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PM Exam Simulator Review

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Excellent tool for PRACTICING the PMP Exam! I found the questions in the PM Simulator to be very much like those on the actual PMP exam. I felt the practice exams were the single-most important resource for passing the PMP exam on my first attempt. I highly recommend the PMP Exam Simulator.

Fort Worth, United States

Thank You!

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This tool reallyhelped me pass my PMP exam. One of the most important things for PMP exam is the mental endurance and to be able to sit through the exam for 4hrs. I think this tool really helped me build that. I also was able to reduce my knowledge gaps with the detailed answers provided in the mock exams. My only regret is I should have bought this tool atleast a month before my exam. I bought this just a week before. I wrote only 4 exams and I just felt if I used it for a longer perioid, I would have gone to the exam with more confidence. A big thank you!


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I got to learn about the PM Exam Simulator from blogger Edward Chung's website. It is the best investment for me in passing the PMP exam. The question quality is on par with the actual exam. In addition, the user interface and the look and feel help condition the candidate to the actual exam environment. What I like most is the quiz feature which includes both timed and learning mode. Reading the PMBOK and course notes was too dry for me, and I do not have much time for exam preparation. I learnt the bulk of the exam material through the quiz learning mode hints and answers! In all, I am grateful to the PM Exam Simulator for helping me pass the PMP exam.

Passed my exam

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I did the Paper based Test (PBT) three weeks ago.  Of the 9 simulator exams I did 7 (some more than once) and was only able to get as high as 71% on one of the simulator exams. But averaged around 66% on all exams.  Pay attention to the report so you will know which areas to focus on for your revision.  It was very helpful to me to see which areas I saw as my weak areas and do some of the practice questions on just those areas. I spent the week prior to the exam doing at least one simulator exam perday (3hours on average), and revision of the questions I got wrong (1 - 2 hours) on average.  It is a lot of work, but it helped in the end.  The shocking reality of clicking versus shading means every second counts - literally. I finished with a few minutes to spare in the real exam.  The great thing was all the tips and tricks CF and team provides make it easy to speed read an choose answers in the real exam.  Plus I personally found that the PM  Simulator questions were harder than the actual PBT.  (I might have been lucky on that day). My advice is to do all the simulator exams and review your weak areas and once you have mastered those you are ready for the exam. It is no guarrantee, but it is as close to real as can be.


Cascade, Trinidad & Tobago


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SSH International

Dear Mr Cornelius,

My name is Rejo Joseph.I have passed the PMP Exam on 16th June 2015 from Kuwait.I had purchased the PM-
Exam Simulator which gave me considerable amount of practice and confidence for the exam.i would like 
to pen down the path I went through to pass the PMP.

1)Started my 40 hour training course with Green International Institute in Kuwait.
2)As each Knowledge areas was in progress I used to read the PMBOK and underline in red the main 
3)After the classes I read Rita and also underlined the main topics.
4)Booked a date for exam 4 weeks ahead and started reading for minimum of 5 hours daily.
5)After that started to write down the underlined topics from PMBOK and Rita for each of the knowledge 
6)Bought the PM-Exam Simulator and as each knowledge areas were finished writing,I used to take the 
learning exam of 100 questions each from the simulator.
7)Then it was only 12 days for exam.Started your PM-Exam simulator with each day taking an exam 
including the ITTO,exam 9.Used to finish an exam and then review the answers and the remarkable 
explanation.Used to get 60 percent in the beginning and then began to progress.Took the last exam No:8 
on the previous day of the PMP Exam and got 80 percent which made me well confident to go for the 
exam.Also as I was taking the exams from PM-Exam simulator I used to read the notes that I wrote from 
PMBOK and Rita.
8)Finally passed PMP Exam after almost 11 weeks from the date of start of the training.
I would like to thank you for your efforts in the making of the PM-Exam Simulator, for the daily 
questions and tips which was coming to my mail and the sample 15 questions which were being send to 
me.May your website be a learning point and a base from where future professionals are built up.I highly  recommend the PM-Exam Simulator for all those who are going to write the PMP Exam.Thanks
Rejo Joseph

Kuwait, Kuwait, SSH International


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I Really like this Software.  I used in the past anothers APps and this is more nearly to the real exam.

In the moment of the PMI Exam I feel more confident

I suggest the spanish community needs a spanish version



San Jose , Costa Rica , HP

Passed First Attempt

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This PM Simulator was a great tool to help me prepare for the exam. I read Rita's book once through and took a couple practice tests and that was all it took. Thanks!

