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PMP® Exam Simulator Reviews by Actual Customers

Customer Reviews for The PMP® Exam Simulator

Rated                (4.7/5.0) by 100 clients


Persianas Group

I got PMP simulator 2 weeks to my PMP examination after using the free version and daily questions from the provider. I answered and reviewed all the explanations in the simulator. By the special grace of GOD I was able to pass my PMP examination in August 2017 at first sitting with Above Target grade. The simulator was very helpful in that it specifically trained and prepared me on how to seat for the real examination and manage my time properly. I was able to understand at what point I needed to take a break for convenience and others, without fidgeting. The simulator's questions may not be exactly the same as the real examination but helps thinking through and picking the right answers without confusion. I will recommend it for everyone.

Lagos, Nigeria, Persianas Group

PMP Exam Simulator - Best Testing Tool

Kennedy Information Systems Specialists, LLC

The PMP Exam Simulator is the best testing tool I have experienced and is a MUST for those that want to pass the PMP Exam. Below are my reasons:

  1. The questions are tough, many are wordy, and you must read to understand what is really being asked (i.e. may not need to calculate Network Path, just answer where is the project schedule created, as one example). Another example is with PV, where you need to identify which tasks or activities to include.
  2. Regarding the tracking to review your incorrect answers, you can see which Process Group and Knowledge Area relates to the question and how much much was spent.
  3. The recorded time taken for each question is good as it indicates whether I spent too much time on this type of question. 
  4. Easy to review completed questions and the reference is provided whether in the PMBOK Guide or outside of the PMBOK Guide, which is great.
  5. One click on the question answered incorrectly, allows you to go directly to the question and see your incorrect answer and the correct answer, and the hints and explanations provided are are very meaningful.
  6. The overall testing summaries are very useful.
  7. Lastly, I can easily see which Process Groups I need work on and where I am Above Target, Target, or Below Target. Using this testing tool, I will pass the PMP on my second attempt (I wish I had this tool earlier).

Lake Worth, United States, Kennedy Information Systems Specialists, LLC

PM Simulator makes PMP exam, easy

Mannai Trading Co. WLL

I am happy to notify  that, I have passed my PMP , To achieve this Certification I have been studying since June’16.

I have gone thru various study material and mockup exams.

But the success of passing the PMP, credit goes to PM Prepcast Exam simulator.

I have enrolled this three month ago just after my revisions as it time for exam practice.

PM Prepcast Exam Simulator really help me to pass my PMP certification. It contains the detailed Lessons & questionnaires  from each and every knowledge areas.

The level of knowledge gained by practicing the Exam simulations is inevitable to pass the exam.

I thank you, to the team PrepCast for providing a wonderful, achievable, study material and knowledgeable web based definitions.

I pledge to motivate others to participate in online PrepCast topics and sessions. 

HYDERABAD, India, Mannai Trading Co. WLL

Passed the PMP on the First Try

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

The exam simulator is a great tool to use to gauge how you are doing with your study plan. I really appreciated the ability to sit down and do a simulated full exam. This simular made it easy to prep myself, see how I was doing, as well as to physically prep for the exam. It is an exhausting exam you definitely need practice to know when and how your brain with tire.

I used the full exams, as well as the short quizzes when time was short. The nice thing about these exams are that if you get something wrong, you will be able to go back and look at why, as well as reference where the answer is located in the PMBOK or other resources. I highly recommend this resource!

Altoona, USA, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Effective Exam Simulator

PM Exam Simulator helped me to pass the PMP exam successfully. After taking all the mock exams with a score of more than 70%, it means that you are ready for the real exam.

The difficulty of the mock exam is quite similar to the real exam.


You'll Pass

These simulated questions were crucial to me passing the PMP. Before you study a PMBOK knowledge area, take a "pre-test" of 20-30 questions. Don't worry, you'll do horrible at first and you'll be able to see what you got wrong. As you study the respective knowledge area, the information that you got wrong on the pre-test will seem to jump out at you and make it easier to retain. Afterwards, take another test associated with the knowledge area you just studied. You will do miraculously better. Also, the difficulty of these questions were similar to the actual exam.



