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PMI-ACP® Exam Simulator Reviews by Actual Customers

Customer Reviews for The PMI-ACP® Exam Simulator

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AWESOME ! I passed my PMP

The questions are  standard , the difficulty level is a bit higher than what you would expect to see in the real PMP exam ,but this is a good thing since it will definitely help out when taking the real exam. The answers also provide an in-depth understanding of the concepts questioned .

The key to passing the PMP is practice practice practice ! this solution provides just that and so much more .


PM Exam Simulator

What a great material to prepare for the pmp exam. The various questions simulates different ways by which to approach real pmp exam. Now a certified PMP.

Maitama, Nigeria

Review of PMP exam-prep

STMicroelectronics (previous job)

It was worthwhile to do your exams as preparation for PMP.  I did all of them and repeated a couple where my score was low.  The PMP exam was similar yet to a higher level to your exam.  The ITTOs questions were not direct ones but scenario was described and asked to identify process. T&T for next process had to be chosen.

Dallas, Texas, USA, STMicroelectronics (previous job)

Not upto the mark of PMP exam

When I first signed-up for free mocks (3*30), I was quite impressed with the situational questions given in them - expected same kind of situational questions in Paid mocks as well but I got very much disappointed after seeing the quality of questions in paid mocks. More scenario based questions will add more value and it will be very near to actual PMP exam experience.

Hope your team will work to improve the number of scenario based questions in paid mocks.

Chennai, India

Very good product

University of Toronto

I am recommending this product highly. It contains the questions that are really similar to the real PMP exam and even more difficult occasionally. I relied on different product at the beginning of my studies but learned it is not difficult enough. I switched and passed my PMP exam on Dec. 7, 2016. Thank you!

Toronto, Canada, University of Toronto

Greet and quality tools for exam preparation

Without PMP Simulator I cannot be success to become PMP. It's a must to get well prepared and know your weak area (including the answering technique or thinking style not only in knowledge area), even you are well with the knowledge, you can get fail if you don't prepare. Also suggest those who purchased to work on ALL 9 exams to get the most. I 've done 4500 questions while 1800 are from PMP Simulator, I think my outcome could be the same if I just work on PMP Simulator. Thanks.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

My Review

Masraf Al Rayan

PM Exam Simulator was in fact a great tool in my preparation for PMP Exam. It was the key instrument for my success in the exam. In the last two months I have taken 6 of the 9 PMP Premium exams and numerous Timed & Learning Quizzes from all the knowledge areas  prior to the scheduled PMP exam. I was very thrilled when I received the congratulatory message on my success after the exam.

I'm very happy and thankful to have the PM Exam Simulator for the confidence it provided me in taking up the exam successfully.

Doha , Qatar, Masraf Al Rayan

Perfect Simulator for the PMP Exam!

I must say that this is the best simulator that is available online. It has questions that pick your brain in the right manner testing your knowledge for the PMP concepts. I studied only Rita last year in May 2016 and after that had been delaying my exam date due to other engagements. I finally managed to get a firm date on 16th January 2017 and decided to use the exam simulator for practicing the exam as I had only two weeks left. After attempting almost 40 quizzes I decided to move to the full exams and gave 5 out of  9 completely.

These exams worked like a magic as I used to read the explanations for the incorrect answers which helped me identify the gaps in my knowledge and I cleared my PMP exam in first attempt! :)
Thank you Cornelius and Team for such a great effort.
Salman Haider

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The safest path to pass on your first time!

Bootmaker Kft

I must say, that subscribing to the PMP Exam Simulator was the best choice in pursue for the safest way to pass PMP on my first attempt.

I only had 1.5 months to prepare for the PMP. I already completed a class room course and I was told to solve approx. 2000 test questions before the exam day. I was not sure which tests to use as I received from my peers who passed or failed the PMP exam the feedback, that likely the questions on the exams are completely different than in the mockup questions. So I was trying to find the most possible adequate questions available on the Internet. I have to confirm, 80% of the type and style of the questions on the exam were very close to the mockup questions. Also I learned tremendous techniques at the explanations how to understand and interpret the question that was the key for passing the PMP. Furthermore I also learned how to divide my time to make sure I fit in the 4 hours timeframe. Thanks for that I managed to finish 35 mins before the end and had also time to go through smoothly some of the more time consuming CPM questions.

For anyone would like to make sure to pass the first time I strongly suggest to subscribe. Best to do 2-3 full 200 sets of questions on each day before the exam. This will keep the learned solutions fresh. This helped me very much.