Morrisville, United States

I Passed!

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AT&T, Inc.

Your PM Simulator helped me pass the PMP exam on April 30th!

Upper Marlboro, United States, AT&T, Inc.


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I started my PMP preparation using Rita Mulcahy . Prepared for 2 months. Then I took the PM Simulator tests thoroughly for a month. This introduced me to a variety of questions And a lot of questions. The range of questions this tool has really prepares you for the final encounter. Thus preparing made me successful at the final exam. Thanks to the simulator and the team who made me achieve the goal.

Fort worth, USA, Alcon

PMP Exam

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Dynetics, Inc.

I signed up for the newsletter in January, ITTO memory jogger and watched the brain dump sheet video. I also used the RMC Study Guide with the PM Simulator. Along with reading the study guide and PMBOK multiple times, I watched PM PrepCast videos to fill in and re-inforce basic information. I started taking practice PM PrepCast quizes five weeks out and built up to 100 question quizes for the 10 days before the exam and passed the PMP the begining of May. Taking the proctice exams was the key after learning the material to get your mind in the PMBOK 'state of mind' and to focus on the areas I scored the lowest in. 

Huntsville, US, Dynetics, Inc.

Excellent Tool

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eMagin Corporation

I found the PM Exam Simulator after taking a class to get the 35 credit hours needed to pass the PMP exam. After trying the free version, I liked it enough to buy the 3-month simulator package and it is one package I do not regret to have invested in.

The user interface is very good. The questions are well put together. The explanations are for the most part well detailed.

What I liked most were two unique features: the quizzes and the ability to provide feedback on the questions.

The first one gives the user the ability to practice in short sessions, whether focused on one knowledge area or at random across all areas. I used this everday the week prior to the real exam and being able to tailor the duration of the quizz (10 to 100 questions) makes it compatible with an everyday work life. Just for that I would recommend the PM Exam Simulator

The second one shows the depth behind the tool: not only can the user provide feedback (i.e ask questions) on the question (or answer) but the folks at PM respond within one business day and do not let go until the situation has been clarified to the user's satisfaction. I also found out that when the question could have been formulated differently, the PM staff did agree to consider a change. This provides an excellent user experience as well as the opportunity to validate one's knowledge. The level of service is exemplary.

Bottom line, the value proposition is excellent and I wholeheartedly recommend this simulator to anyone looking to run practice tests for the PMP exam (which I passed on the first try).

Pleasantville, United States, eMagin Corporation

Best Preparation Tool

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Cincom Systems, Inc.

I used the PMP Exam Simulator in my preparation for the exam.  I had used one that was included in an additional exam preparation course that was sponsored by my local PMI chapter and also tried a few of the free blocks of questions out there.  The best simulator was yours!


I liked it because I found the questions a little more challenging than those from the PM FASTrack.  Additionally, I never saw the same question twice which was a real advantage.  I took five of the tests so I saw 1000 questions.  There was even an opportunity to retake the exams, but, I found that I liked seeing a completely new bank of questions each time.


I was averaging around 80% on each first-pass of the exam.  I then reviewed the ones I missed AND the ones I marked as guesses for the correct answer.  Every explanation was linked back to the PMBOK which made my review extremely efficient.


I passed my actual PMP on my first try and I believe that the hours I spent taking and reviewing the exams in the simulator was the key to my preparation.  Like everyone else, you never know when you’re ready…you just know that you are prepared.


I highly recommend this simulator.

Cincinnati, USA, Cincom Systems, Inc.

Sim tester

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Great tool that aids in learning the PMBOK 5th edition.  I like the fact each question has a supporting reference in the book.   I have learned more from the PM Simulator then 35 hour supporting class.

Aurora, United States


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I purchased a package including simulator. It was written that it will not start before the simulator is started by myself. I was not using it and now time is up. I feel unhappy about such a product. Also kind of unfair. A few days before time was up - even i have never started the simulator - i received an email. I complained, but upon today i never got an answer. Everything looks perfect, but i am not happy this way.


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I tried other training materials and they did a very poor job of preparing me for the exam. The videos and simulation exams were in line with the actual PMP exam and it is what I accredit my passing my PMP exam to.  By being able to focus on different concentrations in quizes and perfecting them before moving on to the exams, it helped me to understand the material and the question methodology in a more thorough manner.


Thanks again for your assistance.

Very nicely compiled tests

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I had done 6 tests in PM exam simulator and they were quite helpful in the actual PMP exam.