Promise International Enterprises, LLC

The PM-Prepcast Exam Simulator was the BEST USE OF MY REVIEW TIME. I did not expect to find the same or identical question from the Simulator in the actual exam, so I needed a way to understand the concepts better. For me, the path I chose was spending more time to review the simulator exams questions after each test to be sure that I truly understood the concept. To help me further, during the last days of my exam preparation, I deliberately guessed the answers to ALL the  questions in the Input, Tools, Techniques, and Output Exam so I can review ALL the Questions, and it worked perfectly. I was able to understand the concepts, and I am sure that the review contributed immensely to my success in the actual PMP Certification Exam. Thank you very much for being a valuable resource to my success!

Downers Grove, USA, Promise International Enterprises, LLC

Must buy for passing PMP on 1st attempt

Hi all....

Please do purchase this one. This pmp simulator not only boosts your confidence but also is very helpful for taking notes from the answers/explanation provided for all the exams. It was very helpful for me which indeed has a great share in my success in my exam.

All the best to everyone for their PMP exam.

Kalyan, India

I passed first try!

Need I say more? The exam simulator is a fantastic tool. Easy to use and challenging but you will be well prepared for the exam. Do as many practice exams as you can. Go over the questions you get wrong and review the PM PMBOK guide (chapter and page references provided!) and you can't go wrong. Thanks so much for making this wonderful resource available!


I passed my PMP exam on last August 14, 2017


On last August 14th, 2017, I passed my PMP exam, Thank you PM Exam Simulator Team!!!
It was my second try, but this time I took it seriously and I invested time and resources in preparing myself for the exam day. I purchased the PM Exam Simulator and practiced every day I returned from work and on weekeds for 6 months, also I prepared ITTO flashcards with some slides that I was given at the PMP official training provider and practice reading and understanding the logic behind them. I did it while I was in public transportation to my work place and in every single free time I had. I also read the material I was given at the course. I practice a lot in the PM Exam simulator and I also downloaded the PMP Game in my mobile phone and this game helped me to memorize the ITTOs while playing with them.
Every time I ran a test in the PM Exam Simulator I reviewed the wrong answered question against the PMBOK reference included in the simulator, that helped me a lot to go straight to relevant knowledge I needed to improve.
I also purchased a simulator from other vendor (Testking) which I tought would be helpful however it was unupdated. It had questions from Version 4 and confused me, since even in the PM Exam Simulator I was getting good scores in the TK simulator I had bad notes, until I discovered it was unupdated, so I stopped using it and focused in the PM Exam Simulator with excellent results.
This experience of getting the PMP certification was a big challenge for my Professional development and thanks to PM Exam simulator and hard work I passed the exam, below my scores:
Initiation: Moderately Proficient
Planning: Moderately Proficient
Executing: Proficient
Monitoring and Controlling: Moderately Proficient
Closing: Moderately Proficient
I really recommend PM Exam simulator.

Mexico, México, Amdocs

The right tool....

I had cleared the PMP exam in the first attempt. I read the PMBOK, focusing mainly on the ITTO. After this I had taken the simulation test from PM Exam Simulator. It gave me results and idea where I need to focus.This tool really made my brain think as a PMP professional. If  without this, it would not have been possible to clear it in the first attempt. I was lucky I found this learning tool. Thanks.

Chennai, India


Highly informative, great practice questions, incredible support from staff - thank you!

Los Angeles, US

Use it!

The use of PM Exam Simulator has assured that I passed the PMP exam at the first try.

It helps to check whether you have sufficient knowledge of the the PMBOK and understand the type of questions you can expect. But is also assures you are getting used to the pace which is required to answer the questions and the 4 hours test time it takes, in which you have to stay focused and confident.

Take the time to run several tests, its worth the investment.