Telki, Hungary, Bootmaker Kft

Practice Exams a MUST!!!

PMP practice exams are a must prior to sitting for the actual exam. The PM Exam-Simulator not only provided knowledge based questions but also provided the "real feel" exam experience. This helped calm the nerves on exam day.

Kingston, USA

Similar to the real exam

The questions on the CAPM Exam Simulator were similar to the ones on the CAPM Certification Exam, so it is a good way to prepare yourself. In my search for a good simulator this one was the best when comparing quality and price with several others, so I recommended it to my colleagues as well. If the simulator would add some utilities as a marker, to mark significant words or descriptions in a questions, and the posibility to cross out possible answers, than the real CAPM Exam would be even better simulated. My experience is that if you do well on this simulator, you will definitely obtain your certificate in the end.


Very pleased!

Enbridge Pipelines Inc

I purchased the CAPM Exam Simulator after realizing I wasn't as prepared as I thought I was. Even though I'd studied and done loads of other preparation questions I felt that the information just wasn't coming to me intuitively and I wanted to ensure I only had to write this exam one time and crush it! I took the exam over and over again and by the time I wrote the exam I was literally on the edge of my seat wanting to just take the exam and get all this knowledge down.  Sure enough, I aced the exam with 7 Proficient marks and 4 Moderately Proficients. I owe a great deal of the credit to the CAPM Exam Simulator. Thanks for putting together such a comprehensive study aid!

Sarnia, Canada, Enbridge Pipelines Inc

Passed my PMP 02/04/17

Decision to purchase PM Exam Simulator was right. The way it is designed it helped me a lot. e.g. quizzes by chapters and knowledge area. This allowed me practice after going through each chapter and knowledge area in detail and test myself. All questions in the mock up exams 1 -9 are close to real PMI exam. I encourage all candidates to go through all practice exams. These exams will really prep you for the actual test. Big thank you to PM Exam Simulator team and I will definitely recommend to you all and my friends to use PM Exam Simulator for prep.

Brampton, Canada

Go for it

After doing so much research I took this simulator and it's really good one. If you score 70% above first time then you should clear PMP very easily 


Passed my PMP 30/12/2016

ED&F Man

Using the simulator was the best decision I made as part of my study plan. I was lucky enough to do all 1800 questions at least once and sent quite a number of feedbacks. The responses from the feedback sharpened my reasoning the PMI way. The very best of the set questions was the ITTOs bit. That was the icing on the cake as I was able to see a parttern on how ITTO questions were written and this was the same in the exam that would draw an answer instantly. 

Essex, United Kingdom , ED&F Man

PM Exam Simulator

ManTech Intl Corp

I purchased the PM Exam Simulator and I used it frequently while preparing for the PMP exam. The module has 3 modes, a Timed mode, a Learning mode and the Real Exam mode. I mainly used the Learning and Timed modes. Although I passed the PMP exam on my first try, I ran out of time and ended up guessing at the last 7 questions and didn't have time to go back and review any of my answers. If I had to do it all over again I would have focused on taking the practice exams more often using the Real Exam mode. This would have helped me with my timing. If you study hard, use the simulator frequently in all modes and practice answering the questions correctly and quickly, you will be successful.

Lacey, United States, ManTech Intl Corp

Great level of questions

Tecnologico de Costa Rica

I took the PMP exam on January 16th 2016. My coach told me not to schedule the real exam until I got a consistent 80% on prestigious simulators, I took the PM Exam Simulator as part of my preparation to prepare myself mentally and physically to sit for 4 hours... the kind of questions is the same as the real exam and the level of difficulty is higher... so in the exam I felt really confident on the questions.

I ended up getting 75% on PM Exam Simulator, no the 80% I was advised to get, but I think the questions are more difficult, even the ones with calculations.

Cartago, Costa Rica, Tecnologico de Costa Rica

Thank you for helping me pass the first time!

Thank you very much Cornelius for the awesome PMP Exam simulator! I started a bit late in my in depth studying with only about 8 weeks before my exam. It had been a couple years since I took the PM classes. I also watched all the PrepCasts! Between the videos and the simulator I  prepared myself enough to pass the first time!

It was very challenging and probably the worst exam I have written - even throughout my engineering degree nothing was quite as bad - probably due to the "best answer" needed. it was easy to knock out 2 answers but sometimes it was very difficult to determine which of the remaining two was the best answer. The simulator prepared me for this type of question and after a couple thousand practice questions I wasn't as stressed out as I could have been about the exam.

