In-depth Statistics

Detailed statistics help focus your studies

The PM Exam Simulator statistics help you focus your studies.

Each Exam or Quiz you take in The PM Exam Simulator not only generates a separate and detailed exam report, these reports are also added to your detailed statistics page. There are both detailed as well as aggregated statistics for you. For example you can see that you are doing really well in Domain 1 and Domain 2, but Domain 3 isn't looking so great.

By analyzing one or more areas from within your statistics you will get a good picture of how you are doing overall and what areas you will need to focus on more in your studies.

Available Statistics

All statistics are tailored to the specific exam you are taking. For example the Project Management Professional (PMP)® report shows statistics per Knowledge Area, in the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® report you see statistic for Knowledge & Skills and in the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® report you have them per chapter in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). Here is what you'll get for each exam type:

Statistics Contains PMP® Simulator PMI-ACP® Simulator CAPM® Simulator
Overview High-level overview across all the exams/quizzes you have taken in the past 30/60 days
Details A listing of each and every exam/quiz that you have ever taken in the simulator. You can click on any of these reports to open up the detailed results.
By Exam See how well you did for each of the available exams in the simulator. Shown for the first 5 times that you take each exam.
By Knowledge Area See how well you understand each Knowledge Area from the guide. Identify your weak ones.
By Knowledge + Skills ACP Questions are assigned to specific Knowledge and Skill areas. Here you can see exactly how you're doing for each.
By PMBOK® Guide Chapter See how well you understand each chapter from the PMBOK® Guide. Adjust your studies by focusing on those that give you the most trouble.
By Domain Identify your weakest Domain in the exam to guide and focus your studies.
Exam Feedback Get an idea of how past simulator users report they have fared on their real exams. Students tell us their exam results and we correlate their pass/fail into a tabular overview. It's all completely anonymous of course.
  • PM Exam Simulator Review by Ludwig Schreier, PMP, Germany
      The PM Exam Simulator is one of the best resources for leaping ahead with your PMP studies. Not only is it a quality online system which tracks your statistics etc., but also the personal feedback provided by staff is top-notch, fast and helpful. 
  • PM Exam Simulator Review by Ramya Nagaraja, PMP, USA
      I passed my PMP last week and the PM Exam Simulator played a great role in helping me prepare for the exam. The price is great and content is very competitive. I would definitely recommend the PM Exam Simulator software to anyone who is preparing for PMP! 
  • PM Exam Simulator Review by Vivek Gupta, PMP, USA
      I would like to give a big thanks to you as I cleared my PMP exam because of the PM Exam Simulator. This tool gave me so much confidence and improve my PMP Knowledge Area. Many Thanks! 
  • PM Exam Simulator Review by Sharon Post, PMP, Australia
      I found the PM Exam Simulator excellent. Easy to use both in full exam simulator mode and also in taking tests for a limited number of questions. Set me up well for the PMP exam. 
  • PM Exam Simulator Review by Ivan Shmilyk, PMP, Ukraine
      The PM Exam Simulator is an excellent tool, being easily accessed via browser in your laptop, tablet, or phone. It provides broad analysis of your performance and gives you an idea to clearly understand your gaps.   
  • PM Exam Simulator Review by Anke Rosenthal, PMP, Germany
      The PM Exam Simulator was of great help for me. I just passed the PMP test today and I felt very well prepared. Thank you very much again for all your support. :) 
  • PM Exam Simulator Review by Dina Pejcinovic, PMP, Australia
      The PM Simulator helped me tremendously and allowed me to approach the PMP exam with confidence. 
  • PM Exam Simulator Review by Prathibha GB, PMP, India
      The quality and content of the PM Exam Simulator was excellent. I was confident enough to take the PMP exam after going through all the mock tests in the exam. I did clear the PMP exam with Proficient remark in 4 of the Processes. I recommend the simulator to anyone who would like to pass the PMP exam in the first attempt. 

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