Scharsterbrug, Netherlands

Exam Simulator Testimonial

My experience with Simulator was quite good. It helped me to get an overview of exam and it covers the complete PMBOK. It helped me to pass the exam in the first test itself and I would recommend the simulator to anyone preparing for PMP


Passed First Try

The simulated exams were just like the real exam. Using the combination of the prep cast study course and the practice exams for less than 30 days, I passed the exam on the first try! I recommend these exams to everyone I know wanting to take the PMP, including PMP groups within my organization. The exam reports, the statistics, all of it are wonderful and definitely worth it!



Dear team

I passed PMP exam on July 12th.

Just some notes:

PMP Exam questions were harder in terms of complexity than simulator questions. They were also longer than the average of those I got within Exam Simulator. My suggestion is to sit for the exam once the average of simulator "passed" answer is always above 80%

That said, thanks for your support!

Sergio Ferraiuolo

Rome, Italy

PM Prepcast Exam Simulator – Highly Recommended

Tesco Bengaluru Pvt Ltd

I would like to share my earnest feedback for PM Prepcast simulator program. The simulation mock exam helped a lot in understanding the weak areas and working on them. Specially ITTOs – mock test is reality check for understanding of PMBOK standards.

I must say the exam questions were very close to simulator exam in terms of applying the fundamentals with a mix of tricks for checking the correct understanding of concepts. I have attempted 4 full length mock test which has helped me in managing the time. I was consistently able to finish the exam in 3.5 hrs and last 30 mins for review.

 In the main exam I completed 200 questions in similar timing and last 30 mins. were for review. Finally I cleared the exam with satisfactory result. 

Bangalore, India, Tesco Bengaluru Pvt Ltd

Extremely Helpful Exams

Catch Intelligence

The 12-week PMP Preparation class I took was taught by local PMP’s.  One of the instructors recommended we buy additional tests for practicing.  She gave us the  link she recommended:  I bought 9 practice exams which included a specific Inputs/Tools-Techniques/Outputs exam. 

During the 12-week period, I scheduled exam time for myself and took the 6 of the 9 exams striving for scores 80 or above.  Most of the time I scored in the high 70’s.  One of the very beneficial components of the exams were the questions that were not in the PMBOK Guide, nor any of the text books I was studying.  The PMP Test does include current events, so that forced me to think outside of just book learning.

The other very beneficial component of purchasing the exams was to practice answering all of the questions within the timeframe given.  Initially, I was not able to answer all of the questions in four hours.  Through practicing, I learned how to watch the timer and number of questions left in order to complete the test in four hours.  While some guides tell you to take breaks during the actual exam, taking practice tests will give you an understanding of your personal timing requirements.

Omaha, United States, Catch Intelligence


Immediately after I failed my PMP exam, I did an internet search on how to pass the PMP exam.  Up came the PM Exam Simulator link as the first choice. I have attempted almost all the exam questions and I must say that the answers to the questions are well prepared such that they help in the student's thorough revision.  For every answer selection that is right or wrong for the question, there is an explanation plus references to the PMBOK section for further reading.   

I strongly recommend this service to any new student to PMP who wants more practice questions.


Passed First Time!!

I believe an exam simulator is a requirement in the pursuit of a PMP certification.

The PM Prepcast Exam simulator was an excellent resource in my studying routine.  I used the practice questions to test my understanding after reviewing each Knowledge Area.  I also took 3 full exams which was a bit burdensome, but very well worth the effort.  I felt like the questions on the actual PMP exam were very similar to the questions from the simulator.  I was a bit nervous and overwhelmed to begin with, but once I got my stride, I started realizing that many of the questions felt similar to the simulator.  Two things about the simulator that were most helpful -- the statistics and the post exam explanations to the answers.  The statistics helped me concentrate my studying on my weakest areas and I did see improvement toward the end of my studying.  It also gave me more confidence as I compared my average grades with the percentage of passing actual PMP exam.  The post exam explanations were excellent -- they cited exactly where the information was in the PMBOK for more thorough follow-up.  

My only criticism was that with such a large pool of questions, why did I have multiple repeat questions when I took the full exams?    

