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Got questions? Use Live Feedback!

They say an exam simulator is only as good as its questions. While that is certainly true, here is a feature that you are going to love even more: In The PM Exam Simulator you can ask a certified trainer for feedback and additional explanations about any of the questions you see.

This means that Live Feedback gives you direct access to the exam experience of our certified trainers. If you are uncertain about a question from the simulator and need clarification, you can simply click on the feedback button and send a note to the trainers. They will review your input, check our many sources and respond back to you in writing -- usually within about a day.

Live Feedback™ is a perfect way to learn.

Live Feedback™ is Available for all Three Exams

No matter which exam you are studying for, Live Feedback™ gives you access to our team of certified trainers. It's available for the following three Project Management Institute (PMI)® Exams:

  1. Project Management Professional (PMP)® -- PMP® Exam
  2. PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® -- PMI-ACP® Exam
  3. Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® -- CAPM® Exam

Students Appreciate Live Feedback

Live Feedback is probably the most appreciated feature of The PM Exam Simulator, because it puts the experience of our certified trainers at your fingertips. Here is what one of our Project Management Professional (PMP)® students had to say about it:

Student Success Story

"There are many resources out there for the PMP exam preparation, including simulators. I used a few and have to say that this one is probably the best available on the market! Incredibly user friendly, nice, clean, and intuitive interface. One can say that a lot of thought has been put in its design to make it as close as possible to the real one.

And the most valuable feature, IMHO, is that this simulator has a feedback option, which you, as a student, can use in case you disagree with the answer, or need some clarification, or just want to give an improvement suggestion.

When you leave a feedback, a professional PMP get back to you in less than 24 hours with a detailed reply. You can discuss your feedback further until your concern is fully addressed and the issue (if any) resolved. It’s like to have a personal coach while preparing for your exam. Absolutely amazing!

I personally practiced all 8 full 200 questions exams on this simulator and must say that without it I could have not succeeded in my real exam. I passed my real one with 4 P’s and 1 MP, and I’m sure it was the simulator that contributed a lot to my success. Thanks OSP and Cornelius for the great product!"

Stan Podoxin, PMP, Canada

Disclaimer: Stan is a consultant providing project management services. Following his success on the PMP® Exam, he joined OSP International LLC and he is now part of the live feedback team himself, answering questions from our students. He wrote the above review as part of his PMP® lessons learned before joining our team.

How Live Feedback Works

Here is the normal process of how you would use Live Feedback as part of studying with The PM Exam Simulator:


You have completed an exam or quiz in The PM Exam Simulator and while reviewing your results you come across a question that puzzles you. You read the question a few more times, compare the available answers against A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), yet you still feel that you seem to be missing something.


You decide that you need help with this question, so you click on the "Live Feedback" button in the simulator. A dialog box opens up, you type in your question, select an appropriate category for your query and click on submit.


The simulator sends your message via email to The PM Helpdesk and notifies the trainer that a new ticket with your input has been created.


The trainer receives your message and performs a thorough review of what you have said. In most cases, trainers will also review feedback that was received from other students regarding the same question. The trainer then writes up their response, decides on a possible action (see below) and sends their response back to you.


Both of you continue the conversation until you are satisfied and understand the concept.

Live Feedback Example Conversation with an Actual Student

Click to view Live Feedback Example (PDF)

Click the button to open a PDF document that contains a relatively typical example of a Live Feedback™ conversation between a student of The PM Exam Simulator™ and the support team:

  • A student sends a question directly from within the simulator to support
  • The support team reviews and analyzes the feedback, and then takes action
  • Support replies back to the student with additional details and background information
  • The student is happy

The conversation in the document has not been altered (except for some fixed typos and highlighting) and represents the original conversation. The name of the student has been withheld.

What are the most likely outcomes / actions of Live Feedback?

There are a number of outcomes and actions that may happen as a result of your feedback to the trainer:

  • The trainer explains the concept to you and you now understand why you got this question wrong.
  • The trainer finds a problem in the question and the question text is corrected or clarified.
  • The trainer fixes the typo that you pointed out.
  • The trainer updates the explanation to this question, so that other students benefit from your input.