The test environment as well as the questions helped me quite a lot in clearing PMP.


Thanks a lot !

Efficient Exam preparation

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Vallourec Deutschland GmbH

The PM Exam Simulator is an efficient preparation possibility for potential PMP-applicants. I started to use it heavilly after reading a PM-prep-book and a quick pass trough the PMBOK 5th edition.

I gives a quite good feeling about the real exam situation & type of questions, therefore I can really recommend it for the immediate pre-PMP-exam preparation.

Germany, Vallourec Deutschland GmbH

Brilliant tool

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This tool helps you to focus on the items where your knowledge is week or rusty due to either lack of experience or lack of recent practise.

Very good exam simulator

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I found the exam PM Simulator to be a very good tool for preparing for the PMP exam. The format of the questions on the real exam sometimes differed from the simulator, but overall I felt very prepared because of this simulator.


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The PM Exam Simulator is a great tool to prepare for the actual exam.

The option of practice by the KAs as well Progress Groups is just awesome.

The only downside I see is that at times it is very slow.


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I used the simulator once or twice and got a bit busy and forgot the login and password. 

I felt disappointed because I was unable to utilize the application as I should. Now my money is wasted :)

i still want to take the PMP exam.




I pass my PMP

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I passed my PMP with the help of the PM Simulator. Its a good simulator for the starter but someone needs more efforts than this to pass the EXAM. The simulator claims to have 1600 questions but the questions are repeated in different exam practice. I feel that genuine questions are small in number. I would request the publisher to add more difficult questions.

Working on the PMP Simulator

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McNamara & Associates

Hello Everyone,

If you are planning on taking the PMP exam, please purchase the PM Simulator. It is an excellent!

New York, United States, McNamara & Associates

Ivan Shmilyk, PMP

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PM Exam Simulator is an excellent tool, being easily accessed via browser in your laptop, tablet, or phone. It provides broad analysis of your performance and gives you an idea to clearly understand your gaps. But the biggest value of this tool, to my mind, is not only that it helps you pass your PMP exam, but it gives you the overview of 1800 possible scenarios you may encounter in your real life, and hints you what is the BEST, or most APPROPRIATE way to handle them. 

Lviv, Ukraine

Exam Simulator Thoughts

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IT Consultant

Hello Cornelius, to my surprise I am absorbing and actually starting to understand the PMO questions, ideally this will translate to a positive result on the test.  There is so much to absorb, but being able to test my knowledge on the exam questions is huge in ensuring I understand and retain the concepts. I love the ability to choose a knowledge area or randomize the questions.  Thank you.

Toronto, Canada, IT Consultant

Great preparation tool

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I found the PM Exam Simulator excellent.  Easy to use both in full exam simulator mode and also in taking tests for a limited number of questions.  Set me up well for the PMP exam.

Sydney, Australia


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Great. No nonsense PM Simulator that helped me greatly. 

Good Simulator

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Very good PMP Exam Simulator. I just passed my PMP exam and I found the PM Simulator very consistent with the real exam. Congratulations!


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Thanks to the PM Simulator I was able to pass the PMP exam on Febrary 1, 2015. The only study materials used were the Simulation software and the PMBOK 5th edition.. 

Practice, Practice

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The Exam Simulator was great.  I don't think I even saw the final 20% of the questions because there were so many.  It was easy to sit down for a few minutes at work and take a quiz or take a full exam on Saturday morning.  Reviewing the answers I missed was an excellent way to focus my studying and final review for the exam.


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Akersolutions Malaysia


PM Exam Simulator is a great product which simulates actual exam questionaires / practices for those PMP aspirants.


Thanks and regards,


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Akersolutions Malaysia

PMP Certificate

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Techint Group

I just want to thank the PM Exam Simulator for helping me during the preparation for the exam. Finally, I passed the exam, and I have the PMP credential. Basically, the simulator helped me a lot in understanding the PMBOK concepts and the PMI’s philosophy in choosing the best answer for the situational questions. My recommendation, first, is to cover all the PMBOK Guide, study other sources and reinforce the concepts with the simulator. In this way, you will be confidence at the exam.


Ruben P. Davila,




Quito, Ecuador, Techint Group


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I appreciate your PM Simulator precisely because of their level of diffculty and, therefore, their level of mirroring the PMP Exam. Thank you. The only suggestion that I would make is to allow for taking the exam in various sessions. At times, the ability to gather 3-4 hours at a strtech is difficult.

Mexico City, Mexico

Very helpful, thank you!