Thank you very much for assisting in my new certification!

Liisa M Bloomfield, P.Eng., PMP

Penticton, Canada

Well balanced

BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois

I would highly recommend your practice tests to any pmp aspirant who is serious about taking and passing the test. I have about 10-15 providers of the same. The fact that i liked and ever wished that any simulation test provider should care about NOT making tests so hard to achieve decent score but they should be designed in such a way that someone should be able to gain confidence test after test, even if you are allowing the student to start at negative, so be it. If the simulations tests are designed difficult and made sound like reaching moon, then the purpose is not MET. PMI made many REPs is because you have to infuse confidence in people or students that they can be certified, Not to prove the point that exam is difficult and you better withdraw from your idea. 

I felt through out my test taking experience that pmprepcast exactly met my expectations. Reasonable at cost, tool or site friendliness and above all when I sent feedback on 3 questions, their response was excellent. What i noticed is the response came from another PMP who thinks exactly like the student. Where do you find PMP sitting on the desk customer or student support. Not to undermine the either customer support function or the PMP but i am emphasizing the fact that the care OSP International took in ensuring the students success above all.

Great tool! and thank you for making my PMP aspiration and achieving journey worthwhile.

Chicago, IL, USA, BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois

PMP Simulator, December 2016

Dentsply Sirona

I utilized the PM Prepcast to obtain the 35 credits in order to qualify for application for the PMP exam, as a result, I went for the PM Exam Simulator to prepare for the PMP exam. I read through the PMBOK two times over the past year, with the second time occurring starting October, 2016. After reading through the PMBOK chapters and taking the end of chapter exams, I realized that the free exams and end of chapter quizzes did not satisfy my low risk tolerance. So, I purchased the PM Exam Simulator. 

Starting in November 2016, I began taking one exam per week. The first four (4) exams I kept my Knowledge Area/Process Input/Output matrix close by, along with the PMBOK guide. I averaged an 80% on these exams, but didn't quite have the confidence required. Exams five (5) - seven (7) I did not use any material during the exam. I averaged an 80% on these exams overall. The range of scores over the seven (7) exams was 78.5 - 82.5. However, at the end of each exam, I didn't quite know what my score would be since many of the answer choices come down to two (2) correct choices. Nonetheless, I was right on the threshold of pass (>80%) and fail (<80%), which is a 'rule of thumb' as the PM Prepcast points out. 

I studies the Inputs/Outputs of the knowledge areas until my eyes could no longer see, since this was one of my weaknesses during the practice exams. 

I took the PMP exam on December 23, 2016. The PMP was much more difficult than the PMP Exam Simulator, nonetheless, I scored proficient in Planning, Executing, and Monitoring and Controlling and moderately proficient in Initiating and Closing. Although it appeared and seemed more difficult, my scores represent similar to what I was scoring on the PM Exam Simulator. I could not have passed the exam without PM Exam Simulator and now have propelled my business to the next level with the PMP Global Certification. 

Tampa, USA, Dentsply Sirona

Very usefull tool to pass the PMP exam

Ontario Power

I honestly believe that I would have failed this exam if it was not for the PM Exam  Simulator. I passed it on my first attempt because I new what to expect from the 1800 simulation questions I did. The actual exam was easier then the questions on the simulator, and I think I was over prepared but no regrets.

The Simulator  is a must have tool for the PMP exam.

Oakville, Canada, Ontario Power

Great product - Passed first try

Excellent product. I used the quizzes throughout the studying process and customized them by knowledge area. Then when I got towards the end of my studying, I took several full length exams. The exams were excellent preparation for the exam and the questions were very similar to those on the real exam. The layout of the exam was also very similar which made it easier to acclimate to the real test. Thanks for an excellent product

Brooklyn, United States

Simulator review

Using the PMP Exam Simulator, I was able to pass the exam on my first attempt. I strongly recommend it to anyone preparing for the test.

San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago



I bought all 8 simulators. The content is very aligned to the real exam and covers the content exhaustively. Most importantly, it gave me the much needed confidence to sit for the exam.

Singapore , Citi



PM Exam Simulator was really beneficial for me. As it helped me create the same Exam Environment at home. Difficulty level of questions are same as PMP Exam so its really useful. I started giving these practice exams once I finished course from Rita Mulcahy. Every time I gave Premium Exam from PM Exam Simulator I found my weak area in PMP I had to work on. I worked on that and gave next Exam Practice test. Once I reached 80 Percent mark I decided to give the main Exam. Exam Simulator really gave me confidence before attempting for the main Exam.  I would recommend to everyone who is preparing for PMP Exam.