As you can see, feedback that you send often leads to an improvement of the question, which means that everyone benefits.

Another Student Review of Live Feedback

Here is another review written by one of our students as part of their exam lessons learned. It shows not only the power of Live Feedback but he also has a clear opinion about how good The PM Exam Simulator really is.

Student Success Story

Ok, in the beginning I had a hate relationship with the PM Exam Simulator. I was cursing my existence working through those dang quizzes. I found some questions maddeningly vague and other answers that I thought were wrong. I noticed the feedback button and gave my thoughts. I honestly didn’t expect any response.

However... And this is a big however... I was surprised when I saw a response to my feedback. And I was stunned when I realized that PM Exam Simulator had actually read my thoughts. And then, on a subsequent quiz, I encountered the same question, but I noticed that the question had been updated, and the explanation contained my observations.


The question update was certainly encouraging because it reinforced that I was identifying the correct Project Management elements, but I will further add that on the questions where I was just wrong, (which was most of them) I found their professional PMP customer service explanations thorough and patient.

I must confess though, the test question vagueness never goes away. And for good reason, the actual PMP exam takes vagary to a whole new level. So PM Exam Simulator is doing its users a favor by writing questions similar to what you WILL encounter in the exam.

I tested on four separate test banks and found PM Exam Simulator superior by every measure. It sounds like a trivial detail, but that stupid clock in the quizzes ticking down your demise is fantastic practice. The practice clock has the same physiological effect that you get on the PMP exam: it inspires panic.

Should you invest your money in this product? Let me put it to you this way.

On that day when you have finished the first hour of the PMP exam and have only finished 37 questions, and you realize you are woefully behind and that flutter of panic starts to spread through your belly, you will remember that you took at least 4 full PM Exam Simulator practice tests, so you are familiar with the pace; you are used to that clock ticking down, down, down; and you have scored 80% or better so you have every confidence that you have some mastery of the material. This will still the flutter and assuage the panic because you will know you can achieve your certificate goal. In that moment your hate will turn to love.

John Immel, PMP, USA

  • PM Exam Simulator Review by Ludwig Schreier, PMP, Germany
      The PM Exam Simulator is one of the best resources for leaping ahead with your PMP studies. Not only is it a quality online system which tracks your statistics etc., but also the personal feedback provided by staff is top-notch, fast and helpful. 
  • PM Exam Simulator Review by Ramya Nagaraja, PMP, USA
      I passed my PMP last week and the PM Exam Simulator played a great role in helping me prepare for the exam. The price is great and content is very competitive. I would definitely recommend the PM Exam Simulator software to anyone who is preparing for PMP! 
  • PM Exam Simulator Review by Vivek Gupta, PMP, USA
      I would like to give a big thanks to you as I cleared my PMP exam because of the PM Exam Simulator. This tool gave me so much confidence and improve my PMP Knowledge Area. Many Thanks! 
  • PM Exam Simulator Review by Sharon Post, PMP, Australia
      I found the PM Exam Simulator excellent. Easy to use both in full exam simulator mode and also in taking tests for a limited number of questions. Set me up well for the PMP exam. 
  • PM Exam Simulator Review by Ivan Shmilyk, PMP, Ukraine
      The PM Exam Simulator is an excellent tool, being easily accessed via browser in your laptop, tablet, or phone. It provides broad analysis of your performance and gives you an idea to clearly understand your gaps.   
  • PM Exam Simulator Review by Anke Rosenthal, PMP, Germany
      The PM Exam Simulator was of great help for me. I just passed the PMP test today and I felt very well prepared. Thank you very much again for all your support. :) 
  • PM Exam Simulator Review by Dina Pejcinovic, PMP, Australia
      The PM Simulator helped me tremendously and allowed me to approach the PMP exam with confidence. 
  • PM Exam Simulator Review by Prathibha GB, PMP, India
      The quality and content of the PM Exam Simulator was excellent. I was confident enough to take the PMP exam after going through all the mock tests in the exam. I did clear the PMP exam with Proficient remark in 4 of the Processes. I recommend the simulator to anyone who would like to pass the PMP exam in the first attempt. 

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