Salem, United States


The simulator helped me a lot to succeed in the real exam, the questions of which however seemed to be quite more difficult than the simulator ones.

Thessaloniki , Greece

Very Helpful

The PMP Exam Simulator was great to practice on. It has prepared me and helped me passed my exam.  I like the fact that I was able to access the exams anywhere as long as there is a wifi access.  I strongly recommend this, and it was worth the cost. 

Toronto, Canada


When I have joined and reviewed the PM Exam Simulator package for the first time, I was impressed with the well-stated questions and the well-prepared answers, along with crystal clear explanations. You learn how to think as a potential PMP and prepare yourself for the final exam. Surely you can learn through the answers and mostly through your mistakes. Good job Cornelius! 

Athens, Greece

Good preparation for the PMP exam

This was a great simulation for the real thing. I think the questions were great and asked about all the topics in the exam. From my own person exam that I took, I felt the simulator asked more math, quality, and motivational questions than the real exam. Perhaps this was done intentionally since I felt those were the questions on the real exam you either know or don't know and really should be easy points to help you pass the exam.

For me the real exam asked a lot more situational questions and some thought needed to be put into which was the right application of the question whether it was an ethics, procedural or a plain guess what the real problem is type of question. Overall, I got a single mostly proficient on the closing section, everything else I was proficient.


Bruce Loney P.Eng. PMP

Self-Employed Contract Consultant

I wanted to couple my engineering project skills to the best practices of the PMP program as described in PMBOK. I used the mentored course and then relied heavily on the practice exams. I did 7 of them and was ready for test day; passed it on first attempt . It was the exam  simulator  that made the difference for me.

Lively , Ontario, Canada, Self-Employed Contract Consultant

Excellent Tool

State Compensation Insurance Fund

It's been a year and a half since I passed the PMP exam.  As I reflect back on the entire process of studying for the exam and the different methods used, I am reminded of the impact of the PMP Exam Simulator on my ability to pass the exam.

The PMP Exam Simulator allowed me to identify my weak areas, reinforced my confidence in my knowledge by providing different modes of testing, and prepared me for the full exam with the real exam mode.

Without the simulator, I don't believe I would have been properly prepared for the full exam. Time management is crucial for successfully taking the exam and the simulator is a great tool for learning to manage your time.

Vacaville , United States , State Compensation Insurance Fund

Couldn't have passed the exam without it

I passed the PMP exam today, proficient for all 5 knowledge areas. 

I could not have done this without the PM Exam Simulator. The simulator allows you to take learning quizzes and allows you to review and analyze in which areas your weaknesses lay. I found this feature extremely useful to progressively elaborate my PMBOK knowledge to a point where I could walk into the test center with full confidence. I took the learning quizzes in 50-question chunks and analyzed my results in between.

The questions in the simulator are all of high quality and very representative of the type of questions you'll encounter on the real exam, though maybe a few too many allow you to eliminate all-but one answer, which was not the case on the exam.

In any case, this was definitely money very well-spent.

Brussels, Belgium

Good value

I used the PMP Exam Simulator and passed the test on my first try. It was a great addition to PM PrepCast online training that I used to get my 35 contact hours. I personally found many of the questions vague with meandering problem statements; however, I soon found out that the PMP exam also had many poorly written problems. Thus I found that I appreciated the simulated exams (I only had time for two) more after I actually took the test.  

New Orleans, United States

Exam Simulator Review


It's in great condition. Probably you may want to update more patterns as per the current year assessment.

Melbourne, Australia, Infosys

Excellent tool for PMP exam prep

I wish I would have started my PMP preparation journey here.  This tool is very close to the exam in simulation and therefore does a solid job to prepare.  The questions are the right tone and difficulty.  I have taken some mock exams that just are not the REAL flavor of the actual exam.  The name "PMP Exam Simulator" is fitting. I needed to take time to train my eyes and mind to read questions on a computer with a count down for 4 hours.  This did the trick!

PMP Exam Simulator helped me surface my weak areas all the while learning.  All time well spent. "Timed/Learning Quizzes" helped me learn as I go.  The full exam simulator helped me sit for 4 hours and ace the exam!!   Great product and 360 degree service!