Limassol, Cyprus, Amdocs

PMP exam simulator


I would like to thank you all for creAting such an amazing tool. I spent 2 weeks to go through the simulator and passed the real exam on the first try. The only suggestion will be to use less input/output questions but more real life situation
Wish you all the best!


Thanks PM PrepCast and PM exam Simulator

BFG International

I would like to thanks to OSP International LLC for their great products which helped me to pass the PMP in the first attempt. I am recommending these online courses to my friends to achieve their PMP targets. Moreover, it is not just passing PMP, I am very confident in the depth I could reach through the contents and learned implementable management methods.

Manama, Bahrain, BFG International


Dear Sir / Madam,
I would like to mention PM Exam Simulator is one of the best materials for practicing PMP exam. The questions were similar (but not the same) to real exam questions. These exam simulator as well as prepcast which was prepared by Mr. Cornelius Fichtner and his team were my main material and I could passed PMP exam in the first attempt.
Best Regards,
Javad Raissi


Excellent! Helped me pass!


I purchased the PM Exam Simulator after a few unsuccessful trials with free simulators across the web. I used the simulator daily, doing around 120 questions a day for a month. I also did three full-length timed practice exams.
After studying, I passed the PMP test.

I would recommend the simulator as it helps getting into the mindset and type of questions you will encounter on the real exam.

San Luis Potosi, Mexico, ABB

It is absolutely "MUST HAVE" item for PMP Exam Takers!


On October 26th, 2016 I finally passed the PMP Exam after the third attempt by using the PM Simulator this time around.  This system provided me a very realistic measurable and set a target to see progresses.  After I purchased the PM Exam Simulator and started to go through 1800 questions...which is a lot of questions... made me realized the importance of getting used to with the similar questions that I may counter very similar questions on the day of the exam.  I definitely learned what kind of questions are expected on the exam day after going through all 1800 questions.  Actually, my PMP exam result was 3MP and 2P which was also the results I got toward the end of 1800 questions.  So if anyone who can go through the PM Simulator can be encouraged and assured to know how realistic those questions are!  If you start getting all areas with MP, I bet you will pass the exam.  Also, the PM Exam Simulator was very economical to try out.  Many other organization published 1/9 of this cost almost the same.

I searched on the website for good PMP exam simulations but I couldn't find any other PMP consultants sell 1800 questions other than this PM Exam Simulators issued by OSP International LLC.  With the PM Exam Simulator, I could pace myself to take time each question until I really got it under "Learning" mode rather than "Time" mode to rush through questions.  Actually I never used the "Time" mode until I started to take a 200 simulation questions.  Also it helped me focusing on my weak areas as the PMP Exam Simulator identified in the knowledge area and processes until I really got it. 

Thank you so much for the valuable study materials that OSP prepared for those PMP wannabe!!!   Be patient and diligent to take the 1800 questions, you will be rewarded for sure like I was!!!

Best regards,


Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Best PMP simulator ever


I passed my PMP exam on 1st attempt, thanks to your simulator. I believe, i can't do it without it. it really worth investment.

Dubai, UAE, Damas


Hi Cornelius, your Simulator is really great and I personally can testify to that.
It helped me passing PMP exam on my 2nd attempt. You really did a great job!
Thank you very much! More power to you and to Prepcast team :)


I Passed the PMP Exam on the First Try Using PM Exam Simulator


Hi Cornelius,
First of all, I would like to thank you and all PM Prepcast and PM Exam Simulator Staff for the great PMP prep exam stuff that you prepared very well which made me ace the PMP exam. I watched all the PM Prepcast videos about 3 times and try to answer all the 1800 questions in the PM Exam Simulator. When I got scores not lower than 80% for every exam simulator I took, then I'm confident enough to take the exam, and hurray a great SUCCESS!.
I strongly recommend the PM Exam to every student planning to take the PMP exam. It's a great tool for passing the first try.
Gerardo Gatchalian, PMP

Baguio, Philippines, AECOM

PM Exam Simulator

Passed my PMP Examination first attempt on 24-September-2016. I used the PMBOK Guide Fifth Edition + Rita Mulcahy Eight Edition + PM Exam Simulator. I went through all the tests on the PM Exam Simulator and did numerous timed quizzes. The PMP examination has the same format as the PM Exam Simulator though the examination is a lot more situational and more difficult than the simulator. So on examination day, I felt like I was in my living room going through a very difficult test on the simulator!
I'll say kudos for the simulator, great practice tool. However it'll be good to notch up the difficulty of the tests.

