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PMP Practice Exam with the most realistic PMP questions

Fully updated Project Management Institute (PMI)® 2023 questions for Project Management Professional (PMP)®,
PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® and Certified Associate in
Project Management (CAPM)® takers.
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Face the latest PMP exam format with confidence and pass comfortably based on practice tests, reviews, and various exam tips provided in the course material.

  • 2,280+ PMP practice exam sample questions
  • Five complete exams with 180 questions each
  • Separate quiz pool (1,100 questions)
  • Questions developed by certified PMP team
  • Updated to the current PMP Exam Content Outline (ECO)
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PMP Simulator is also available as:

Exam Simulator

Develop a solid foundation on Agile concepts with helpful simulator questions that let you identify knowledge and learning gaps at your own pace.

  • 480 PMI-ACP® exam sample questions
  • Four complete exams with 120 questions each
  • Questions developed by the Agile team
  • Updated to current PMI-ACP Exam Content Outline (ECO)
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CAPM® Exam

Test your knowledge on prep course items that make the exam easier to pass than the simulator (which is way better
than the opposite!)

  • 650 CAPM® exam sample questions
  • Five complete exams with 150 questions each
  • Questions developed by a certified team of PMs
  • Updated to current CAPM Exam Content Outline(ECO)
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Access exclusive bonus features that holistically prepare you for the exam:
Advanced PMI®
Exam Strategies
(Email Course)
Sample Exam Score
Contact Hours
Online Discussion
Weekly Exam Tips

Choosing The PrepCast PM Exam Simulator was the best decision I ever made

Reviewing without practice isn’t enough to help improve your exam-taking confidence, PM knowledge, and time management skills during the actual exam.

The PrepCast PM Exam Simulator offers you the best review experience that you can pace through at your own convenience. It is simply the best exam prep tool available in the market according to our previous students.

I have decided to go [with] something different and I went with [The] PM PrepCast Exam Simulator and I believe that is the best decision. I am very glad that I did that. After all our time is more valuable than the money. Exam Simulator in learning mode helped me a lot and gave me a very different perspective and mindset. It helped me with the pace and also taught me how to analyze the questions.

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Our exam simulators help you understand and apply PM concepts into real-life practice—not just on the actual exam. Experience the advantage when you use The PrepCast PM Exam Simulator.

  • Accurate PMP practice exam questions similar to the
    real exam
  • Mimics the actual test-taking environment
  • Supplementary resources that provide you thorough explanations
  • Knowledgeable and experienced team of PM-certified trainers

Top-Notch PMP Practice Exam Questions for
All Your Project Management Needs

Mastering the lessons from ‘A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge® or the ‘Agile Practice Guide’
can only take you so far on your exam prep review. The PrepCast PM Exam Simulator™ answers the question:

“Will it prepare me enough for the exam?”

We’ll let our customers answer that for you.

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The exam simulator was a fantastic tool in preparing for and passing my PMP exam! I enjoyed the option to customize quizzes from the question bank based on my weaknesses and time. The feedback was very detailed and all the questions had excellent references. The timing feature was a great tool to manage my pace through the questions. The detailed reports we excellent in understanding where to focus more study. I would highly recommend the simulator to anyone serious about passing their PMP exam with confidence.

The PM PrepCast Simulator is an absolute MUST if you're planning to take the PMP exam! I prepared for the test by reading (and understanding!) the PMBOK Guide and Agile Practice Guide and some other materials. But having the PMP exam simulator from PM PrepCast was CRUCIAL for me passing the PMP exam with ABOVE TARGET on ALL domains. The simulator is highly realistic, and in some cases a little harder than the actual PMP exam. After taking 3-4 full practice exams (and consistently scoring 80% ) in the simulator, you will feel that the actual exam is a breeze! Thank you so much Cornelius and PM PrepCast team. - James K., PMP

The Exam Simulator is super helpful, it is organized in a way that you can select the subject that you would like to focus on. Also, it helps in learning by practicing how to read, understand and most importantly answer correctly. The sample tests provides similar experience to the exam where you need to sit for around 4hrs! I had only 1 month to study and I nailed it.

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Experienced Education Provider

Since 2008 The PM Prepcast Course and Simulator has helped over 57,803+ students prepare for the exam.
We pride ourselves in our pioneering education approach and best practices in course design
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Features for
Maximum Value

The PrepCast PM Exam Simulator provides you with a valuable learning experience through a diverse range of learning tools that help you prepare for your certification exam.