Michigan City, US

As good as the actual exam

The simulator was the best decision in the PMP process. No matter what book one reads, this add the final touch.


I did it

I got the Certificate
I am now PMP certified
Thanks for the amazing website
it is amazing and helpful
I recommend it.
Best regards




I must say this was a solid test prep program. The questions help me develop the necessary skill to think through a question and validate my thought process with the explanations. The different versions of the exam helped me build my attention span and get a feel for how much time I needed to spend on each question. Overall, I would give it a rating of 5 out of 5 and recommend the site to anyone preparing for the PMP exam. 



PMtraining was a major factor for me to pass the PMP exam. The exam simulator helped me get ready by accumulating experience in solving more than one thousand questions. 


Passed my PMP

Hi , I have passed my PMP exam .
PM Exam Simulator has been a help to understand and resolve the complex type questions that i have faced in the actual exam.
Few things need to be corrected with respect to the [b]explanations[/b] given for a wrong question in the Simulator .
I have raised 2 questions and PM exam simulator team has responded back.
For new aspiring PMP exam candidates , i would definitely recommend PM Exam Simulator for practice as it helps in going through the   each an every section of  Pmbok guide.

I have studied  PMBOK Guide, Head First , Rita and PMP Exam Simulator to pass the exam.

Hyderabad, India

Highly Appreciated

Dear Cornelius,

Your PMP Exam Simulator has helped me to pass the PMP exam from the 1st try. It has great timed/learning quizzes which are great tool to understand the concepts behind the questions and to actually "get the feeling" of the real exam.

I highly recommend it for anyone that is applying for the PMP exam.

Best regards,



I made it

Honestly, none of PM Prepcast exam simulation questions and Rita exam simulation questions came out on exam live but PM Prepcast will let you understand the trick and system that can make you get some PMP questions right. After I read my PMBOK and Rita, I used Rita exam simulation for couple of weeks, after that, I used PM Prepcast for another 3 weeks. I made sure I was in Exam mode Monday - Friday (4 hours)  for another 4 weeks and I do my correction every weekend. And also my experience in Project Management helped a lot. I did my PMP exam last Saturday and I passed. Thank you for PM Prepcast.

Richmond, USA

Excellent Study Aid

Nordco, Inc.

The PM Exam Simulator was the single best preparation tool I used to pass the PMP exam.  Following 2 months of book study I took 3 printed internet practice exams and was frustrated.  I then purchased the PM PrepCast and transitioned to the PM Exam Simulator taking 2 simulated exams a week during my final month of preparation.  Completing 8 total exams with scores between 72% and 81%.  The simulation adequately prepared me and taught me a proper cadence that I needed to achieve in order to answer all 200 questions in the 4 hours.  I found the simulation and test to be very similar.  The PMP exam questions did not have as much text, but the content of the questions was similar.  I am fine with this as I would have rather prepared by filtering more text than needed, developed skills to deal with this and then find the test not to be as shocking.  I passed on the first attempt following 3 months and over 300 hours of study.  I had less than 1 min. to spare answering the final 200th question.  I do not think I would have passed this test without having used the PM Exam Simulator. 

Waukesha, WI, United States of America, Nordco, Inc.

Very good

Actually very good and really helped me to take my PMP.

Saudi Arabia

PMP Exam Simulator Review


I purchased the entire exam simulator package (9 exams) in May of 2017 and found it extremely beneficial to my preparation for the exam. I took five of the 4hr simulations and scored, 72.5, 78.5, 72, 75 and 75.  I was concerned that this was not high enough to pass the exam on the first try. I was wrong and passed on the first attempt with 4 MP's and 1 P. 

I found this link that where Cornelius Fichtner explains mock score ranges and your chances of passing the actual PMP exam. I found that his exams were tougher than the actual PMP, which help prepare me a lot!  http://http//

I highly recommend these simulation exams. You need to practice sitting for 4hrs and reading very long questions.  It's part of the training and studying process for the actual PMP.  Good luck!