Pittsburgh, United States

Really Great


I am very happy that I have acquired the course at PMPrepCast. Mr Fichtner has a good approach. The questionnaires and the different modes I liked the best. You can simulate the real four-hour test, you can focus on your own weaknesses, or simply take a test for intermediate. Really great!


Frankfurt am Main, , Germany | , Adesso

PMP Success

BDM Projects LTD

I found the PM exam simulator very good - and very much like the real exam. I would credit the exam simulator for making it possible to pass the exam first time.

Winnipeg, Canada, BDM Projects LTD

Useful Practice Questions

This exam simulator is very useful! There are so many questions available that it gave me practice on a variety of approaches to each topic and scenario.  It can be overwhelming to consider how many questions are available in the question bank, but I was able to run many practice (learning) test questions and also completed 7 of the full 10 practice exams.  My scores were typically between 60% - 85% and I was learning all the time.  Thank you for such a comprehensive resource, it was worth every penny and helped me pass!!

Tampa, FL, United States


The simulator and the quality of questions is so much like real exam but the options can be more tough...the choices could be easily eliminated unlike the real exam. Also the questions are not complexly worded. All the questions are from pmbok


PMP Exam in first attempt

Dubai Islamic Bank

Dear All 
I am glad to share my experience, how successfully I prepared for PMP Exam in record short time with PM Exam Simulator, yes this is true I subscribe to Exam Simulator Paid version on August 22nd and took 4-5 Mock exam and appear for exam and passed PMP on 29th August in my first attempt, The Exam simulator material were very helpful in real exam to understand and attempt questions, I have recommended and will always recommending this exam simulator to everyone who want to appear for PMP exam, believe me if you give only 2,-3 weeks you will achieve your dream certification, the beauty of this simulator is that you can review wrong attempted questions and practice it after clarifying your concept.
Once again I am thank you to all team who develop this simulator, which make preparation easy from anywhere, anytime.
Irshad Hussain Syed (PMP)

Dubai, United Arab Emerates, Dubai Islamic Bank

PM simulator helped me to pass PMP on first attempt

PM exam simulator helped me to mamange my time and understand the type of exam question could expect and focus on spend the right time to answert the questions. This simulator together with coaching sessions with a coach helped to grasp the important concepts and apply the exame, and pass the PMP exam on the first attempt.

Thank you Cornelius and my coach for the support.


Montreal, Canada

Coming Soon

OSP International LLC

The PMI-ACP Exam Simulator will be launched late 2016 / early 2017. It will offer the same great features that we offer for all exam types, so you can be sure that it is a top-notch product. All questions will be based on the most current PMI-ACP Exam Content Outline.

Orange, USA, OSP International LLC

Use the mobile version too!

As with many others who have given their testimonials, I cannot stress enough the need to answer AS MANY QUESTIONS as you humanly can, prior to taking the exam. For this use, the PM Exam Simulator lived up to the my needs and expectations. 

Just to give some background, my three-month journey to the PMP exam included one identified and one previously-unknown risk: the birth of my first child (known: timing was pretty certain but impact to review sched was not) and a sudden need to reprioritize country deployments to a regional implementation I was working on (happened suddenly due to company factors + high impact as I had to work beyond my usual working hours to re-formulate the project schedule). 

Both happened right smack in the middle of the three months. I had just finished with the PM Prepcast, and was starting to do my (re-)reviews and simulated exams. I started out with 69% at the Initial Assessment in the prepcast, so I targeted to reach 80%+ before I would schedule my exam date (milestone: hit 80%+, schedule the exam for the next month). 

My tactic was not to do 200-question simulators every time, as I had to pause intermittently to help with our newborn's eat-burp-sleep-diaper cycle, and I still had my day job. What I did was utilize the LEARNING QUIZZES, with 100 questions each. This gem of a feature allowed me to take each quiz at my own pace, and partnered with the option to see the correct answer afterwards, allowed me to build on "how to think like a pmp", versus just memorizing terms. I appreciated how the answers were explained extensively, plus a reference to the PMBOK Guide page where I could find the actual info!

The learning quiz mode would allow me to also continue where I left off, in case I had to stop in the middle of a quiz. I could even move from mobile to laptop, and vice versa! A few times, I'd even do the quizzes while carrying my kid (double-arm carry with free hand on smartphone- for pro dads only!)

