were correct.  From the beginning, your program kept me interested and focused.  You were also correct in saying that someone can't just cram enough knowledge in their head to pass the exam, that you needed to understand it and use logic. 

Thank you again for your guidance, and this experience.

Kevin Batch, PMP

Nashville, , USA

True Simulator of the PMP Exam

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I used the PM Exam Simulator extensively in the one week before my actual PMP exam.

The questions are well written, the answers are clearly explained and in-case you have doubts or do not agree with the answers you can always send out a comment and promptly receive a response & clarification.

The Simulator truly emulates the PMP exam; this improves your confidence when appearing for the real test. Attempting the tests on the simulator prepare you perfectly in every aspect, for the 4 hour, 200 questions long test.

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I used the PM Exam Simulator for only one month.  My main issue was to pay $99 for one month of benefits because my test was schedule and due date approaching fast.  I have to say one month was worth the $99 fee as it helps me to integrate all the pieces of information in my head with the PM exam simulation quizzes and test.  I passed my PMP on May 4, 2015.  I recommend the PM Simulator without reservations (other than use it for more than one month if you can. :-) 


Key to my 1st try success

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The PM Exam Simulator was my primary test taking tool for passing the exam (on my first try!). The explanations for each question were great and the full length exams were pretty close to the real exam, if not harder. A large part of my success is thanks to the simulator.Definitely worth the money and the no-cost extension (if you fail) really helped ease the pressure going into the exam. I knew I could come right back if I had to. I'd recommend this simulator to everyone taking the PMP exam.

United States

PMP Exam Simulator

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I purchased PM Simulator and PM Formula Study guide. I studied from them diligently on daily basis over a three month period. Number and diversity of questions, plus detailed explanation helped me with my learining and getting the full understanding of what is awaiting for me at the exam.

I have mostly used quizzes as I could do them any time I had some spare time.

The PM Simulator helped me tremendously and allowed me to approach PMP exam with confidence.


Melbourne, Australia

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