  • Realistic Exam Prep Questions

  • Detailed Explanations For Most Answers

  • Simulated Exam Environment

  • Exam Mode, Timed Mode & Learning Mode

  • Mark for Review Feature

  • Retake All Exam as Many Times as You Like

  • Fully Updated to the PMI® Policies

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PMP® Exam

  • 2,280+ Questions
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Exam Simulator

  • 480 Questions
  • 4 Exams
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CAPM Exam®

  • 480 Questions
  • 5 Exams
  • 90 days access
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FAQs on The PrepCast PM Exam Simulator

1. What devices can I use to log in?

The PrepCast PM Exam Simulator can be used on any modern tablet or smartphone.

However, when taking a full exam, for the best experience, we recommend that you use either a laptop or desktop computer. After all, your real PMI exam will require you to use a regular, Windows-based computer while sitting at a desk. Therefore, practicing in the most realistic fashion possible would only benefit you.

2. What is your full money-back guarantee policy?

You will receive a full refund if your refund request is received within 15 days of your purchase and you also meet other criteria, which are described in our Refund Policy.

Click here to view our Refund Policy.

3. Do you offer discount coupons?

We regularly offer discount coupons for our products. These coupons are published in our newsletters and via various social media channels. Here is our policy in regards to accepting discount coupons:

  • Discount coupons are only valid for new purchases, and the coupon code must be entered into the Gift Certificate box at the time of purchase to obtain the discount.
  • Each discount coupon has a published start date and expiration date:
    • The discount cannot be applied to purchases that happened before the coupon start date.
    • The discount cannot be applied to purchases that happened on/after the coupon expiration date.
  • Customers who purchase a product for which a discount coupon is active on the day of the purchase have 3 days to write to support and ask to receive the discount. The discount cannot be granted if the customer writes to us later than 3 days after the purchase.
4. What do I need to access the Simulator?

The PrepCast PM Exam Simulator is an online tool and does not require you to download or install anything. This means that an active internet connection is required at all times.

It is not possible to take exams or quizzes while offline.

The minimum speed for your internet connection is 1 Mbps, however, a high-speed connection (cable, broadband, etc.) is recommended.

5. What browsers do you support?

As of June 2020, the simulator supports the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Safari


6. Does The PrepCast PM Exam Simulator provide contact hours?

The PrepCast PM Exam Simulator does not provide any project management training lessons, which means that it does not qualify for Contact Hours.

Contact Hours can only be earned for training received. And because The PM PrepCast Exam Simulator is "only" a tool to test your ability to take the PMP, PMI-ACP or CAPM Exam and doesn't provide any training lessons. This means that you cannot earn Contact Hours from it.

Please visit the following websites where you can earn the necessary training and contact hours:

7. Can I print the simulator questions?

The questions of The PrepCast PM Exam Simulator cannot be printed or exported. They are intended for online use only.

In this way, students can take advantage of simulator features, such as:

  • Detailed explanations for all questions, including the correct and incorrect answer choices.
  • Filter by Domain, Knowledge Area or the general filters where you can select questions that are answered, unanswered, answered correctly, answered incorrectly, marked, and used strike-through.
  • Use the complementary Live Feedback™ service to discuss the correctness of the questions' answers, explanations or references.

But most importantly, online-only access guarantees you are accessing the most recent question database. This is important because we update our questions and explanations quite regularly (sometimes daily) based on feedback and inputs from our students. The only way to be sure that you are seeing the most current and valid questions and explanations is by accessing them online.

8. When does the 90-day access countdown start?

Your initial 90-day access to The PrepCast PM Exam Simulator does not start immediately. Instead, the simulator "waits" for you to log in and start your first exam/quiz. When you do that, the simulator asks, "Do you want to activate your account?"

If you answer "Yes, activate", then your 90-day access begins.

In this way, you can purchase the simulator today, but continue with your exam studies until you are ready to take your first exam without losing any access time.

Please note that the activation of your account is irreversible. Once you say "Yes, activate", then it cannot be undone.

9. How much time will I have to spend practicing on the exam simulator?

You can spend as much or as little time as you like. In our experience, students who dedicate time to answering as many exam questions as possible improve their chances of success on the exam. Our simulator helps you focus your study time on the topics you really need to learn because the detailed analytics show you exactly where you went wrong. Dive into those domains and save time studying topics you already know!

10. How many people can share The PrepCast PM Exam Simulator?

Your purchase of The PrepCast PM Exam Simulator is for a single-user license. You will receive a username and password in your name to access the simulator. This is your personal access information, and you may not share your login credentials with others. You may access the simulator as often as you like during the subscription period. You may not sell your single-user license of The PrepCast PM Exam Simulator to others.

Access from multiple devices is permitted. However, access from multiple devices at the same time is prohibited.

11. What if I run out of time or need to reschedule my exam?

No problem! You can extend your access to the simulator by 30 days or 60 days so you’ll always be able to practice mock questions right up to your exam date.

12. I don’t need the simulator yet. Can I buy it now and use it later?

Yes! Your access to the simulator only starts when you choose it to. Buy it now, and use it when you are ready to start testing your knowledge.

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