Aside from the usability of the simulator, the questions themselves really helped prep me for how the actual exam would phrase the questions. There were so many "what should the PM do next?" type of questions where, if I hadn't encountered it before, I probably would have chosen "second best" (read:"incorrect") answers. 

I probably answered around 1,200 questions in total. 

My results in the PMP exam: 4P's (Proficient) and 1MP (Moderately Proficient). 

Tip: as you aporoach the end of your review (get closer to your exam date), utilize the feature in the Quizzes to use "questions which I haven't answered" or "questions that I answered incorrectly" and make full use of the question library. 

Good luck to all!



System Manager

Prepcast Simulator is good and it helping me to find out my strength and weakness of the knowledge area. It has been my observation 10% of Prepcast questions coming from other source like Wikepida and PM related stuff not from direct PMBOK. Questions are really challenging and situational to find the gaps in terms of knowledge and process group.

Key to Passing PMP Exam

BAE Systems

I passed the PMP exam last week on the first attempt, and I know the PMP Exam Simulator was a key to preparing me for the exam. Starting at about six month prior to the exam, I read the entire PMBOK and took extensive notes. After studying my notes for a few weeks, I began taking the simulator quizzes. By reviewing the answers, I was able to focus on my weak areas and it confirmed my stronger areas. As I felt more comfortable with the material and passed the quizzes, I developed a study plan to take a different four-hour simulated exam each weekend for the six weeks prior to the actual exam. By passing the simulated exams, improving my score each week and reviewing my right and wrong answers on each test, it gave me the confidence to take the exam and pass it. The PM Exam Simulator was a must-have for preparing for the PMP exam.


Eglin AFB,, USA | , BAE Systems


The PM Exam Simulator helped me to gain confidence needed to take the PMP Exam.

The type and level of questions were amazingly close to the actual exams.

I passed PMP with ease. 


Antony Andrews, PMP

It was  very good experience and after two week entexsive trails, I have passed my PMP exam. Everything is good with this software and I would request you to put an option of breaking the exams as at home staying 4 hours continuously during practicing would not be easy. Currently if you stop after 100 questions, you can not resume with balance 100 questions as they get shuffled.

Thank you PM Exam simulator  for your hlep and I would recommend to use this .. All the best.


Antony Andrews PMP

Senior Project Manager


Dubai , , United Arab Emirates

Worth the investment!

The PM Exam Simulator definitely played a pivotal role in preparing me for my PMP exam. I had a very solid study plan, but in my research the consensus was that you need to get into “exam mode” with a simulator. I took that advice and after seeing some reviews, I purchased the PM Exam Simulator. The explanations for the answers were very useful and helped me fill in my gaps and increase my confidence leading up to the exam. Make sure you review ALL answers, not just for the ones you missed. I was afraid that the actual exam would be more difficult than the simulator, but it really was right in line for difficulty level. My lowest score on the simulations was 81.5%, with highest 91% for reference. My Domain averages were 87% Initiating, 83% Planning, 84% Executing, 87% Monitoring & Controlling, 87% Closing. I ended up passing with 4Ps and MP in Closing. 

Bottom line: If you consider how much a re-test costs, the decision to invest in a simulator should be very easy.

United States

PMP Exam Simulator

I found the PM Simulator very useful.  I was able to take practice exams and completed more than 1500 questions. I was also able to review the questions that I got wrong and understand the reasons behind why the correct answer was different than the choice I selected- this was instrumental.  I successfully passed the PMP exam on my first try and I know that the PMP simulator played a key role in this.  Many Thanks for making such a great product available.

Regards, JR, Chicago Il


MBA Office at McGill University

I passed the CAPM exam at the very first attempt. The simulator is like the real exam, it is extremely helpful. I fully recommend it. 

Montreal, Canada, MBA Office at McGill University

The Way to the Top

Firstly, let me thank you and your team for the valuable professional educational public service. 

 Secondly. I will sit for my pmp exam on 29/8/2016, but I want to ensure that, the right way to the top of professionality, i metaphorically call it (The Way to the Top) is pmp exam simulator, so it is very important to be pmp holder, but also  the manager is in need of perfect knowledge practice, and then pmp exam simulator is one of the best I have seen in concerning question explanation,  I believe that it is as such, because it comes from professional people of the pmi. Therfore, high managerial position with concrete knowledge is an economical and sociological asset of the person.  pm exam simulator makes you competent, and competence creates confidence.

With best warm regards and greetings. 

Dr. Adam 

Riyadh,, Saudi Arabia

Training for Project Management Professional (PMP)®, PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)®, and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®