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I have recently passed my PMP exam, and I have the PM PrepCast coupled with the PM Exam Simulator to mostly thank for! Although I read the entire PMBok, the lessons and the practice exams definitely prepared me for the real one. After going through all of the practice exams in the PM Exam Simulator, though still nervous, I felt a lot more confident to sit in the actual exam. It prepared me for the different types of questions, and how to effectively answer those, as well as how to pace myself so I won't run out of time. I can only say "Thank you!"

PMP Exam Simulator

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It was really annoying to read the PMBOK guide due to the complexity and lot of jorgan's. But this PM Simulator was helping me to learn from my mistake. It got me into the track to help me uncover my gaps by pointing me to the specific pages in PMBOK guide in the learning mode. Added to that it was encouraging me to read the PMBOK guide to get more out it. Also the complexity of the questions,depth of coverage is great and thought provoking. I'm happy as it is worth investing the money and time with this simulator and the confidence it has built into me. Thumbs Up for all the contributor's to this PM Simulator.

Bangalore, India

Very good

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I signed up for the PM Exam Simulator and really liked it.  The questions in the simulator really helped me to pass the PMP.

I without any reservation will recommend it to anyone who are planning to apper for the exam.


IRVING, United States, 0020

Dear Friends

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I passed the PMP exam and credit goes to PMP exam simulator. Anyone can study and get the PMP insight. But to prepare for exam and pass it requires practice. It would be difficult to pass the PMP without PMP exam simulator. I took more than 6 exams and learned by reviewing all the wrong questions after each exam, and feedback provided by PMP exam simulator, which helped me to get the required understanding and efficiency to complete the exam in time with success.

New Jersey, USA

Dear Friends

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I passed the PMP exam and credit goes to PMP Exam Simulator. Anyone can study and get the PMP insight. But to prepare for exam and pass it requires practice. It would be difficult to pass the PMP without PMP exam simulator. I took more than 6 exams and learned by reviewing all the wrong questions after each exam, and feedback provided by PMP exam simulator, which helped me to get the required understanding and efficiency to complete the exam in time with success.

New Jersey, USA, Deloitte

Prathibha GB

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Mindtree Limited

The quality and content of the PM Exam Simulator was excellent. I was confident enough to take up the PMP exam after going thorugh all the mock tests in the exam.

I did clear the PMP exam with Proficient remark in 4 of the Processes. I recommend the simulator to anyone who would like to pass PMP exam in the first attempt.

Bangalore, India, Mindtree Limited

PMP Exam Simulator Review

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The PM Exam Simulator was instrumental in my passing the PMP exam on the first try.  The exams help identify your weak areas so you don't waste time studying areas that you already have proficiency in.  I wish I had purchased them sooner than I did.  I purchased them about 2 weeks before the exam.

Silver Spring, United States

Must for cracking PMP

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Hi All,

PM Exam Simulator really helped me to crack PMP Exam in the first attempt. It helped me manage my time during the exam which is equally important apart from knowing the subject. I used to take one exam / day and then review all the questions with the explanation given. This is what I did 10 days before my actual exam and it really prepared me well for the exam. Moreover, the detailed score sheet helps you which knowledge area you need to focus on.

I highly recommend PM Exam Simualator for all PMP aspirants.

Best Wishes,

Shobhan Choppala

Hyderabad, India


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Berry TEchnologied Ince

I have purchased PM Simulator and have been preparing for the PMP exam. I feel it is really helpful in preparing for PMP exam . I certainly recommend this simulator for any one who is preparing for the exam.Thanks!

San Ramon, Berry TEchnologied Ince

P. Barron, PMP

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Rio Rancho Public Schools

I just want to say that I'm pretty sure that without taking the PM Exam Simulator exams, I would've failed to learn the PMP concepts in depth, and would've likely failed the exam.  Aside from "desensitizing" me to the testing environment and procedures (so the test I passed today was not so scary!), the exams gave me the chance to study nearly 1700 questions and organize my thinking about the PMP concepts.  I also got a chance to refine my test-taking strategies when facing difficult questions.  Lastly they gave me the chance to perfect me pace and timing through the test.  I had a very real sense this morning of how fast I needed to go in order to leave myself a "cusion" at the end for reviewing marked questions.  This was invaluable as it relieved a TON of pressure.

I would say to anyone getting ready to take the PMP Exam, "DO THIS!" if you do nothing else, because your learning and preparation will skyrocket. I'm indebted to the team at PM PrepCast and Cornelius for the great product and work they have done to make this resource available to us aspiring PMP's!