Tampa, FL, USA

Very helpful

I passed the PMP exam last week. As part of the preparation I had took six mocks from the ExamSimulator. The questions here were more difficult and more tricky than the real exam, but they really did help me to dig out my weaknesses and also help me to link up individual chapters of the textbook into a coherent structure.


Very Helpful


I would definitely recommend the PMP Exam Simulator. I also used the PM Prepcast which was a great study tool. Both were very beneficial and helped me pass the test. Thanks!

Scottsdale, AZ, USA, HonorHealth

Very useful

I found all of the sample tests, even the scary ITTO specific test, to be very valuable in my preparation to take the certification exam. The example tests are essential to prepare you for the number of questions, the time allocated, and how to pace yourself. They also expose areas where you are weak and need to do more study. I would recommend that anyone preparing for the exam subscribe to these sample tests as a part of their preparation.

Highlands Ranch, United States

Wonderful experience

Haldor Topsøe

I had a coincidence while getting an opportunity to go through Mr. Fichtner's free presentations online. Though it was too late to go for full course as I was well ahead on my preparation, but these online simulators really helped. Had I got an information about these a few weeks back..I could had saved on lot of my efforts. Thanks!

New Delhi, India, Haldor Topsøe

Close to the actual - extremely useful


I recently took and passed my PMP exam. I had studied a lot and taken many free example exam questions. My concern with those questions was the inconsistency. Some questions had obvious errors, both grammatically and with actual content. Then I tried the PM Exam Simulator as part of my PM Prep Cast study. The questions were well written and covered a variety of difficulty levels. My favorite part was the useful explanations of the answers (both correct and incorrect). Some sample questions I saw elsewhere took the approach of "here is the correct answer, go figure out why" but the PM Exam Simulator took the additional step of showing why or why not along with the response. I was still nervous walking into the testing center that the real exam would be completely different. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the questions in the PM Exam Simulator seemed to properly represent what I saw in the actual exam. I personally believe working through 7 exams in the PM Exam Simulator allowed me to pass the PMP without difficulty.

Memphis, United States, Buckman

A good PMP exam preparation tool - pm-exam-simulator by OSP International LLC.

Beumer Group

I have used this pm-exam-simulator to prepare for the PMP exam and found it very useful in terms of exam question familiarity, exam scope, exam time management practice and also the explanation for each answer.

Before taking the actual exam, I would strongly recommend candidates to use this tool for preparation.


Hong Kong SAR, China, Beumer Group

It Boils Down to One Thing...

... I wouldn't have passed my PMP exam without PM Exam Simulator. Free questions available online only get you so far. The exam questions any prospective PMP candidate will face are extremely difficult, and this was the only place where I could find ones that were every bit as hard, if not more difficult, than those I saw during the test. I earned my PMP with only three weeks of study and I could not have done it without PM Exam Simulator.

Danbury, USA

Excellent material

Adesso Consulting

I went to a bootcamp and received their material and studied at least a few house a day for 4 months.  The last month I studied upwards of 4-6 hrs./day.  I used their sample questions and then had them all memorized.  I then purchased the PM Exam Simulator questions and found them to be excellent.  I like the fact that you can pick the process area or all process areas.  I would highly recommend the Exam Simulator.  And yes, I passed the first time I took the test.

Atlanta, United States, Adesso Consulting

PMP Mission accomplished

Tech Mahindra

First of all thanks to Cornlious by extending my SIM access 1 Month after expiration. Finally i pass my PMP exam with 3 P and 2 MP  Levels. Simulator was a good start for me to evaluate myself  if I am ready or not. I suggest go for it. I also bought :


I Suggest to read the PMBOK + any additional study Guide for detail concept understanding (I used RMC + Aileen) before proceeding with Simulator and read each and every answer clarification (both wrong and correct).

Seattle, USA, Tech Mahindra

Great experience! Great support!

It is THE BEST possible PMP exam preparation tool! If you value your time and money - it is best option. Thank you!

Calgary, Canada

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