Rio Rancho, USA, Rio Rancho Public Schools

QA Lead

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PM Exam Simulator is the fisrt exam tool I have used . I would higly reccommed this Its a great tool 

1. Usage : Very Userfriendly and easy. Mimics exam very well .

2. Quality of Questions : Excellent ! The questions really makes your foundation strong .Good mix of situational, definitions and ITTOs . 

3. Test Reports : The reports are very good by Knowledge Area and gives real time performance comparion with respect to others using this tool .

4.Recommendations :

  4.1. Include questions on SPI and CPI and calculating schedule using CPM  .

  4.2. Most questions after Test 2 are repetitive . We would like to have more unique and situational questions  .

Houston, United States, ABS

PM Exam Simulator - Very Helpful

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Hello Cornelius.


I just wanted to take a moment to provide some feedback on the purchase and use of the PM Exam Simulator.

So, just like everyone else who has used this product, I was preparing to write for my PMP and needed a tool that could assess my knowledge to give me some understanding as to where my strengths and weaknesses were in regards to the all mighty PMBOK.  I had accessed some of the 'free' simulators, including the one offered by PM Prepcast, but I wanted to also test my stamina with a four (4) hour 200 question exam.

I had studied using various methods for 2.5 months before purchasing this simulator.  I used it for about 1 month before writing the exam.  I wrote 5 full exams and scored between 65% - 80% on all of them.  I was quite confident, but still used the assessment tool at the end of the exam to know where I still needed to concentrate my study efforts, as in some of the process groups I was scoring as low as 55% on a full exam.


After completing the PMP exam, it was very evident that the questions from the PM simulator were more challenging and tested my skills and knowledge to level that more than adequately prepared me to write the PMP exam.


I passed the PMP exam and was 'proficient' in 3/5 process groups and 'moderately proficient' in the other 2 groups.  I was very satisfied with my results.


Thanks to the PM Simulator, I was able to sit through a four (4) hour exam quite comfortably and, I believe, had a much easier time with the questions as they were not as difficult as they were in the simulator. I have recommended the PM Prepcast and this simulator to everyone I know who is studying, or planning on studying, for a PMI exam.


Thanks Cornelius.

Lance Draper, PMP

Edmonton, Canada, Stantec

Great source

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Shantha Biotech a Sanofi company


I took the PM Exam Simulator and it helped in enhancing my confidencce to face the exam. The tests/ quizzes are of immense use in understaning and applying the concepts.

Thanks a ton to PM Exam Simulator that helped me in passing the exam in the first attempt.

Hyderabad, India, Shantha Biotech a Sanofi company

Rock Solid Learning Materials

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I found the PMP Exam Simulators to be a tremendous help to me during my studying for the PMP exam. I also used the PM Formula Study Guide whichn really upped my level of understanding as well as providing me the ability to breakdown and calculate the formuals quickly after working through the study guide only two times!  All-in-all, I found Cornelius Fichtner's learning materials to be extremely helpful, well-written and well-worded.  I don't think I could have passed my PMP exam without them!

Exam Simulator is a MUST HAVE

Testimonial image

Passed my PMP on the first try.  I could not have done it wiothout the PM Exam Simulator.  Practice, practice, practice.

Mount Laurel, United States

Excellent Prep Tool

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I took the complete PM Simulator test 4-5 times before the real test, the questions helped me define my problem area and allowed me to go back and concentrate on them in my reviews.

I highly recommend taking the complete 4 hour test in one sitting several times to prepare yourself for the real deal.

When you take the real test, the time will go by faster than you think, and you want to have adequate time to answer all the questions to the best of your ability without too much guesswork.

I passed on the first try but I took the entire 4 hours to complete.

Chandler, USA, Inilex

Arvind Chakravarthy

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HCL Axon

With multitude of options available in the market, it was not easy selecting the right exam simulator. But I did find PM Exam Simulator being mentioned about in a few web forums.

PM Exam Simulator was the only and the last simulator I tried. I passed the PMP Exam in Nov 2014. Although I had signed up for the 9 exam pack, I did not need to write more than 4.  The Process Group and Knowledge Area wise breakup of the results was the best way to identify one’s strength and weakness.  The detailed explanation of every correct/incorrect response was another way to get a good grasp of the subject.  I have almost 10-15 of my colleagues who are preparing for PMP and I have already recommended PM Exam Simulator to all of them  J .

Johannesburg, South Africa, HCL Axon

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